Chapter 4: Lilly’s Book Balancing

“Good morning, Mr. Thompson. Glad to see you back again. How can we help you today ? Another transfer?” said Lilly.

“No, this is an enslavement — a volunteer. I printed out the form and got it notarized before we came.”

“Good, that makes it much faster. Now, who is the volunteer? She seems familiar.”

“She should be; she’s my daughter Delia.”

“Oh. I always figured you for a reluctant slave owner.”

“I am. She’s about to get enslaved by her boyfriend, so we’re preempting him.”

“There’s a lot of that going around. The boys have figured out that they can have a good time during the school year, then sell their live-ins for summer beer money and next fall’s tuition. The girls never seem to figure it out, though, until it’s too late — or in this case, apparently, almost too late.”

“I thought he loved me! He was gentle, and loving, and …” said Delia.

“And he drew up enslavement papers on you,” said her father.

“Yes” she wailed. “How long do I have to stay a slave? A week ?”

“At least 30 days after the last consensual vaginal intercourse, I believe” said her father.

“Longer than that,” said Lilly. “If it’s less than a year, the other party could say it was a trick.”

“Well, we can check on that later. All the time in the world for that, actually. Oh, Lilly, I thought I heard that you were in a bit of trouble …”, said John.

“Enslaved, you mean. Yes. I got tricked, much like Delia. I managed to work things out better.” She looked over at her own slaves. “And some others managed to work themselves in deeper.”

Delia stood in the middle of the office floor, naked, chained, roped, and embarrassed. “A year? A year?!”, she wailed. “What about college? What about sports?”

“Should have thought of that earlier, dear” said Lilly. “Let’s get the paperwork done. It’s the time of the transaction with the central registry that sets who gets the slave in the case of a race.” She sat at a computer, took the enslavement paper, and typed in the information. “Here, take this cup and give me a urine sample. Oh, you’ll have trouble with that. Do you want to unchain her, or should I have one of my slaves help her?”

“I think she needs to experience some restraint now, to show her what she almost got into.”

“OK, you”, she said, pointing, “take her to the restroom and get a sample.” The slave jumped to the task, apparently unwilling to disappoint her mistress.

While they were gone, John said “This bothers me, but all the lecturing in the world didn’t get through to her, so she’ll have to experience it. I can have he stay in the slave quarters for now, but that isn’t what most slaves experience.”

“No, most experience a terrible, short life in a noose-suck bar, a very short life in an alternative meat source plant, long hours as a corporate slave, or a variety of experiences as a sex slave. Some sex slaves live rather well; others live in tight little cages on next to no food, for a while anyway. You can’t show her what slaves really experience unless you brutalize her.”

“I can’t do that. There must be someone who can show her the ropes, whips, and chains, whip her, keep her caged, use her for sex …” John trailed off.

“We don’t provide those services, but I know someone who does some of that. When she comes back, I’ll send her on a walk with my slave, and we can talk about it.”

Just then, Delia and the slave returned with the cup. Lilly dipped a test strip into it, noted that all tests were negative, and pressed a key on the keyboard. “That’s it. Delia is a slave, property of Mr. Thompson here. Want me to hang her now ?” Lilly smirked.

“No, just humiliate her a bit” replied John.

“Ok.” Pointing at her slave, she said, “Take this slave, gag her, and walk her around the block two or three times. If she resists, whip her. Stick a dildo in her to make it more memorable.”

As the slave led Delia off, Delia was crying, but didn’t speak.

“She’s actually making a good transition” said Lilly. “Many can’t walk, or they scream and fight.”

“How did you manage to get freed?” asked John. He had been wondering about that — manumission was rare.

“I didn’t. I’m still a slave, but I own myself — almost.”

“Hey, it keeps someone from doing it to you again.”

“That’s right. It’s something you might want to do with Delia. If you free her, she might do the same things that got her into this mess. However, if you leave her a slave, she’s immune to enslavement by anyone else. You can even set up a trust that owns her, with you as trustee. A good lawyer can set it up that in the event of anything happening to you, the trust survives and your conditions for her continue. If she wants to marry, and you want to let her, you can add some terms to the trust, but not let her husband own her, so he can’t do anything terrible to her.”

“But, if she’s a slave, can she go to college? I know my slaves can wear clothes and drive, but college? If she’s a slave, she has no rights.”

“Most colleges don’t care about slavery, if the slave can do the work and the fees are paid. The slave laws took away rights, but didn’t prohibit clothing, driver’s licenses, education, or much else. She has what rights, privileges actually, that her owner allows. If slaves couldn’t drive or do a lot of other things, their value would be reduced.”

“Speaking of value, here’s my credit card for the fee. And you mentioned someone who can show her the downside of slavery?”

“Yes. Spellbook Slaves. I’ll call them and ask about the things you want, then I’ll call you. You might need to send her to several places to get the kind of experiences you mentioned.”

“Thanks. Let me know.”