Chapter 2: Thompson Connectors


“Julia, it’s John. I have something that’s got to be done right away.”

“Of course, Mr. Thompson.”

Sigh. Always formal. “Get Rebecca, take the truck, and come to my house. In the front flowerpot there will be an apartment key, an address, and a description of what is to be removed from the apartment. Get it and get out of the apartment; leave the key in the apartment. Take the stuff back to the store. I’ll call you later.”

“I’ll get on it right away.”

“Oh, Julia, you’ll have a guest for at least a few days in the quarters. She’ll have very little freedom and you’ll be in charge.”

“Another co-worker?”

“Not really. I’ll explain when I see you. I want both you and Rebecca to stay at the quarters tonight.”

“Of course.”

“Bye, Julia.” Click.