Chapter 11: Rebecca’s Reception

Immediately following Rebecca’s removal from the whipping post

John yelled, “Julia! I need some help here!” He carried the whipped, unconscious slave into the apartment. Julia came out of the kitchen, then gasped.

“That’s Rebecca from next door! I haven’t seen her in a while. What happened?”

“She pissed them off big time and they nearly whipped her to death. They were close to sending her to Hill’s, like you wanted. Maybe she was trying the same thing. They gave her to me. I need to figure out whether she’ll recover on her own or whether she needs medical attention.”

Julia looked her over. “She doesn’t have many cuts, not too much damage. I suspect she’s just exhausted and dehydrated. If she wakes up soon, she’ll probably be OK, but if she doesn’t wake up she needs a doctor.”

Rebecca moaned and opened her eyes. She had been awake for a while, but had been trying to tell what situation she was in. She knew that Julia was well treated. There was a kind of society of slaves, and they often met and talked to other slaves in the vicinity. The laundry had let its slaves out during non-work hours, and had even provided some money for entertainment. It didn’t make up for the whippings when the slavemaster wasn’t pleased with effort or the quality of blow jobs, but it was better than many places. During her outings she had met Julia, and had even been up here for coffee. “I’m awake. I don’t think I need a doctor, but I do need some water.”

They gave her water and tried to make her comfortable. After a while she was more comfortable talking and asked, “So what is my role going to be here?”

John replied, “Julia needs help with inventory, and there’s a lot of miscellaneous stuff that needs doing. It depends on what skills you have.”

“I know computers. I can handle some bookkeeping.”

John smiled. “That’s good. We can use you. What did you do at the laundry?”

“I washed stuff.”

John was surprised. “They didn’t take advantage of your skills?”

“They didn’t ask. They bought a laborer and had her labor. And, of course, suck and fuck. How many people will I have to service here?”

John replied, “None. Sex here is voluntary.”

Rebecca thought, yeah, right. I’ll ask Julia about it later.