Characters In This Episode

  • Craig Zyander: Millionaire business owner; trains slaves as a hobby.
  • Rita: Gorgeous redheaded slave with a piss-poor attitude. Currently owned by Spellbook Slaves and assigned to their sex slave rental stable
  • Ingrid: (by phone) Office Manager/slave at Spellbook Slaves


Craig heard Rita go into the bathroom and start the water for her shower.  Knowing that she would be occupied for more than a few minutes, he went to the phone to make a call.  The phone rang at the other end twice then he heard, “Spellbook Slaves, how may I help you?”  It was a female voice.

“Hi Ingrid, how are you?  Its Craig.”

“Hiiiiii Sir Craig, nice to hear from you.  Are you enjoying The Bitch?”

“Very much, very much.  She is a piece of work.”

“Oh good.  Give her ten or twenty strokes for me, please?  Now what can I do for you Sir Craig?”

“I am hoping you or Mike can tell me a little about Rita.”

“Uhhhhh…. what do you want to know?  I don’t think there is much we can tell you.”

“You can tell me what she was before she was enslaved, and if possible, I would like to know how she was converted.  As much as you know will be helpful.”

“Is there a problem?”

“No, not at all, I’m just looking to fill in a few blanks that will help me decide how to go forward.”

“Oh, well, I don’t know how much help this will be, but hopefully I can give you what you need.  Mike isn’t here anyway.”

“Ok, shoot.”

“She was a partner in an accounting firm.  She was a CPA…. MBA, all that.   Doing rather well from what I understand.  One day she walked in here with a guy in tow and she asked about having somebody enslaved.”

“Who did she ask about?”, Craig interrupted.

“She asked about a co-worker.  Lilly, actually. You’ve met Lily, do you remember her?”

“Really?  Interesting.  And yes, I remember Lily. Please continue.”

“Anyway, she evidently found out what she needed because Lilly got converted.  Mike dealt with her directly, so you will have to speak with him if you need more details.

“Yeah, but what about Rita?”

“I was getting to that.  After she and the guy…. he was another co-worker by the way, Thomas…ahhh, Freeman, I believe…walked out, the guy came back alone sometime later.  He then tells Mike that he wants Rita converted!”

“It must have been a PPC, right?”

“You got it.  Seems that Mr. Freeman was screwing both Lily and Rita and he had the tapes of Rita to prove it.  So the next morning, Mike went to their office and came back with both of them hogged in steel and gagged.  Neither was pregnant, unfortunately for them.”  She laughed at that and Craig knew full well that she was laughing at Rita’s situation, not Lilly’s.  No one at Spellbook seemed to like Rita a whole lot.

There was silence at both ends of the phone for a few seconds before Ingrid became uneasy.  “Is everything all right”, she asked hesitantly.

“Oh, sorry, yes, fine.  I was just thinking I wish I had known this sooner; I would have done one or two things differently.  No big deal.”

“Is there anything else I can help you with today Sir Craig?” It was a standard pet name she liked to use for him, calling him ‘Sir Craig’, and Craig didn’t mind it in the least because he knew she meant it affectionately, even though she was a slave and he was on the other side of that line.

“No, you have been very helpful, thank you Ingrid.  Bye.”


Craig put the phone down slowly, thinking about what he has just heard.  He was also getting a greater understanding as to why Rita was referred to as ‘The Bitch’ by everyone who knew her.  No problem.  He could deal with things easily.

A few minutes later the phone rang.  It was the doorman.  There was a package downstairs being delivered by a slave.  Must be the stuff Rita ordered from Spellbook.  I wonder what she chose.

Craig carried the box into the bedroom, threw it on the bed, and yelled toward the bathroom, “Your stuff is here.”

Rita practically ran into the bedroom.

Craig undressed quickly, paying no attention to Rita.  She stood transfixed, staring at the box.  When he was naked he started to walk into the bathroom, saying over his shoulder, “I have no idea what you will be wearing, so I have no idea what I should wear. Get dressed, go through my clothing and pick out an appropriate outfit for me.  I will take a quick shower while you are doing that.”

When he was gone, Rita snapped herself out of her reverie.  She walked slowly to the bed and lifted the cover off the box.  When she looked inside the box, a smile broke out on her face.  She looked at the clothing folded neatly in the box.  The shoes she had requested were there too.  Oh good, it was all in.  I was afraid it might have been in use tonight when Wendy didn’t know if it was all available.

She reached inside to remove the contents.  Her hand made it halfway to the clothing when she abruptly halted her reach.  She spun and raced back into the bathroom.  She hoped Craig hadn’t gotten into the shower yet and was relieved to see he hadn’t.
“Master”, she stammered, a little hesitantly, “I apologize for disturbing you but I want to ask your permission.  You ordered me to get dressed, and I shall…. but I also requested that make-up be delivered in addition to the clothing.  May I put it on?  I usually do that before getting dressed.” As she said that, she was thinking, If that isn’t a servile enough suck-up to give him another hard arm, I don’t know what will.  Why do these assholes always like servility?

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