Chapter 10: Telling Mom

John walked into the house in a blue mood. Mona’s car was there, so he steeled himself to the task of telling her about Delia. He found her in the kitchen.

“John, something strange is going on. There are clothes on the bed in Delia’s room. I noticed our closet had been disturbed and found that the toy bag is gone. Do you know what is going on?”

“Yes, I do. Delia came here this afternoon with a problem. Ed was going to enslave her.”

“Oh, my God. What did you do?”

“The only legal thing I could do, at her request. I enslaved her.”

“What? You enslaved your own daughter?”

“She volunteered. The other choice was to let Ed do it tomorrow and sell her.”

Mona sat in silence for several minutes, apparently wrestling with the implications of the news. “So where is she? What will happen to her? How is she?”

“She’s at the apartment at the store. She won’t get enslaved by Ed. What else will happen is hard to tell. She’s rather upset by what she found that Ed was going to do, upset about being a slave, and upset that I told her that we told her this would happen if she wasn’t careful. She wouldn’t listen to us about living in a slave society. We told her what would happen, and now it has. At least we can control the fallout somewhat now. This summer, she’ll get an introduction to slavery. Right now, she’s stark naked and chained.”

“So that’s what happened to the toy bag.”

“That’s right. She told me she knew about it and talked to you about it.”

“She did. After she found it, I thought she should understand that it wasn’t evil and that we enjoyed using those things.”

“She obviously understood. She let it slip that she liked it too.”

“I figured she would.”

After a pause, John said “You aren’t as upset about this as I thought you would be.”

Mona replied, “I was worried that she would get taken from us, too. When you said what you had done, I realized that it was the only thing that you could have done. I understand about using the situation to get her to think about what she had gotten herself into. But why did you leave her downtown?”

“She’s with two women who know what it’s like to be betrayed and sold, who have suffered, and who can teach her about it. On top of that, they like her and want to impress on her what she almost got into. In order to get that to soak in, we’ll have to actually get her into the slave experience. I’m going to have her sent to people who can supply some of the less pleasant side of slave life.”

“Is that necessary? I suppose that means whipping and torture.”

“I think it is necessary. I won’t let them damage her too much. It will also mean sex — lots of it, and not always pleasant for her.” He noticed Mona shiver a bit, but couldn’t tell whether it was pain, revulsion, or being turned on a bit — or maybe all three.

Mona said, “I suppose I should object, but I know it’s for the best. I wonder what Ed will do when he finds out?”

“I don’t care, as long as he leaves us alone.”

“And what will we do without the toy bag?” asked Mona, smiling a bit.

John thought, What? She hasn’t brought it up in months, and she just found out our daughter is a slave, and she’s asking about the toy bag? “Same as we have for a long time.”

“I know I haven’t been all that fired up about bondage, or even about sex, for a while. I’m not sure why. It seems to be coming back, though.” A thought seemed to cross her mind. “You haven’t ever mentioned enslaving me, and making me do what you want. Jane’s husband did enslave her, and so did several others in the neighborhood. I’ve heard that it’s the in thing to do at the country club.”

John sighed. “It isn’t really my thing. Anyway, I figured even mentioning it would damage our relationship.”

“It might have. Anyway, without the toy bag, I suppose you have rope? Would you please get some and use it?”

John thought, this is interesting, but I’ll think later — this is the time for action. “OK, be naked when I get back.” He went to the garage and got the rest of the rope. When he returned, Mona was naked and smiling. “Turn around,” he said. She did. He brought her arms above her head and brought her hands to the back of her neck, and tied her wrists together. He then wrapped the rest of the rope around her upper arms to keep her from pulling on the wrist rope. He tied another rope around her waist, brought it forward and under the waist tie as a crotch rope, and used the free end of the rope as a leash. “Come, slave,” he said, and tugged her toward the bedroom.