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Delia’s Story: Chapter 1: Thompson house

“Dad! I’m in big trouble!” said Delia.

“What now?” asked her father, John.

“I was cleaning my apartment and found enslavement papers on me! Ed had them in his desk, ready for when he gets back.” Ed was off on a fishing trip for another day, celebrating the end of school for the summer.

“I warned you about getting involved with him, and what might happen. Now its about to happen.”

“Dad! Do you know what happens to slaves?”

“Some get fucked to death. Others get eaten. Others get abused for years. Others get worked to death over a few years…”

“That’s what I’m scared to death of!”

“How can I stop it?”

“Enslave me first! Then let me go.”

“I can’t do that — you’re over 21. Family enslavements are limited to girls between 18 and 20, inclusive.”

“I can volunteer! You can be the owner! We don’t have any time! It has to be today!”

“I suppose. I hate to do it.”

“Would you rather see me eaten?” screamed Delia.

“No. I suppose he had the required proof?”

“Yes. It was on several DVDs. I found the hidden DVD recorder on top of a bookshelf in the bedroom.”

“I don’t want to see it, but we need to retrieve it. And we need to empty out that apartment.”

“We can’t do that first! We have to keep him from enslaving me!”

“I’ll call Rebecca and Julia. Leave your apartment key here. How can they tell your stuff apart from Ed’s?”

“My computer and books are in the second bedroom. His is in the living room. All the furniture except the stuff in the second bedroom is his. All the artwork is mine. The pictures on my side of the bed are mine. My clothes are separate from his.”

“They’ll take care of it.”

“You have problems enslaving me? When you own slaves? And are going to order them to get my stuff?”

“I didn’t enslave them. I didn’t buy them. I rescued them. I still feel bad about owning them, even though I treat them like employees. They will do what I ask…”

“Out of fear…”

“Because they like me and they like you, and they will know it is an an emergency.”

“You won’t tell them why! Please don’t!”

“Oh, I’ll tell them all right. I’ve told you about the hazards of being a woman in this slave society, and you ignored me. You took up with someone you hardly knew, moved in with him, and fucked him enough to be enslaved. Now you run to me for rescue from lifetime enslavement and worry that I’ll mention it to someone. You’d better get your priorities straight. In fact, I think you need help in that. If you’re going to be a slave, you will experience a wide variety of slave life. Get ready for it.”

“You won’t do that! Mom would be mad!”

“She’s worried about you too. And I can enslave her. too.”

“You won’t do that!”

“That’s right, because she will think what I’m doing is the right thing. Strip, and let me tie your wrists. We’ll go to Lilly’s Book Balancing; they did the transfer work on both Rebecca and Julia.”

“Strip? Tie? What are you doing?”

“Imposing my requirements. If you don’t like it, go back to your love nest and wait for Ed.”

“All right, all right, I’ll do it.”

“Fine, I’ll call Rebecca and Julia. Strip!”

He waited as she disrobed. He said “Put the clothes in your old room, then come back here.” As she went off, reluctantly, to do it, he got a rope from the garage — a nice, strong, 3/8 inch soft nylon camping line. Then he paused, considered, left the rope in the living room and went to his and his wife’s room. He rummaged in the closet a bit and retrieved a bag. He checked the contents — handcuffs, leg irons, chains, locks, ball gag, leather restraints. Yes, it was all there. It had been a long time since they had used these — he thought, too long. When he had enough equipment for what needed to be done with Delia, he’d use these on his wife again.

He returned to the living room to find Delia waiting. “We have to hurry!” she wailed.

“You said he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. Anyway, there is paperwork to be done, and preparation. Let’s start with the preparation. Turn around.”

He waited as she reluctantly turned around; she really was a beauty. He felt guilty about watching her, but she had to learn, and now was the time. He took the rope, doubled it, cinched it around her elbows, wrapped it a few times, then wrapped it around her chest and tied it off. He pulled her over to a support post at the end of the stairs and tied the rope to it. She looked like she wanted to complain, but kept silent. He then got the bag and put it on the stairs.

“Your toy bag, I see,” said Delia.

“You knew about this?”

“Yes, I found it years ago. I even had a talk with Mom about it.”

“It doesn’t sound like it bothered you.”

“Nope. I even liked doing it with …” She trailed off, and seemed to suppress a whimper.

“More information than I needed. In any case, then this won’t upset you as much as I figured it would.” He wrapped a chain around her waist and locked it there. Several feet of extra chain hung loosely from the lock. After that, he attached a pair of handcuffs to the chain on each side of her, then cuffed her wrists with the free ends of the cuffs. This left her with little freedom of movement of her hands, even if he had removed the rope. He took the free end of the chain, brought it through her legs, and tightly locked it to the waist chain. She blushed.

“Why are you doing this? Just for jollies? Just to humiliate me?” wailed Delia.

“Humiliation is a big part of it. You also need to understand that you are, or soon will be, a slave, and that there are certain consequences of being a slave. We tried to teach you about the dangers before, and it didn’t work. Now you ask for a rescue, and expect me to make it easy on you, so you’ll continue to act like it isn’t a big deal to come close to losing your freedom, and most likely your life. So, as a part of the price of rescue, you really will be a slave. Naked, chained, used, abused. You won’t like it. I’ll see that you experience those parts of slavery that I can arrange for. You won’t have the worry about death or mutilation, so it won’t be complete, but there’s enough stuff that I can provide to show you what you were heading for.”

He paused, surveying his work and its recipient. She was medium height, tanned light bronze, in good shape and in perfect proportion. Her breasts were perfect; they didn’t droop at all, with hardened nipples — she was excited by this! Her hair was brown with a touch of red, but her nether lips gave no indication that it was natural — she had shaved them completely and thoroughly. He would make sure that continued — perhaps by having it permanently removed.

He then locked a set of leg irons on her ankles, then locked the remainder of the crotch chain to the middle of the leg iron chain. She would be able to walk, but not fast. He added a locking leather collar, then untied the rope from the staircase and led her into his home office.

In the office, he tied the end of the rope to the leg of his computer table, then got on the computer and went to the state slave commission’s web site. He filled in an on-line form with the particulars, then printed it off. “Off we go,” he said brightly, untied the tether, picked up the printout, and led her to the garage, where he had her get in the back of a minivan, and buckled her in. He retrieved the toy bag, considered a ball gag, but decided it wasn’t needed, started up the car, and drove off.