Chapter 7: Delia at the Apartment

John brought Delia to the apartment through the front door of the business. Delia felt fortunate that there weren’t any visitors in the office as they went through. They climbed the stairs to the apartment, and found Julia and Rebecca in the kitchen area having coffee. He asked, “Did you have any problems?”

“No problems at all. We brought the stuff up here and put it in the storage room at the end of the hall. I see you brought us a guest,” said Rebecca.

“Yes, I did. Julia is in charge of her; you are the assistant. She doesn’t need any clothing, and she needs to remain chained, and in this building. She almost got herself enslaved by a boyfriend and we had to take some action to stop that. You can see the action we took.”

“Yes, that’s obvious, what with the chains and gag. We found some DVDs on the floor in the apartment that told part of the tale. We also found on his computer, through her computer, that he had enslaved several other girls. I copied those files and deleted the Delia files. We also got the disk from the DVD recording camera,” said Rebecca.

“Good. I doubt that he didn’t have backups, so we still needed to do this, but it may slow him down. Let’s take care of our new slave now.” John unlocked the padlock in the rear that held the crotch chain to the back of the waist chain, leaving the waist chain and its tail dangling from her front to the chain of her leg irons. He looked at it for a moment, then took up the slack with a loop and fastened it with the padlock. He removed the ball gag that he’d left in her mouth after they left the slave office. As she worked her jaw to relieve the tension, he said to Julia, “I’ll let you remove the dildo they put in her, at least before bedtime. Here are the keys, and here is a bag with some more restraints. Keep her chained. You can unchain one wrist for her to eat, but fasten her to a chair before you undo the cuff. Restrain her to her bed at bedtime. You are in control. Feel free to take advantage of her to work or for your own sexual gratification, but don’t physically harm her. There are some extra handcuffs in there to lengthen her arm chains so she can work, or you can come up with your own methods. Maybe a thirty-foot chain to her waist would be good — that way she’d be able to make it to the toilet. We’ll come up with other things for her to do — eye candy in the main office, perhaps, or unloading trucks at the dock…”

“Dad! Me chained and naked in public! How could you!”

“It’s nothing compared to what you might have been forced to do if Ed had gotten you first. Maybe I’ll take you down to the next block one of these evenings. There’s a bar there that advertises noose sucks, and they probably don’t mind if you bring in your own slave to see what bad slaves get.”

Julia put in, “The laundry next door uses slaves. We see them fastened to a whipping post out back every once in a while. Maybe we can borrow it.” John noticed that Rebecca shuddered.

“Not a bad idea. We’ll have plenty of time to try things this summer, and you both have had enough experiences as slaves to know what to do with her. She’ll be out for a week or two every once in a while for special experiences. I’m going home now; it’s been a long, long day. Have a good night, dear,” he said to Delia, kissing her cheek.