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 Characters In This Chapter

  • Craig Zyander: Millionaire business owner; trains slaves as a hobby.
  • Rita: Gorgeous redheaded slave with a piss-poor attitude. Currently owned by Spellbook Slaves and assigned to their sex-slave rental stable



Years ago, a flu-like disease swept over the planet causing misery, death, and most importantly; genetic mutations. The mutations were subtle and it took years before the changes were even noticed. By the time they were noticed and finally understood it was far too late to do anything about it as far as curing or reversing it was concerned.

The most profound change was the altering of the normal fifty-fifty male to female birth ratio. Now it was thirty-seventy. Another change, one even subtler, was a change in female disposition. For the most part women became much more submissive. Males on the other hand moved in the opposite direction and became more dominant in nature. The most profound result stemming from those changes was the passage of the White Slave Act of 2000 in the United States.

The new law made female slavery legal and eventually commonplace. A woman could enslave herself voluntarily if she was over age eighteen and not pregnant. She might choose to do this simply because it was her nature. Some women used the voluntary enslavement as a bargaining chip to avoid a worse enslavement.

A parent, including the mother so long as she was free, could enslave their child between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, provided only that she was not pregnant. In a similar provision, a husband could enslave his wife at will, so long as she was not then pregnant or caring for a child under eighteen years old.

The law also provided for enslavement for judicial reasons. In short, if a woman broke any law or committed even a misdemeanor, she could be enslaved. Speeding while driving, or public drunkenness (.08 on the BAC meter) meant enslavement. A new crime was created also. If a woman had vaginal sex more than three times in a thirty day period, that too meant enslavement. That led to a proliferation of video cameras being installed in bedrooms for the purpose of documenting the sex acts and enslaving the woman.

The law wrote one exception into the three acts of sex provision. The exception allowed porn actresses or prostitutes to continue working. In short, it provided that as long as the woman was paid for the act, it didn’t count. Two dollars was established as the minimum amount that would satisfy the provision. Regardless, despite requiring their lovers to sign and date two-dollar bills, anal sex and blowjobs became the favored form of sex for many women.

Slaves had no rights. A slave could be punished, tortured or killed for any reason, with absolute impunity for her master or mistress. Slavery was for life. A slave owner could free his or her slave, and while that occasionally happened, it was not a commonplace. While an owner could free a slave, they could only be purchased through a licensed slaver. That was done to ensure the collection of taxes on every slave sale. Getting a slave license was not difficult however anyone could get one.

When a woman became a slave, whoever brought about the enslavement acquired all the woman’s possessions. For judicial enslavements, that meant the municipality in which the court had jurisdiction. For a man videotaping his mistress for her violation of the three in thirty day law, that meant the man with the evidence. Torturing slaves was becoming America’s new national pastime.

The law made one distinction among slaves. If a corporation owned a slave, the corporation would be bound to treat their slave in accordance with their by-laws or contract. However the by-laws or contract could say anything. The by-laws might require that the slave be publicly whipped every Friday at noon, for example. Corporate Asset (CA) slaves, as they were known, were generally treated more like free women and often held responsible positions within the corporation. CA slaves might be allowed total travel freedom or they might be outfitted with an exploding collar that would decapitate them if they did not return within the time set into the collar. Other collars were more sophisticated and contained GPS devices that might allow travel along a specified route, or within an area. Better ones had Bluetooth and or cell phone capability.


Rita stood silently and motionless, watching Craig, her master for the previous week fill out a report documenting her performance.  The oversize ball that was occupying her mouth; it being the business end of the harness ball-gag he had crammed into her ensured her silence.  After forcibly getting the ball into her straining mouth, he had pulled the straps very tightly around her head.  They were tight enough that she was sure they would give her a headache if they remained on for much longer.  That was almost a certainty considering he planned to return her to Spellbook Slave Rentals after he completed the report card, and he seemed to be writing quite a bit so it was doubtful that he would finish any time soon.  Not that she was going anywhere.

Spellbook Slave Rentals was a division of Spellbook Slaves & Games. SS&G was one of the leading slave stores located in Eastlake, Oklahoma. It was owned by Mike West, a licensed slave trader who had been one of the first to see the business opportunities offered by the passage of the White Slave Act of 2000 (WSA2000), and had jumped into the business as soon as female slavery became legal in the U.S. The slave rental aspect was the new version of prostitution, and while it was reasonably profitable for Mike, single-handedly, Rita was giving his stable a bad reputation. Rita was gorgeous, so killing her or turning her into a torture slave seemed like a waste of an expensive asset. As a last-ditch effort to salvage his investment, Mike turned Rita over to Craig for additional training in being a good slave. It had been a painful learning experience for her, but it appeared to have been worthwhile.
She shrugged her shoulders, trying to ease the cramp in her shoulder blade.  The cramp came from the fact that her elbows were touching behind her back, as were her wrists, each held tightly together by heavy leather cuffs that were padlocked closed.  She had slightly more freedom with her feet, as they had about a foot of chain between the cuffs on her ankles.  Not that that mattered tremendously, he had ordered her to stand still and she was not in the mood to prompt a repeat of the recent obedience-assistance method he had demonstrated on her. Obedience-assistance, my ass.  A whipping is a whipping no matter what its called. As that thought passed through her mind, she tried to rub her ass to sooth the burn that remained as a reminder of the terrible session she had endured earlier in the week.



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