Chapter 16: Julia’s Deal

(Shortly after Julia came to Thompson Connectors)

Julia was sitting in the break room reading the inventory management system manual. She had picked up on the business quickly, but wanted to be more proficient. She had lucked into a good thing here and wanted to keep it.

John walked into the room and sat across the table from her. He had some papers, which he spread out on the table. “Julia, I need to deal with a few things with you.” She closed the book and gave him her full attention.

“I have some choices that you need to make. I had you transferred to my company. This sheet is your title, for lack of a better term. You’ll notice that the classification is corporate asset. I assume you know what that means.”

Julia looked at it and smiled. This was even better than wearing clothes. She had some protection now. She nodded at John.

“Good. Before I could do that, I had to have a corporate policy on conduct and discipline for corporate assets. I found a few generic policies on the Internet, all of which were too harsh for me, so I picked the least objectionable and adopted it. There are some rules on what can and must be in the policy, and I need to have a lawyer go over any changes from the generally accepted policy before I can implement them. This is the policy, ” he said, handing her a binder with loose-leaf sheets. “You should read it. Don’t get too upset at the more extreme disciplines; they are the maximum, not the mandatory, and I doubt that you would do any of the things that call for those disciplines anyway. That takes care of the officially mandated paperwork, though I should get you to sign a statement that you received and read the policy. We can do that in a few days.”

She said, “Thank you. The assets always had it better at the warehouse. Most of them lived with families or in apartments, and could wear clothes outside of work hours.”

“Like I said, having you nude all the time would be fun, but too big a distraction. Let’s go on to the next item of business. Would you like to be freed?”

Julia sat in shocked silence. Her life had improved immensely in the last few days, but freedom was more than she had thought possible in her wildest dreams. Then she started thinking logically. She had no money. She had no place to live. She had no living family — she didn’t count the husband that had dumped her, and her son couldn’t possibly support two people. “If you free me, I don’t have any way to live.”

“You don’t, but you could work here and live upstairs for a while. However, that might have negative tax implications for both of us. I couldn’t pay you much. The other option is for you to stay on as you are, with an asset contract that provides for eventual freedom. I’ll start an account that you can add to but not withdraw from. I’ll put the manumission paperwork and tax amount in it as starter. All costs of freeing must come from that account, and you will get the remainder afterwards. Think of it as your nest egg for freedom. Corporate assets can be provided with housing allowances, living allowances, and some remuneration. I can’t deduct a housing allowance because you live on premises, but I can provide a living allowance that allows you to buy food, clothing, and necessities, and I can provide additional money. The amount to be paid is usually negotiated before the slave signs the corporate asset papers and asset contract. However, we couldn’t do that. Therefore, I have to be careful in how much I give you so the tax people don’t disallow the deduction. However, I don’t have to take social security or income tax from it. I propose a thousand a month, with half going into an account you can tap, and half going into your freedom fund. The living allowance we’ll have to figure out. For now, present receipts, and I’ll give you some starting cash. OK, there would be more to hash out, but you have enough to make the basic decision — free or remain? I’ll let you think it over for a day.”

“No, I can answer you now. I’ll stay on. The deal you are offering is too good to pass up. I get medical, living expenses, and a savings plan, and my asset status keeps me from being killed or maimed as long as I behave. If I took the other option,” she paused, not being able to bear saying the word ‘freedom’, “I’d have nothing and wouldn’t be able to work my way out of poverty for a long time. I would like to ask for some things, though.”

“Go ahead. Business is OK, but not great. If your work is good, I may be able to justify a larger payment.”

“It isn’t directly about money. I’d like to find and visit my son. Would you let me travel to see him?”

“Sure. A few days off every once in a while is important. Your expenses would come from your account.”

“Of course. I’d also like to know about my hours, my limits in leaving here, and the requirements on me.”

“Your hours are normal business hours, with any necessary overtime. You can go out and about outside of normal business hours, using your money. I know that many slave owners want the slave to work 18 hour days, but that uses them up, and is counterproductive to any significant work. I have problems owning a slave anyway, and I’m not going to give myself more problems by being a slavedriver. The binder I gave you also has the job description for your position, which gives you the requirements that I want you to meet.”

“That’s good, but there are other requirements too. I asked before — what kind of sex do you like?”

John sat there, considering. “I’m not going to make that a requirement. You could have let that alone and hoped I didn’t bring it up, but you did. I assume that you think it is a requirement of all slaves, or that you want it to be part of your duties.”

Julia blushed. “I am hoping to get some satisfaction. At the warehouse, some of the men had privileges, but only after slave working hours, and we didn’t get much. Here, with your working hours, and the apartment upstairs…” She blushed brighter. “Here I am, a slave, used to being nude, embarrassed to be asking my owner for sex.”

“That’s OK, I was embarrassed too. My wife asked me what else you were for, and wasn’t upset at the idea of me having sex with you. I just have trouble coercing sex.”

“In your case, with me, it isn’t coercion. I’ll state my position: You can consider me to be your utter, abject sex slave, to be taken any time and in any manner you choose. I’ve been horny for years, starting way before my enslavement. Not offering sex wasn’t what drove my husband to dump me, but I don’t know what was. I like sex often, and I don’t mind it rough. I don’t mind being exhibited. I actually got to like being tied up by some of the men at the warehouse. Drag me upstairs whenever you need a break and do whatever you like. Or just tell me when to be there in what position and I’ll do it. Gleefully. Enthusiastically. Even if you like to inflict pain, I want sex.”

John sat there, it being his turn to be stunned. This was beyond his expectations. He had assumed that he might have to lean on her, allow extra privileges, even use his rights of ownership to get what he desired, but he wasn’t happy with that. He liked a little desire from the woman. And now Julia had offered him carte blanche, without reservation, without his even asking. He found his voice. “No, no pain, but I do like to bind a woman.”

Julia replied, “It’s after working hours, everyone else has gone home, there’s a good bed upstairs, and there’s rope in the supply cabinet if you want to use it. We can even stay in here and use this table, or your desk, or anyplace else in the building. Please.”

John stood up. “I’ll meet you upstairs. Take your binder, and stop at the supply cabinet for the rope. Should I get some lubricant?”

“For the first round, that won’t be necessary.”