Chapter 14: At Spellbook

Ed walked into Spellbook Slaves. He’d gone to the old location, found the “see us at our new location” sign on the door, and found the new, improved Spellbook Slaves. He walked in, and the receptionist, a nude collared slave, asked him how she could help him.

“I have a PPC enslavement. Here are the papers and the DVDs for proof.”

“I’ll tell Mr. West.” She rose and walked into the back office, and returned shortly and said, “Mr. West will see you now.” Ed walked into the office and handed the slaver the papers and DVDs.

“You’ve done business with us before, haven’t you?” asked Mr. West.

“Yes, several times. You have a nice new place.”

“Thanks. We were growing too big to stay in the old place.” The slaver briefly reviewed the DVDs and asked Ed for a urine sample. When Ed returned and it was cleared, the slaver turned to a computer terminal and started entering information.

Ed asked, “How much is she worth?”

Mr. West replied, “Nothing.”

“Nothing! She’s beautiful, smart, and strong. She should be worth plenty!”

“She’s already been enslaved.” The slaver gestured at the computer screen. “The registry says that she was enslaved, as a volunteer, this afternoon, and is now owned by a John Thompson. You can’t enslave her, and she isn’t worth anything, at least not to you.”

Ed fumed. “There must be something I can do. They found out what I wanted to do and did this to stop me. I want to enslave her anyway! Put it in!”

“Can’t do it. The system will not accept it. Anyway, once it is done, it is done; they got there first, and you lost.” Mike West though to himself that he should call Lilly and find out what happened; these situations could get complicated, and they often were humorous to those not directly involved. He could use a laugh.

Ed continued to fume. “She was my tuition for next year!”

“Not any more. You’d better go looking for another source of funds.”

Ed morosely said goodbye and left.