Chapter 15: Lilly Calls

“Spellbook Slaves. How can I help you?”

“Hi, Ingrid, it’s Lilly. I’d like to talk to Mike.”

“Sure thing. I’ll get him.”

Shortly, Lilly was talking to Mike. “I’ve got a customer with a problem. He needs to have a new slave find out what slavery really can be. She’s his daughter, and she volunteered to be his slave to avoid a boyfriend enslavement. The father wants his daughter to experience slavery widely, short of mutilation and death, so that she won’t think it’s not a big deal to dodge slavery to a boyfriend. I don’t have the setup to do that, so I’m looking around for him. You up for some fun?”

“Would the name be Delia Thompson?”

“Yes. I take it the boyfriend came to see you?”

“He did, and I didn’t get a fee out of it because you did it first. He was pissed. He was depending on her for next year’s tuition.”

“Well, you can get a fee for whipping, fucking, getting blow jobs, and general degradation. He can get a job.”

“Actually, that sounds like fun. For me. Not for him.”

“Fax me your fee list and I’ll get it to Mr. Thompson.”