Chapter 13: Ed Finds Out

Ed drove back from the campout, thinking about his financial options. He could sell Delia and have most of the tuition money he needed for next fall, or he could keep her and sell the blonde for a little less and have to come up with some extra cash. He supposed he could find another slave candidate, but too many too fast would likely make it harder to get more slave candidates in the future. The best financial path was to sell Delia, and perhaps to enslave the blonde at the same time so he could sell her off later, but he liked Delia. Also, Delia was a much better fuck, and he really wanted to be able to do some SM on her. She allowed the bondage, but not much more. The thought of being able to do as he pleased with Delia gave him an instant erection. Oh, well, he’d be able to tie her up and use her that way tonight, before he filed the enslavement tomorrow.

He got home and thought that something was wrong. There seemed to be something missing in the bedroom. He went to the room Delia used as a study and found it empty. Now, he was concerned. He went back to the bedroom and looked in her closet — it was empty. So she’d packed up her stuff and left. That wouldn’t stop the enslavement, but it might make it a bit harder. He went to his desk for the enslavement papers and the DVDs, and found those were missing too. OK, so she was wise to his plans. He unlocked the bottom drawer of his desk and took out the backups he had made. Yes, he could still do it. In fact, he could do it today — the slave agency was probably still open. He took the needed papers and left. He’d decided to sell her outright, because he wouldn’t be able to get her into it smoothly. Ah, well, the things that have to be done for solvency.