Chapter 12: The Girls Discuss Slavery

Delia looked at her keepers. Her father had left her with them, naked and chained, and given them permission to make her work or have sex with them. She was hoping that they would just leave her alone.

“Come on into the living room and sit. We have things to talk about,” said Julia. Delia did so, thinking that active rebellion wasn’t the best idea, at least right off the bat. She sat on the couch.

Julia began, “You got yourself into the same situation we did, but you lucked out that someone helped you. I was dumped and enslaved by my husband. Rebecca was sold by her boyfriend…”

Rebecca interjected, “Fiance! That’s even worse!”

Julia continued, evenly, “Fiance. We were both sold to slave dealers and bought as part of a group of laborers. We both hated it, wanted out so bad we were willing to die, and lucked out by being rescued by your father. You probably think that’s not a miracle, but it is. After being here a while, we would do anything for John.”

Delia said, “You have to. You don’t have a choice. If he really cared about you, he would free you.”

Julia smiled. “He offered. I didn’t have anywhere to go, no money, no resources, no place to live, no relatives I could trust, and no idea of what to do. I asked to stay on, and he agreed. He insisted on changing my status to corporate asset slave, which gave me greater protection. I work normal hours, in a nice place, and I can do as I please outside of work hours. That’s not all that uncommon — most corporate asset slaves live reasonably nice lives, if not as free as mine. What was uncommon was your father stepping in and saving my life. And Rebecca’s. You seem to think that we are at his command…”

“You are! He OWNS you! Everything you do is probably done to keep him from harming you!”

“He does own us. If he tells us to do something, we have to do it. However, what he tells us to do is business. Other than that, he stays out of it or asks. The apartment cleanout was a special case; he didn’t have time to explain, and I would have done it anyway.”

“Right. He ‘asks’ for sex.”

“Actually, he does, and not frequently enough. We usually ask him.”

Delia asked, “‘We’ ask?”

“Yep. All three of us. One memorable time, you mother joined in. That was something — three women asking one man to tie them down together and screw them. He managed it.”

Delia was agape. She hadn’t thought it was like that.

“So slavery isn’t so bad?”

“Slavery, in our experience, is hell. Some slaves have a good life — they like it. Many women are passive and submissive, and get into slave situations that suit them. We didn’t. We are actually a little too forceful to be slaves. But, we got this situation, and it turned out for the best for us.”

“What about me?”

“You are submissive, but not passive. You are right on the edge of being suited for being a slave. But that isn’t important — you ARE a slave, and you are just lucky to be a slave in a known, reasonable situation.”

Rebecca chimed in, “And not in whatever situation that Ed had dreamed up. I don’t think you understand your predicament completely.”

“What do you mean?” asked Delia.

Julia walked to the TV and started a DVD. “This was in the recorder he used to get proof of your PPC status.”

The video showed Ed in their bed — Delia still thought of it that way — with a skinny blonde speadeagle tied across the bed. There was sound: “So,” she gasped as Ed rubbed her, “You’ll let me move in after Delia is sold?”

“Yes,” he answered, “her other boyfriend will do it soon.”

Her other boyfriend? thought Delia. She didn’t have one. Then she understood — he didn’t want this one to think he was the enslaving type.

Ed climbed on and started a slow oscillation. Delia knew it could last quite a while, and the blonde got rather excited. But before he climaxed, he climbed off and stuck a dildo in the woman. She screetched, “OWWWWWW! TURN IT UP! OWWWWW!”

Julia, seeing the blank look on Delia’s face, said “That’s an electric shock punishment dildo. It’s on low, and she wants more pain. Later on, he whips her, sticks the punishment dildo in her butt, and finishes fucking her. After that, he gets her off the bed, ties her upright, and whips her more. She apparently likes it.”

Rebecca added, “He has two other videos of fucking her on his disk drive. We have copies. If he intends to enslave her, he’ll either need to screw her again or get this back. Anyway, on one he even says that he’d like to rent you back from your other boyfriend after your enslavement so that he could do all of that to you.”

“So after he enslaved me, that’s what I’d get?”

“Maybe. Maybe he’d just sell you right away and you’d get whatever came along, which can be much, much worse.”