Chapter 5: Delia’s Apartment

Rebecca and Julia retrieved the key and went to the apartment. After letting themselves in, they started in on the clothes, then the art, then the books. Julia realized after a few boxes of books that it was Delia’s apartment.

“I wonder what’s going on. A rush job to clean her stuff out of her apartment?”

Rebecca said “These DVDs may be the answer. They were on the floor, and the label says Delia Slavery”.

“Let’s put them in a box and take them.”

Rebecca moved on to the second bedroom and looked at the computer. “Hmmmm, I wonder. ” She got onto the computer — no security — and looked at the local network. The other machione had no security either, and she began browsing the file system. She quickly found a slavery folder, which contained video files with Delia’s name in the file name, and many document files. One set was enslavement papers for Delia. Others were for other girls, with dates over the last four years. Rebecca copied the files to Delia’s computer, then erased the files on Delia from the other machine. She then thought for a minute, and went looking for the camera that took the video. She found it hidden on a shelf in the bedroom; it was a DVD recorder. She removed the DVD that was in the machine and replaced it with a blank one from Delia’s computer desk. She and Julia then finished up moving everything of Delia’s out of the apartment and into the truck. They left the key in the apartment, as instructed, and left.

“I think we know who our guest is going to be now” said Julia.