We are using the About page as the home page, with the intention of giving readers who are not already familiar with the Dark Erotic Universe, an immediate introduction to it, and equally important, giving a few hints about how to navigate around in this Word Press site.

The stories are accessible under “Categories”  or by “Authors”, both of which are in the left hand column. They are posted in chronological order (increasing chapter sequence, as you would read a book), but not all are displayed in the recent posting list on the left, so it might require using the “previous post” button (at the bottom of each post) to move back to the beginning of the story.  That can be cumbersome if you’re new to the site and looking to read from the beginning.  (As you should.)  As a point of interest, Rita is presently forty-eight chapters in length and number forty-nine is being written.  Its still not ended.  All the chapters will eventually be posted here, they are just being added slowly.

The easiest way to start from the beginning, or to pick up in the middle, is by selecting the Directory page link at the top of the page  If you want to just jump to the beginning of one of the stories right now, use one of the links below.

Many “Delia’s Story” chapters are quite short as a consequence of the way the original site was set up. The chapters get longer as the story progresses.  Rita chapters are longer, about the length you would expect for a chapter in a book.

The Beginning

The Delia and Rita stories on this blog first appeared on the original Dark Erotic Fiction site.  That site created the underlying basis for these two story lines, as well as all of the other stories there.  While there was some interaction between stories and authors, for the most part all stories were written independently.  However, they all had to adhere to the same set of rules governing that universe.  In that site, the actions occurring in Rita, Delia, and the other stories made perfect sense because they were embedded in that larger context, and had all of the other stories adding background substance and greater understanding to things these two stories now gloss over.  Therefore, as truly stand-alone stories they now lose some of the ‘flavor’ added by the knowledge gleaned from the other stories.  It’s not a fatal loss.

The Universe of Dark Erotic Fiction

A flu-like disease swept the globe (like the real world 1918 world-wide flu epidemic), leaving genetic and other changes in its wake.  The two most significant of these were an alteration in the balance of human reproduction and the increasing passivity of females.  The male/female ratio of births changed from roughly 50/50 to 30/70.  The psychological change was a strengthening of the gene (or whatever) that disposes one to become either submissive or dominant.  Females, as a rule, became much more submissive in character, while males moved in the dominant direction.  Although not specifically posited as a genetic change, readers will notice that there was also a marked increase in the level of male virility.

As an aside, the concept of genetic mutations in humans arising from a flu epidemic is not the stuff of science fiction.  The specific changes posited in this story world are pure fantasy, but the underlying science is not.

The Legal Environment

The setting for these stories is contemporary USA for all purposes, but for one significant difference.  In this universe, in the year 2000, the White Slave Act (WSA2000) was passed.  In short, the Act enabled the enslavement of women over the age of 18 for a variety of reasons.

  • Voluntary.  Women over age 18 and not pregnant could voluntarily enslave themselves.  They might do so simply because of their disposition, or perhaps to try to negotiate a better deal for themselves in the face of possible involuntary enslavement.
  • Judicial.  Women convicted of virtually anything were judicially enslaved.  Prison terms for women were a thing of the past; they were enslaved and either sold, or executed as a slave.  The crimes that allowed for enslavement were as minor as speeding and public drunkenness.
  • PPC.  Short for Person of Personal Contact.  “The Boyfriend Enslavements”.  Women who engaged in vaginal sex more frequently than three times in a thirty day period could be enslaved by any man who had the evidence of her actions.  There were many cameras hidden for the specific purpose of documenting that, so that the offending woman could be enslaved.  An exception was permitted for porn actresses and prostitutes.  As long as the woman was being paid for the sex, it was exempt from the PPC provisions.  Two dollars per act was set as the minimum threshold for exemption.  It gave a whole new meaning to the term “two dollar whore”.  This led to women requiring their boyfriends to sign and date two-dollar bills before giving them vaginal sex.  Anal sex and blowjobs became the standard form of sex for many women, as non-vaginal sex did not violate the law in most states.
  • Marriage.  As long as the husband is not drunk or on drugs and she is not pregnant, all he need do was say so.
  • Parental. In a similar vein, subject to the same rules, an unmarried daughter between the ages of 18 and 21 could be enslaved by either of her parents simply at their request.  If the mother was already a slave, then she could not cause the enslavement of her daughter.

Once enslaved, unless the owner gratuitously decided to free a slave, it was for life.  In one of the stories, a Conditional Enslavement was created, which provided for the woman’s freedom upon the attainment of a specific goal or a specific event happening.  The event could have been nothing more than reaching Friday.  The Conditional was later challenged by another author and it was mutually decided that her freedom would be enforceable only if it was pressed for by a free person.  The slave could not successfully demand her own freedom for any reason.   Slaves had zero rights.  Or, as the site owner liked to put it, they had the same rights as a dog.  Considering the SPCA, maybe they had less.

All slave sales had to involve a licensed slave trader.  Two owners could not sell a slave directly to one another unless one was a licensed trader.  This was used as the mechanism for collecting taxes on every slave sale.  Long prison terms awaited any male violating these rules.  In practice, many slave sales were done between individuals with a licensed slave trader acting as a broker.

The law made one distinction between classes of slaves, and that was minor.  A slave was a slave, was a slave, for the most part.  Common practice and custom, however, created distinctions.  At the top of the slave food chain there were the Corporate Asset (CA) slaves.  CA slaves generally had more freedom, more liberties and quite often held responsible corporate positions.  Any slave could be whipped, but it was unusual for CA’s to be whipped.  CA’s were often used for work outside of, or away from supervision.  The distinction in the law was that CA slaves could act as corporate agents, and could have enforceable contracts with the corporation that owned them. Only corporations could own corporate asset slaves.  Corporate asset slaves had to be treated in accordance with the corporation’s bylaws, although those could allow just about anything to happen to a corporate asset slave.  Alternatively, the bylaws could be written to provide protection for their CA’s as long as they behaved according to the rules established by the corporation (which could be reasonable or extreme).  Corporate asset slaves also had to be treated within the limits of their slave contract, if they had one.  Killing a corporate asset slave outside the terms of her contract carried considerable financial penalties (the original writer mentioned that it was a quarter-million dollars).  Of course, the slave would find it difficult to enforce the contract because slaves had no rights, so many CA’s named enforcement agents in their contracts, or made themselves owned by a trust that then leased them to a corporation.

Many corporate asset slaves were not treated as slaves at all, or only in some ways.  They were often wives of other employees who accepted slave contracts.

The lowest of the CA’s, (like “regular” slaves), when traveling alone were often outfitted with an exploding collar.  The simplest collars were nothing more than timers.  If the slave returned within the allotted time, it was deactivated and removed.  The more sophisticated ones contained cell phones and GPS tracking.  The GPS was usually tracked by a computer that allowed the slave to travel a predetermined route or freely within a specified distance or area.

Further down the pecking order were sex slaves, torture slaves, and general slaves.  Those should be self-explanatory.  The term “general slave” was the overall catch-all term used to designate slaves who were not corporate asset slaves.  Technically, torture slaves and sex slaves were included in the category of general slaves, with the distinction of their more specialized function being that of common usage.

There were popular, if not legal, distinctions between groups of slaves.  One of the largest classes of slaves were the slave-in-name-only, or SINO, slaves.  They were “persons of limited rights”, as the law called slaves, but were not treated as slaves for the most part.  They were enslaved for various reasons, including, to make them immune to the drug laws, or as an ego and libido boost to their husband or boyfriend.  There was a wide spectrum in the treatment of slaves, from the SINO slaves, to the most abject of slaves who were treated worse than animals, and every shade in between.  Many husbands who had enslaved their wives let them operate in public like free women, but made them stay nude at home and gave them little or no input into decisions about sex.

One legal detail that is quite important is that many laws did not apply to slaves.  Public indecency laws did not apply;  they could go around nude (and often were forced to).  Drug laws didn’t apply.  They couldn’t vote, but they could do just about anything that a free citizen could do, as long as their owner allowed it.  Slaves could have drivers licenses with their owner’s permission, but they were clearly marked as slave licenses.  In contrast, if a slave broke a law (like robbing a bank) her owner would be considered guilty of the offense.  A slave could not defend herself or her own life under the claim of self-defense, but she could kill with impunity if she was defending her owner.

The economy changed and unskilled or non-professional free women found it hard to get employment.  Many companies fired their free woman employees and offered them positions as slaves (CA or general).  Many women in skilled professions (lawyers, doctors, accountants, for example) allowed themselves to be enslaved for economic reasons, but they didn’t always set up enough protections for themselves.  Slaves owned by husbands were assets in bankruptcy proceedings, and husbands often sold them off for no particular reason, or simply because they were tired of them.  If a husband died, a slave wife was a part of the estate, and unless there were provisions in the will for her to be freed, she was passed on to an heir or sold as part of the estate.  Even if a will had a provision for freeing the slave, it was not automatically done.  She had to be passed on to a beneficiary, and the beneficiary had only a moral obligation to free her.  Moral obligations are frequently ignored, and if ignored in this circumstance, the slave had no recourse.  Slaves were property, period.

The Story Setting

The psychological changes previously mentioned (enhanced submissiveness in females and greater dominance in males) spawned many societal changes, including the formation of entire industries built on the concept of slavery, including, naturally, punishment and control devices.  It also led to the creation of TV stations (on cable) showing content related solely to slave matters.  One such channel was TTC:  The Torture Channel.

An entire storyline developed around TTC and their corporate parent (“the most evil corporation in America”).  That, by the way, was the root cause for the creation of The Game.  While not directly incorporated into any of the stories that will likely be posted here, it is mentioned in one Rita chapter.  The Game will be posted here for those who wish to read it.  If you don’t like going to the dentist, reading this may give you nightmares.  The author writing the TTC storyline was going to initiate a new program, Horrible Things for Hotties, and was seeking ideas for use in that line.  The Game was written as a contribution to that storyline.

The preceding is only an overview of all the machinations and inner workings of the story lines that were created.  Without the benefit of all the other stories that fleshed out the WSA  universe, some things could be unclear as you read the stories here.  Feel free to ask any questions you wish to.

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  1. Blake Alvarez said:

    Hi! I loved those stories and I’m glad to see authors are working on them again. Are the stories re-edited along the way, or will they just be continued when you get to that point?

    (PS, found this in a more-or-less coincidental web search!)

    • Hi Blake, welcome to the new Dark Erotic Fiction, I’m glad you found us.

      The short answer to your question is, it depends.

      Your question is quite timely. The first five chapters of Rita that I’ve posted here have only been tweaked with minor editing. However, the next four chapters (6 to 9) of Rita have been massively edited since you first read them. I’ve added to them. I don’t plan on doing more heavy-duty editing to 10 and beyond, but I can’t promise that they will remain unchanged. I just don’t expect that they will be substantively altered. Also, I don’t remember what the last chapter was that got posted to the old DEF, but I can tell you the story has moved way beyond wherever it was that it got left off there.

      As for the other two authors here, I’m pretty sure Og is posting the Delia story unchanged. Myst has told me that she is thinking about some heavy-duty changes to the Annie story, but whether she makes those changes, or how extensive they may be, is totally up to her.

      Welcome aboard.

  2. The Delia chapters posted so far are almost the same as those posted on Dark Erotic Fiction, with a few typos and small problems cleaned up. I have a lot more chapters than Shadow had, so I will be a while posting them. There have been new chapters added since the original Dark Erotic Fiction site ended, and I hope to create many more.

  3. Amazing !!!! I am bowled over by your site which I discovered after a friend e-mailed me today to say he has read about your tales in a Yahoo group where he is a member.

    I am specially intrigued as, for nearly 10 years I actually lived as part CA, part General slave to one man and, finding this site had proved to be the catalyst to deciding to write again myself (I wrote a lot about my own real life experiences in a D/s relationship, as well as historical BDSM fiction, a lot of which is still on the web).

    This time I thought I’d write my ‘memoirs’ as a blog so I can perhaps tell the REAL tale of what it is like to be at the bottom of the food chain. So I have started a blog which you might find interesting. I hope so, as in time my experiences might ‘amuse’ you and your fellow writers.

    The blog URL is: http://clairetales.wordpress.com

    By the way, Clare is my long-suffering Victorian alter ego…………
    Anyway I can see I am going to have a busy time catching up with your wonderful tales, and also hopefully bringing my own blog up to speed.

    Congratulations again

    • Welcome Claire!

      I’m looking forward to reading your blog, a real life account should be interesting. Obviously what we write here is pure fantasy, but I wonder how much of your real life is fueled by fantasy, only to be limited by real life.

      Enjoy your reading here and let us know what you think.

  4. Thanks for your kind words. I am reading piecemeal at the moment and leaving comments when it seems relevant to do so.

    In respect to your question, I think (know) that in many ways our relationship was based on seeing what fantasies could be brought to life and experienced. Obviously I wouldn’t be here now if we had attempted to recreate some of our fantasies in real life but……………………

    Maybe this is a great topic for my second blog. Let me think about that.

    • Dee,

      It may be too late for one or two chapters, but let me strongly suggest you cease reading piecemeal. The story really builds, and I think you will lose a lot if you don’t have the advantage of what earlier chapters brought to the story. But that’s only my opinion. That will be particularly true as we get into the later chapters. However you choose to read, there’s plenty here to enjoy.

      As you read, it may amuse you to remember that as I wrote the punishment and torture scenes I tried to walk a knife edge (in most cases) of making the punishment almost possible in real life. Except for the dildo that one is way over the top. Mechanically feasible, but suitable only for a WSA universe.

      In my opinion, some of the punishments written in other stories (on the original blog of this universe, but not here) were imaginative, but not even remotely possible in real life. That detracted from some of my enjoyment. As I read, I tried to visualize the action actually happening. So i determined to try to write closer to my own preference for levels of punishment. In some cases the story and the universe demanded more. I have no idea what your preference or tolerance for pain is. Bondage is fun, pain may or may not be. That will have significant bearing on how you (or any reader) views the punishments meted out. Whatever, its all fantasy anyway.


      • Of course you are dead right, Shadow. And I realised that I was going about it totally in the wrong way by reading piecemeal. Blame it on the fact that it’s so long since I read any ‘erotic fiction’ that I allowed my enthusiasm to carry me away. NOT sensible and I now intend to read all three stories/books from Chapter One onwards.

        I know what you mean about ‘walking a knife edge’ when writing punishment scenes. Getting the balance between potential reality and sheer impossible cruelty is hard. In the short Preface to “Claire’s Tale” I wrote something along the lines that I wouldn’t subject my heroine to anything I hadn’t experienced myself. But that was an idle boast as right from Page 1 that promise went out of the window – not in generalities about how she was treated but in the degree of her sufferings. All the same I tried my best not to exceeded the boundaries of ‘potential reality’ as opposed to sliding into sheer full-on sado-masochistic fantasy. As I am sure you know as well or better than me, that you cross that borderline and you not only risk losing your fan-base, but you will get a readership that consists solely of people with VERY warped imaginations.

        From what I have read so far, it does seem that you and your fellow writers have not stepped over that invisible line even though, as you yourself say, the sandpaper dildo is nudging up against the boundary of possible reality. (I haven’t read anything about the Torture Channel yet.)

        TB and I had an unwritten rule – that nothing that happened should prevent me from being able to act, move, etc etc normally within 24 hours of a tough ‘scene’. I tried subconsciously to have the same rule in my fiction, although I occasionally made my heroine experience something where she would not have been skipping around like a Spring lamb for some time afterwards.

        Anyway you have given me another topic for my blog. Many thanks for your input – it’s been a surprising and stimulating 12 hours.


        • Dee,

          I did, once or twice, cross that line I think. Evan at that, in the original DEF, I was one of the least sadistic writers. One reader commented that she particularly liked my “soft nastiness”. Or something like that. I thought that was quite funny. And complimentary.

          You won’t find much in regard to The Torture Channel here. I think I’m the only one who even mentions it, and in my case its more like the boogey man. “Slave, if you don’t behave I’ll send you to bed without your dinner, or to the Torture Channel, whichever you prefer.” Kind of that level of inclusion. In the old DEF, it was alive and well, with many specific happenings. If you want a taste of TTC, read The Game. Its also a hint about how warped I can become when I try. Its provenience is explained in About or Writer’s Guide, I forget which, so i won’t belabor that point here. Its referred to in Rita, but nothing more. Its nasty and gave one reader nightmares (or so she said), be be warned. If you don’t like going to the dentist as it is, you’ll really cringe reading it.

          “Stimulating”…. excellent choice of word for writing of this nature, I like that.


  5. Dee,

    I just realized that we’ve swapped ten comments/replies in under 12 hours. Does that mean we’re engaged?


  6. From: Jonathan Grabbitt
    Sue, Grabitt and Runn, Attorneys at Law
    Lincolns Inn Fields, London, WC2.


    We are instructed by our valued client Lady Dee to request that you send to us as soon as possible certified and attested copies of all your bank statements, details of stocks and shares, bonds and debentures in your ownership. We also require ‘fire sale’ valuations of all property owned by yourself and a list ‘at cost’ of any other major assets owned by yourself or by any trust in which you have 100% interest.
    On receipt of these details we will advise our client as to whether she should consider that 10 comments/replies in under 24 hours is sufficient reason for our client to consider herself engaged to you.

    With best regards
    Jonathan Grabitt

    • Honorable Mr. Grabitt,

      I shall comply forthwith with full and complete financial disclosure. However, please advise your valued client, the Lady Dee, that there will be a slight delay preceding my response.

      Recently, I was asked to put my two cents in, so I did. I am now (temporarily) destitute.

      To remedy this unfortunate situation, and firmly establish credentials that will allow Lady Dee to acknowledge my status as her fiance, I have made claim to my government for a bailout. I expect tens of millions shortly.

      In the meanwhile, perhaps it would be appropriate for the Lady Dee to begin preparations for me to similarly evaluate her worth. Kindly inform your valued client that I respectfully request to be provided with a portfolio of full color photographs of current vintage, displaying her in increasing states of undress. Photos should be a mix of one or two head shots and no fewer than twenty more, ranging from upper body to full length. Heels required, gags are optional. For extra credit, additional shots of her in strict bondage will weigh heavily in her favor. Favour, if you prefer. She should be advised that skimping on clothing is highly advisable, while skimping on the quantity of photographs will be quite detrimental to her prospects.

      She should also be made aware that my present state has not diminished my collection of whips, gags, cuffs, and chains. Racks, pillories, and St. Andrews crosses will be newly constructed. She will be well provided for in that respect.

      With best regards,

      • From: Jonathan Grabbitt
        Sue, Grabitt and Runn, Attorneys at Law
        Lincolns Inn Fields, London, WC2.

        I will pass on your requests to our client. I am sure she will be interested to hear of your collection of disciplinary impedimenta although she informs us that she has her own cache of such items that is gathering dust in store, along with her extensive wardrobe of Victorian clothing.


      • The law firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe is investigating your bailout request. Given your lack of funds, our usual practice of extracting funds from you before actually doing anything is suspended. However, we want all of the girls that you have been writing about.

  7. HAH! So do I. I’d be happy with three or four of them.

  8. Just to let you know that Chapter Five of The Rita Chronicles is off line. I’ve no idea why but it IS frustrated as I was getting to like the idea of Sasha being enslaved. 😦


  9. I have no idea why either,. I wonder, could Word Press be part of Yahoo? It might make sense then.

    Regardless of how or why it happened, or for how long the chapter has been missing, thank you very much for telling me. Its fixed now.

    Go find out if Sasha gets enslaved, or escapes and frees Rita. (Any bets?)

  10. Tom Whalen said:

    Oh my! I thought that the Dark Erotic universe was lost forever when Mike West stopped running it. I am so glad that you have caused it to “rise from the dead” and live again. I always enjoyed the “Rita” and “Delia” stories and am glad to be able to read them again. This time, hopefully, I am smarter and have a backup so a crash doesn’t cost me everything.

    I am looking forward to seeing how both story lines develop over time. If I ever can get up the courage, I might try writing something in this universe myself. A farming operation set in the Virginia Tidewater, perhaps. After all, that’s where i live.

    Keep up the good work and again – Welcome back.


    • Thanks Tom, its good to be back.

      One of the great things about the original site was the fact that there were many authors, each contributing their unique perspective about how that universe worked. i found it fascinating and loved reading the other interpretations about life there. I hope you act on your thought to write. In that context, be sure to check out the Writer’s Guide, if you haven’t already done so. Its one of the three clickable links at the very top of the site’s About page.

      Since you read Rita there, you may know the answer to this question. I don’t remember where the Rita story left off there. Do you recall where the story had gotten to there before Mike pulled the plug?

      Welcome back to you too.


  11. I’ve been lurking for a month or so and I am so glad I came across this site; especially since both the Rita and Delia series where my favorite. I just happened to Google Dark Erotic Fiction on a whim and here I was. I’ve noticed a couple comments asking about where stories left off and there’s a back up of almost everything from 4/14/09 back. I don’t want to direct traffic away from here, but if one of the authors would like the address I’ll gladly give it to them. Thank you all of reviving the stories, I look forward to reading more.


    • Greetings Link,

      It looks like you’re a night-owl too. Its always nice to see another reader become active and commenting, thanks for doing that. I think reader’s comments add interest to the site, so maybe others will follow your lead.

      I had previously asked how far Rita had gotten in the other site, so I’ll ask that you send that link to me; shadowflight9@gmail.com It doesn’t particularly matter, but I’m curious about when I’ll be posting beyond where it got left off.

      Its nice to have you aboard, enjoy the stories.


  12. Costin Radu said:

    I was a fan of the defunct site. I’m glad you’re back. As in any univers large as this, every one has its likes and dislikes. The story I was most found of was one about a prison for slaves, written by Og Beter if I remember well. Wouldn’t it be fun to have it back.
    Thanks for your postings

    • Welcome. Or should I say welcome back? Whatever, I’m glad you found us.

      Og is still here and yes, he is the author of the slave prison story. He plans to put all of his postings from the old site here, but we are both doing so slowly. I can’t speak to what his timing for doing that might be, I can only say that he intends to do so. What would really be fun is he adds to it. Maybe with encouragement he will.

      Thanks for saying hi, we need to hear from readers.

  13. alinsi sarasio said:

    It interesting fiction that i am looking for a long time.

    • I’m glad you found us after your search. Enjoy it.

      • alinsi sarasio said:

        Hi moderator/owmer.
        I see some of the stories are quite inspirating, How do i have the permission to trranslate them into indonesia language ? What should I do to get the permission? Thansk

        • You have permission. Please include a link to this site so that readers can see the original English version also. We won’t post the Indonesian versions (or any other language) here so I will ask you where do you plan to post them? Will you distribute them just to friends or post on some other site?

        • alinsi sarasio said:

          Thanks for the permission, but I only to translate into Indonesia just to my friends or my local community. Of course I will attach the english version in the translation as you know that mostly indonesia people have some difficulties to read and undertand englisht. That is one of my purpose to translate them in order thay can learn english in better way, and at the same time enjoy the stories . Thanks again for the permission.

        • You’re doing a wonderful thing in helping your friends learn English, I hope it goes well for all of you. I have to admit, I never thought of using the story as a way to teach English, so I’m delighted that you’ve found such an excellent use for it.

          I hope that you will accept the responsibility to act as translator back to us and let us know about any comments your friends make.

          You have a lot of translating to do, good luck with it.

          One last thought. Since English is not your primary language, its possible that some of the words or phrases I’ve used are unknown to you. If you need help understanding something, feel free to ask.

        • alinsi sarasio said:

          Thanks for your advices, sure if I find words or phrases that I don;t understand, I will asked you as soon as possible. thanks again.

  14. The Moral Monster said:

    Saw this and thought “Rita phone home!” 😉


    Fiction becomes reality. 😉

    • Thank you Monster, what a great find!

      Fiction does indeed become reality. From Jules Verne onward literature (and now I guess porn if you don’t want to include Rita as literature) is filled with exactly that happening. Now please find where I can get the machine to transport me to the real WSA universe. It exists, we only need the machine to get me there. If anyone doesn’t believe the WSA universe actually exists, I can recommend a few books on quantum physics to read. Or ask Davina, she’s well versed in this topic.

      Wouldn’t it be funny if the idea actually came from this story?

      • reddyformore said:

        Hi Shadow, I just found this LONG list of comments and conversations from your original WSA Origins posting back in 2012 tonight, and have been catching up (actually, I think there was a reply somewhere that ended up in my email and got me here, and then I saw another comment I didn’t recognize and suddenly realized there were three years of enlightening conversation and comments here from which I could benefit.

        As for the quantum physics theories about alternate universes, while I’m certainly no quantum physicist, that’s one of my BIGGEST areas of interest in science, so I’ve watched literally dozens of hours of TV shows on the various Discovery Network channels on the subject, as well as having done some reading. It’s my understanding that the overwhelming majority of quantum physicists currently believe there’s essentially and INFINITE number of universes, with every possible “version” of all of us (and outcome to our lives) in them, along with who knows what else. Along with that I’d long ago ( 30 years, or so) done some other reading that was somewhat ahead of the quantum physicists along a spiritual/metaphysical nature that essentially said the same thing. In my readings of that, I came to see the word “imagine” in a totally new light: As every possible universe already exists, when we “imagine” something, what we’re actually doing is accessing via some quantum (or equivalent) mental/subconscious process an IMAGE of something that already exists in another universe (or perhaps in the “future” in this one, as time is really illusory, too). So “imagine” is really two words: image in. We literally bring the IMAGE INTO our mind’s eye of something that already exists elsewhere when we imagine… at least that’s the theory (or my understanding of it).

        Cool, huh?

        • Very cool. I happen to love quantum physics also and was well aware of the many worlds/multiple universes theory extant in that science. The best part is that not too many years ago that idea was pretty much frowned on by most physicists playing in that field. No longer. That theory has gained a wide spectrum of support, including from some of the leading minds in the field. I’m trying to find the doorway to the Rita universe.

          As an aside, I couldn’t resist bringing quantum physics into Rita. gently, I don’t want to scare off readers and that shit will drive anyone who’s not really into it, out of the room screaming. I don’t want to scare readers away. Anyway, I have a character ‘Tasha (actually Natasha, but I never use it that way), an enslaved quantum physicist, trying to figure out quantum entanglement. Between whippings, of course. I have plans for her.

        • reddyformore said:

          Oooh, quantum entanglement! Me LIKE! Speaking of both that and the infinite universes theory, one of the major proponents is NYU theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, who’s a regular on most of the various shows about cosmology and other aspects of physics on The Science Channel and other Discovery Network channels.

          The coolest thing about quantum entanglement is that it PROVES there’s a crack, a hole, somewhere, if you will in Albert Einstein’s math that says it’s impossible to move faster than the speed of light, and also that as any object with MASS approaches the speed of light its mass increases towards infinity as it gets ever closer to the speed of light… Then again, perhaps not, since offhand I’m not entirely certain if quantum entanglement involves (at least so far, both theoretically and experimentally) particles with mass, like electrons, protons and neutrons (and the bozons and other subparticles that comprise them), or only massless particles, such as photons.

          Yet even though photons, as an easy example, have no mass and travel at the speed of light (since they ARE light — at least those within the visible spectrum are “light” to us), they can still be affected and impacted by intense gravitational forces and densely packed matter, which is why both a “black hole” is black, and also why although traveling at the speed of light a photon produced by nuclear fusion at the center of the sun SHOULD take only about 2.5 seconds to reach its surface, most take an estimated MILLION YEARS, as they’re bounced around, and tugged and pulled by the densely packed plasma inside the sun.

          I wasn’t aware of THIS until just recently, when a show dedicated to this one thing took up the entire hour of an episode of “How the Universe Works” on The Science Channel. I love this stuff, and am really glad to find a kindred spirit!

        • Sorry, but this kindred spirit has some bad news. This topic is closed. this site is supposed to be about whipping women. The topic at hand is getting a mite far afield of that.

          But shame on you, entanglement does not disprove Einstein. Not even a little. ‘Tasha is going to posit that it happens sub-light, by going through the ninth (or eleventh, or sixth or seventh… doesn’t matter) dimension. I think I might have her win a Nobel for that, I’m not sure yet.

          If you want to debate that, or continue the topic, it will be off site. This site is dedicated to porn, not quantum physics.

          Unless other readers want to continue the discussion here. If more than Reddy and I find it interesting, I can go along with that.


          That was the lid being closed on this topic.

  15. Is there any one with a link to the old WSA stories? I lost them all when Mike West shut down. Please and Thank you.

  16. Great stories and I love to read them.

  17. mcmilwp said:

    Rita was password-protected a couple of weeks ago. What are your plans with this story? Are you planning to restrict readership, much as Monocle did some time back?

    • My plans are to continue the story and in fact I’m doing that, having written a few chapters beyond those that have been posted here. And no, the the readership will not be restricted. While I’m continuing it on an unrestricted basis, the story will no longer be free. I explained the basis for my decision a few days ago to another reader. That response is reprinted below.

      Hi Link,

      I was wondering if you were still around. It’s too bad you weren’t here because there was lots of new Rita posted and it was all freely available. No longer.

      I could give you dozens of statistics that led to my decision but I’ll boil it down to just this. As of a few minutes ago, Rita 1 had been viewed 4,978 times. 1 comment. The total views in the site (all authors, all posts), numbers well over 200,000. If we discount author replies to comments, there were roughly 250 comments. if we eliminate comments between authors, that number drops well below 200. Most Rita chapters received none despite thousands of views per chapter.. I got tired of writing into silence.

      We put up a “Note to Readers” basically warning that we wanted to get something back for our efforts. That post, like all the others, was read and ignored. So I decided to try a different tack.

      When I began Rita, and for the first few years I wrote it, I posted it in (basically) two sites. In both cases there was an active readership and the comments and discussions kept my interest alive. I continued writing and posting. Both of those sites died, although for different reasons. Too bad too, because that was my preferred venue…. free with reader interaction. I did it for the enjoyment I got from the readers. Many of those readers told me I should sell Rita rather than post it for free. I ignored those suggestions. No longer.

      I posted it here expecting that most readers would take and give back nothing. I don’t fault anyone for taking what was offered for free. They had no obligation other than a moral one to say something. By the same measure I have no obligation to continue giving it for free. Right now my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.

      My decision is reversible, but now I want to see definitive reason for me to make that decision. I don’t expect to see it. Other authors are here and hopefully they will continue writing and posting. I have no idea what any of them are thinking but I do know that they, like me, want and need feedback. If they don’t get it I have no idea what will happen. All I do know is that in the few days Episode 1 has been available for purchase, I’ve sold more than I expected. I will also admit that I had pretty low expectations. I assumed it would take a while for it to catch on. At the moment only Episode 1 is up. That will change over time as the publisher slowly releases the remaining .67. Actually, 74; I’ve written beyond what was posted here. And I’ll keep going.

      To the few of you who did take the time to comment I say sincerely “Thank you”. Its too bad that others weren’t as thoughtful as you.

      So that, my friend, is where things stand. I’m sorry you missed a bunch.

      Just to make a correction to a statement in the above reply, while it was true then, as of now chapter 2 is also available and the publisher tells me they will have 3 and 4 up, possibly by Friday. As the publisher gets additional chapters published I will ‘reopen’ the chapters here with a link to that chapter (now being called Episodes) on the publisher’s site. The chapter/episode names have changed but the story is virtually unchanged. I made minor additions and corrections.

  18. mcmilwp said:

    Shadow, thank you for your prompt reply. I hope you include my prior praise for your efforts in those commenting, possibly not under this pseudonym. I, for one, will be happy to pay for your efforts, as I do for several writers who have decided their work was not sufficiently appreciated.

    Do point me to your publisher, so I can put my money beside my mouth.

    • It doesn’t matter what pseudonym, I meant it when I said it was a sincere thank you to all who commented. That you were one is nice to know.

      I hope you do decide to buy episodes as they become available, but if you were keeping up to date here, its going to be a while before that need arises. I’m only up to 2 at the moment and the last I posted here was 67. But your request to be pointed to the publisher gave me an idea. As I release each additional chapter I’ll post the link as a separate post in addition to just updating the chapter as I’ve done so far. If the posts draw attention I’ll continue to do so. For the moment, here are the links to chapters 1 and 2.

      http://www.a1adultebooks.com/book.htm?pr=7514 (Chapter 1)

      http://www.a1adultebooks.com/book.htm?pr=7530 (Chapter 2)

      I should also mention that for publishing purposes I’ve given some of the chapters new names. The number and content are the same.

      Thanks for your support.

      • Shadow, I don’t know how successful your commercial sales are, However, may I suggest that seeking to charge $2:45 for 70+ chapters is perhaps over-ambitious. I for one, don’t need to start buying until you get through Chapter 67, but a new customer might baulk at paying over $170 for an e-book, however interesting.

        You might need to consolidate some chapters. I for one, want you to find the balance between keeping you rewarded and your customers motivated, (or is is the other way around?)

        • Your premise is that at $2.45 per, the story becomes expensive in total. I don’t disagree with that. Your conclusion is that accordingly I should reduce the price of the chapters. I’m not inclined to agree.
          I’ve had the same thought as you suggest, and ultimately I might try to reduce them eventually, but that will be a future decision. Understand; the publisher set the price, I did not. I wasn’t even asked. I asked him about it (before you said anything) and was told that my chapters are priced similarly to comparable length works. I accept that as correct, I have no reason to doubt it. I can discount the price of a chapter to whatever I want, but the discount remains in force for only 7 days, then I have to renew it. For four or five chapters I could conceivably keep up with that every week. For 60 or 70, no. Doing 20 or 30 that way would be burdensome.
          I could request that the price be permanently lowered, but I don’t know what effect doing so would have on the rest of his offerings. I tend to think it would have little or no effect but then, what motive do I have to reduce the price? These used to be free, remember. While they might have been widely read at that price, I got little satisfaction for it. Now, if I have zero read, I still have the same level of satisfaction. And to answer your question before you ask it, I have sold a few. The publisher thinks that once more chapters go up sales will increase. Once again, I have no reason to dispute his assessment. He runs a publishing house, I don’t. I trust he knows his business better than I do. I just write.
          Assuming he’s right, then there is no justification for me to reduce the price. If he’s wrong, then perhaps reason will exist. I have no idea what the elasticity of demand is for something like this. I’m not really sure I care.
          Although reducing the price will benefit a few like yourself, whom I would love to see benefit, it would also benefit the thousands (and yes, there were thousands) of other readers who never took the time to say thanks. I have no desire to do anything nice for them. Unfortunately its an everyone or no one choice. So for the time being, I choose no one.
          I have also been asked to send chapters secretly. That I refuse to do. Doing that would violate my agreement with the publisher and I keep my agreements.
          There are many potential futures. As of now, five chapters are available for sale. If there are none, or insufficient future sales, I may never get to selling chapter 40 let alone chapter 70. Currently I have up to 74 written. At the moment I’m concentrating on reworking and adding new material to earlier chapters. Six thru nine received a fair amount of new material, other chapters may get little or none. Once the entire 70 chapter review task is finished I’ll get back to extending the story further. Maybe by then they’ll be $1.00 each. At this juncture I don’t envision ever making them free again. I see no reason to do so.

  19. Shadow, thank you for such a detailed and considered reply. And, no, I did not expect or ask you to reduce the price. Consolidating chapters was all I proposed.

    I wish you well, as such well written and well edited work is rarely found on-line these days.

    • mcmilwp,

      Not to belabor the matter, but to mention this only as a point of interest. In my earliest discussions with the publisher, before I knew I was going to agree to sell the chapters, I mentioned the idea of “rubber-banding” a few chapters together and selling them that way. He, like every publisher I’ve seen, want only ‘finished’ stories. Rita, obviously, is not finished. I asked about how the finished piece would be sold because by that time it might amount to close to a million words. Hefty, to say the least. He responded that selling them individually in a continuing series would be preferable (I think he was swayed by the fact that there were 67 chapters already done.) As our discussions progressed, he never mentioned the bundling. I didn’t push the point. Now that I’m an author with them and have access to some of their inner workings I can say with a degree of certainty, there is no bundling happening and I doubt they have the mechanism in place to be able to handle it. Would they develop the software and whatever else was needed to support that for only me? I kinda doubt it. If there were six or eight of us, all writing a long series of chapters, then they might, but as best I can tell, my approach is unique. At least at his sites.

      Thank you for the compliment and the good wishes. Look at the good side. When the story gets picked up by Hollywood, you will be able to see the remaining chapters for the price of a movie ticket, or you can wait and watch it for free on cable.

  20. reddyformore said:

    As you know, Shadow, I posted a comment to you similar to mwilmp’s about the eventual price of “Rita” if it’s sold at the current going rate, by the chapter. But I now strongly favor YOUR and your publisher’s argument on this topic — especially after the post you made at my request/suggestion showing the length of the various chapters. Through Chapter/Episode 75 (most recent one completed), the MEAN length (you know, there are three words used for average, mean being everything added together then divided by the total) for those 75 chapters is 12,197.3333333 words per chapter, with NONE of the chapters being shorter than 10,000 words.

    According to Wikipedia, a short story maxes out at 7,500 words, with a “novelette” being 7,500 — 17,500, followed by a “novella” up to 40,000 words, at which point it officially attains the status of “novel.” (I was actually surprised a work need have only 40,000 words to qualify as a novel.): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Word_count

    The MEDIAN (number above and below which 50% of all novels are in length) number of words in a novel equals, according to Amazon.com’s Text Stat’s feature, EXACTLY the length of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” with 64,531: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/09/book-length_n_1334636.html

    As for Rita’s current 960,000 word total, you’re not YET in any danger of having the longest novel ever written… In fact, you have a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG way to go to be in THAT company! BUT, again, based on Wikipedia (I’ve pretty much trusted Wikipedia implicitly since the put the “Encyclopedia of Record,” so to speak, “The Encyclopedia Brittanica,” OUT OF BUSINESS in one fell swoop about a dozen years ago after some serious research determined that content was as, sometimes even MORE accurate (as well as comprehensive) on Wikipedia than in “The Encyclopedia Brittanica.)… Anyway, based on their article on longest novels: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_longest_novels — you’re currently in 6th place by a mere 24,000 words, with the 984,000-word novel, “Clarissa, or The History of a Young Lady,” being officially the LONGEST novel written in English.

    The LONGEST, overall, was a 17th-century French work that’s almost A MILLION WORDS LONGER than is Rita, at present, followed by the novel “In Search of Lost Time,” originally translated as “Remembrance of Things Past,” which at 1,267,069 words was released in seven parts between 1913 and 1927 (Proust died in 1922 — typical great artist who doesn’t get to live to see its completion, huh?). At any rate, I guess the mid-17th century work is out of print, or something, as Proust’s novel is listed as the longest novel in the “Guiness Book of World Records.”

    At any rate, another 25,000 words will put you officially into 5th place, and FIRST place for novels written in English. And even IF it ends up costing $170 sold piecemeal, each “episode” is long enough, and they come far enough apart (listed for sale), that it’s really not likely to bankrupt even the most frugal online reader.

    I DO, however, think that when and if the day ever comes you feel you have a COMPLETE novel available online, at that time perhaps you may bundle it as ONE WORK and sell it as one work at maybe 1/2 ~ 1/3 the cost of buying each chapter individually. For those who bought a million-word-plus work in one piece (still only a few MB, most likely, as word processor files are small — unless you included illustrations or pictures), it would only make sense for the price to be in the $50-$75 range, maybe a bit less or more. Readers NEW to the novel would be more likely to shell out the entire amount after buying, perhaps, just the first episode, assuming they liked what they read, thus providing IMMEDIATE income for the work and not so much piecemeal drip-and-drab stuff, which would make it more worth it to you and the publisher. And it would certainly make it more worth it to a reader who didn’t want to have to figure out how to keep all those separate files organized on his or her computer, or else MERGE them all in a program like MS Word into one, HUGE document (I don’t know if Word’s ever produced a document that long — it would be, based on what the actual PRINTED works are, roughly 1,500 pages at its CURRENT word count!

    Anyway, dem’s da facts (and a bit of analysis) as done by this ole soul who just loves doin’ stuff like dat. 😉 I’m sure you could have found the same things out in the few minutes it took me to do it, but I’ve done the work for you, if you haven’t already done it. I haven’t bought any “Rita” chapters yet, by the way, but don’t think I was just mouthing off about that. I’m just waiting until I catch a few other things up and have the time to sit and read several 10,000-word+ documents, as I’ll likely just go ahead and buy all those currently available at the same time (well, one after another, if that’s how I have to do it), save them all to the same folder on my computer, and then sit and read them in order at my leisure.

    As for “the movie,” frankly, I haven’t read enough “Rita” yet to have any idea if it COULD be made into a movie that would play in “regular” theaters (obviously heavy torture scenes would have to be mostly implied). I could probably see “Delia” being done, albeit likely as an NC-17, although I think an R-rated version MIGHT be possible, similar to the recent Lars von Trier 5-hour movie, “Nymphomanic,” starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgård, along with other notable stars like Uma Thurman. The full-length “director’s cut” version of that is available at Amazon for $27.59 on Blu-Ray in the WAY extended Director’s Cut. The theatrical release was cut into TWO movies, Part I and Part II because the movie was so long, and each of them was still shortened more (likely to get the “R” rating). The Director’s Cut not only puts them together, it also adds back more than an hour cut from the movie when it was cut into two parts, making this a 326-minute SPECTACLE I intend to eventually pick up.

    Note also, however, that whether this is an erotic masterpiece, or TRASH (opinions seem to vary, based on perspective), both parts COMBINED grossed only a little more than $1.1 million in their theatrical release. I suspect it was shown ONLY in big cities like NYC, L.A., etc., and then only at “Art House” theaters, though, which would help explain its very low grosses. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Steven S. Davis’ “Diane,” which he published online in 8 parts in in 1997. I found it via the old, OLD website “White Shadow’s Nasty Stories” back sometime around 1999 or 2000 and it was the first DEF story that really bowled me away. He said it’s incomplete (he got to the end of Chapter 8 and couldn’t figure out where to go from there), but I could see the story’s mostly done, and could be easily wrapped up. Like “Delia,” “Willow” and what I’ve been able to read of “Rita,” thus far, the major charcters were so well-written I could SEE THEM in my head (I know EXACTLY what Joan from “Delia’s Story” looks like, for example — at least what she looks like TO ME). In the case of “Diane,” the MASTER in that story, described as a short balding man, well I saw, and continue to see noted 71-year-old character actor Wallace (Wally) Shawn (“My Dinner with Andre,” [1981 — BIG HIT], Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and 162 more roles, to date. The MASTER in “Diane” makes only a couple of brief, but memorable appearances, I can SEE Wallace Shawn speaking his lines in my head.

    That’s sort of how you need to be able to visualize the characters from “Delia,” “Willow,” “Rita,” etc., before even halfway seriously considering adapting them for a screenplay, which I think IS possible even for very dark material like this, with the right treatment. Producer/director Garry Marshall (he of major TV show fame and brother of Penny Marshall) made a movie in 1994 that starred Dana DeLaney, Rosie O’Donnel and Dan Akyroid called “Exit to Eden.” It’s been many years since I saw it (and when I looked into buying it on Amazon a few days back, it’s available only used, on DVD and for about $55!). At any rate, one IMDB review I read really PANNED it because it’s kindasorta a comedy (look at who two of the three stars are), but it’s also a halfway serious look at the BDSM scene, with Dana Delaney playing a Mistress who runs this island retreat where folks come to “get in touch with their submissive side” Trust me when I say she was VERY hot in that movie. At any rate, I happened to mention that movie online to a RL sub I knew back in the early 2000s, not knowing if she’d take it seriously, or not, because of its comedic aspects, and she said she LOVED the movie and that comedy aside, it pretty well represented at least part of the culture, which surprised me. This lady was a full-time serious SWITCH who was SUB to her husband, but also DOM to many others. She sent me some personal photos, including one of her bottom after she’d been paddled to the point it wasn’t red, it was purple.

    Anyway, here I go writing too long, I fear, again. Then again, I had a lot to say (backed up by three different links), so I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death. I also hope you don’t mind my references to other works here. I refer favorably to only a very few other works and authors in dark erotic fiction as regards this site, which I feel to be TOP NOTCH, just as one would expect from a site sporting the exquisite-looking B&W photo of a long hall with chandeliers on the top of each page (is that Versailles, or some place similar?).

    • Like everything else in life, some people prefer chocolate to vanilla. Some like Delia more than Rita. Opinions and preferences will always differ and that will never change.

      I don’t know the publishing business but my publisher does. (I hope so, anyway.) So I leave all that stuff, like pricing and schedule of chapter release, to him. For someone looking at the site now, you’re right, they will see relatively few chapters and it won’t be intimidating. But a day will come when all are available at first look. Stay with your number; $170 in pieces. $85 if we cut the price in half. How many people are going to shell out $85 for a book that they have little idea about? Sure, they can read the chapter samples, that tells them a little about the writing style, but nothing about the story. Will buying the first three or four chapters answer that question? For a 75 chapter epic? What still makes more sense to me is to rubber band them together in bundles of maybe ten each.

      But I’m getting way ahead of myself, there’s a long way to go before that happens. So for the time being, I’ll settle for doing it this way and see what comes.

      I doubt very much that a movie could be made out of this. To stay even minimally true to the story I think a movie studio would have to consider splitting it into at least three. What studio is going to do that with this kind of story? Harry Potter at least had discrete books, with endings and everything. I have none of that. Actions in Chapter 2 and 3 are picked up again in Chapters 8 and 9, then again in 46 and 47. And they will be again in some Chapter north of 76.

      Sure, that could be edited into a more cohesive block, but intervening chapters would suffer as a result. But then, I’m not a screenwriter.

      The picture? That’s my summer house. Or, I have no idea where it is. Versailles sounds good. All I know is that the instant I saw the site design and that picture I knew that was what I wanted. Happily, Og and Myst agreed without argument.

      • reddyformore said:

        Well, Proust’s official Guiness World Record holder for the longest novel was published in 7 volumes over 14 years, so you’d certainly have precedent if you decided to “bundle” “Rita” in pieces… Just call them “Volume I, etc.”

        Then again, something like the “Harry Potter” series, which I was also thinking about since I made that last post, actually IS, in essence, one long story. I haven’t read the books, but I’ve seen all the movies, and I’m uncertain when the folks who determine these things decide if something like the “Harry Potter” series counts as one book or seven, and why. I HAVE read all three “Hunger Games” books (so much was written about it in EW prior to the first movie, that when I saw a display of the first book in Wal-Mart a week before the movie premiered I picked it up and read it before I saw the movie, then I quickly bought the other two and read them, then re-read all three in the course of about 3 weeks). To ME, that’s one long book. Even the first one (which she may have not known whether or not there would be enough interest or success to get the second one published when she finished it), ends with lines, and a setting that is an obvious set-up for a second novel. And, of course, at the end of “Catching Fire,” even if you didn’t know there was a third novel, you’d KNOW there had to be, as it ends like a short story, NOT a novel, with a climax or cliffhanger at the end.

        But as you said, this is getting way ahead of things. You first have to finish what you’re working on and get it all published as “episode” versions before you look into doing it other ways. I’m thinking that even assuming you do eventually make it available for sale as a single work, the individual episodes should probably still be for sale for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to NOT piss off any readers who’d already bought MOST of “Rita” piecemeal and who may suddenly feel cheated if they thought they had to buy the whole thing over again just to get the final few episodes, but I’m sure you’re already thought of that, too, since in one of MY parallel universes I’m ominiscient and looking over your shoulder, metaphorically speaking. 🙂

  21. …@Shadow – its physically impossible for me to get Rita chapters, because of the currency required 😦

  22. llinda carter said:

    shadow love your new site . do you have any of the archives from 2006 and forward somewhere on the web or your computer that I can re-read?

    • Welcome Linda, I’m glad you like it.

      The answer to your question is “sorta”. Back chapters of Rita are available commercially, no longer for free. The lack of comments here annoyed me more deeply than it did Og, so I took action. My story is available at A1adultebooks.com. I’m sorry if that’s a disappoinyment.

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