Chapter 3: The Notary

John drove up to a notary’s office. It was an old aquaintance of his. He parked in front, walked into the office, and asked the notary if he could bring the necessary equipment and join them in the car. The notary, having seen many strange things over the years, got his stamp and went with John. He was only slightly surprised to see a nude bound young woman in the van, having notarized hundreds of enslavement papers, but he was surprised when he recognized the enslavee. “Good morning, Delia,” he said, holding back a wisecrack. “If you could sign the form as I witness it. I don’t need identification, as I know both of you.” Delia reddened deeply, but took the proffered pen and signed the paper awkwardly, with restrained wrist and elbow. John signed also, the notary wrote the required information and stamped the paper.

“Thank you,” said John. “Put it on my corporate account.”

“It was a pleasure to be of assistance, and to see Delia again”, smirked the notary, leaving the van.