Episode 3: The Snake (blurb)

Rita’s training continues. Naturally that includes a little whipping and sex because what fun is it whipping a beauty and not fucking her?

Rita devises a clever plan to reward Craig for not whipping her. She knows he’s more than mildly impressed with her sexual skills because he told her so. An intelligent woman who knows how to deliver sex can always control men and Rita is very intelligent. She’s intelligent enough to quickly realize that she needs a Plan B.

Craig owned a Snake. Snakes were the most potent whips available anywhere on the planet at any price. The price of owning one was measured in more than just dollars. The maker of The Snake, one Senor Miquel Escobar, required that a prospective owner learn how to use it to Miquel’s satisfaction before he or she would be allowed to own it. Craig paid that price and now Rita was going to pay an even higher price for her stubbornness and her refusal to act the way a slave should. She was going to be whipped by Craig using The Snake. It will be an unforgettable experience.

As Rita’s training progresses she gets to practice on the blowjob trainer.

Then a tiny flaw in Craig’s testing scheme reveals it for what it is. Rita plots her own scheme. She wins this round.

The Chronicles of Rita

Episode 3: The Snake

Author: Shadow

Characters In This Episode

  • Craig Zyander: Millionaire business owner; trains slaves as a hobby.  Currently training Rita.
  • Rita: Gorgeous redheaded slave with a piss-poor attitude. Owned by Spellbook Slaves and assigned to their sex slave rental stable
  • Ingrid: Office Manager/slave at Spellbook Slaves
  • Mike West; Owner of Spellbook Slaves and Games; slaver by profession; casual friend of Craig
  • Senor Miquel Escobar: (reference only) World famous whip expert


 It was mid-afternoon by the time Craig finished all the items he had set out to accomplish, but for one final stop. He pulled up in front of Spellbook Slaves. As soon as he walked in, Ingrid looked up. Her face lit up in a smile. “Hi Sir Craig nice to see you, this is a surprise.”

“Hi, Ingrid.”

“Did you give The Bitch twenty strokes for me?”

“Yes I did, Ingrid, and more for me.”

“Oh, thank you. Then give her another twenty for me when you get back, please?”

“I suppose I could, but that won’t be for a while yet, and seeing how good you look, and since you’re right here…” He let his sentence trail off, letting her finish the thought in her mind.

She knew if he asked Mike, Mike would have no compunctions about letting Craig give her a short whipping. She rapidly tried to distract him by saying, “Would you like me to suck your cock? May I give you a blowjob?”

She started to rise and to remove the slave smock she wore, but Craig waved her off, indicating it wasn’t what he wanted. “Actually, I would like to see Mike for a few minutes, if he is in.”

Very relieved that she wasn’t going to get a whipping she said, “I’ll tell him you’re here.” A few seconds later she came back and said, “Go right in.”

The two men shook hands, then Mike asked, “Are you still driving that piece-of-shit-Ferrari?” Mike knew it was very new.

Craig shrugged, then answered, “You know how it is. I quit smoking and the ashtrays are still clean.”

Mike smiled at the somewhat lame joke, then asked, “What can I do for you? It has something to do with Rita, I assume.”

Craig explained. “Yeah, I’m hoping you have a few testers I can borrow. Ones Rita doesn’t know.”

“Are you getting too old to get it up?” Mike jibbed.

Craig ignored the slight, and continued. “What I want to do is this. I want one to call me each day, a different one each time. They should call in the morning. I will tell Rita she’s being rented to a customer for an afternoon job. I want them to come to my apartment to pick her up, at which time, I will give them instructions and explain why they’re getting such a great deal.” Mike interrupted, “This charade is all for Rita’s ears, I assume.”

“Yes”, Craig confirmed. “I will tell them that she is a new slave, in training, and as part of the low fee, they have to fill out a report and return it with her when they bring her back to me. Lets say we do that for six days, starting tomorrow.”

“That’s easy…is there anything else you need?”

“Just this. I can’t say it in front of Rita, so I also want you to tell them to go easy on the rough stuff. They should act like guys just renting a piece of ass for the afternoon, nothing more. They aren’t supposed to be the type to beat a good fuck out of her. They are the type to complain about it, if they do anything.”

“Ok, six testers Rita doesn’t know, simple to do. I’ll have Ingrid set it up. Do you want them to actually fill out reports?”

“Yeah, that’s part of it, but not the formal ones, Rita might recognize those. They should write something up on their own. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I want to see how she’s reacting to the things I’m doing.”

“Do you have any preference how they use her?”

“Ideally they should use her in every hole, I suppose, but it might look suspicious if they all did that. Tell them to use her as many times as they can and to try to mix it up, but to make it look like they are just horny dudes who have a good looking cunt for a few hours and want to make the most of it.”

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