Delia’s Story, Chapter 17: The Play Room

Julia smiled at Rebecca and said “We’re supposed to keep her chained, but what she has on isn’t good for more than a few hours. We’ll have to get better stuff for longer wear. I’ll run down to the slave store and get a leather set. It can come out of the entertainment and toys budget for now, until he sets up a budget for dealing with Delia.”

Delia groaned, thinking that more bondage was exactly what she didn’t need, but then she reflected that the handcuffs and leg irons were becoming uncomfortable, and sleeping with the chain wrapped around her wouldn’t be comfortable at all.

Rebecca said “Before you leave, let’s set her up on the pole. Then I can get ready for our planned activity for the night, and she’ll have a good place to watch it from. She might even like it.”

“That’s an excellent idea. Come with us, Delia.”

Delia froze, considering a mad dash to get loose, worried about what the pole might be. She then thought about how she was restrained and how easy it would be for these two to catch her, and that then they’d be angry. She rose and followed Julia, with Rebecca following. They went into another room, one that didn’t have windows. Perhaps it was meant to be a pantry or storage room, but now it was full of equipment she recognized. There was a pillory, a padded horse, several chairs with interesting attachments, and a wooden platform with a pole sticking up, with a dildo on the top. Delia figured out what they meant by the pole, and was a little relieved. Julia drew her over to the pole and positioned her over the pole. “Stand here.” She then got a tube of lubricant from a shelf and covered the dildo with it. “Stand still,” she said, and raised the dildo on the sliding pole, bringing it up to Delia’s entrance. “Wider,” she said, pushing the cylinder into the opening. Delia moved her legs apart as far as possible, and Julia brought the dildo up so that its platform bottom was snug against Delia. The dildo was on a base a little like a saddle. “Up on your toes” instructed Julia, and Delia complied, but worried, fearing that this would mean standing on her toes for a long time. Julia raised the pole the extra distance and locked it in place. “You can relax your legs now,” she said, stepping back. Delia did so, slowly, and found that most of her weight was taken by the saddle, leaving her legs spread less widely, but still not flat-footed. “You’ll find that you can’t climb or jump off that thing. Now, I’ll fit the frontpiece,” she said, putting something on the saddle next to the dildo, positioning it to press against Delia’s clitoris. “And now, we turn it on.”

The low thrum was there before she realized it was the dildo, and it started vibrating slowly within her. The frontpiece made sure that her clit got its share of the vibrations. She gasped, as her keepers chuckled. “You were expecting a torture machine? Well, maybe if you were on it for the night, but a few hours, with the vibrator running its usual program, can be heaven.”

Julia then left the room, apparently on her errand, and Rebecca smiled at Delia. “We’ll have some fun tonight, Julia and I, and you can enjoy it too. Until Julia returns, I’ll enjoy you a little.” Rebecca slowly took off her clothes, hanging them on a coathook on the back of the door, then came over to Delia. Rebecca slowly rubbed Delia’s nipples and stroked her tummy. As Delia shuddered in pleasure, Rebecca smiled and said, “I thought you’d like it.” She walked around to Delia’s side, grasped Delia’s hand, and placed it at her mound. “Finger me.”