Delia’s Story, Chapter 18: The Slave Store

Julia walked into the store and went to the restraints section. She looked at the belts, cuffs, and straps meant for long-term wear and the associated hardware and locks. She wanted to be kind, but she was not going to take any chances on an escape. The sales floor assistant, a collared slave wearing a loose pantsuit, came over to help. She recognized Julia from previous trips when she had bought toys for use in the apartment. “How can I help you?” she asked.

“I need a set of restraints suitable for long-term wear without damaging the wearer, but secure enough that there is little chance of her getting loose. We don’t have to worry about clothing getting in the way. Also, some chastity gear.”

“Is your owner sending you out to buy your own bondage?”, asked the salesslave. “That’s adding insult to injury.”

“No, these are for a new girl who needs to find out just what slavery can be. She almost got PPCed, but volunteered to avoid it, and her concerned owner is trying to impress on her what she has gotten into. I’m helping. The stuff I’ve gotten here before was just for fun.”

“I guess I don’t see the fun in it, being used as a model and demonstrator so often, but at least I don’t have to wear it all the time, except for this collar. You don’t even have that, or does your owner use something less visible?”

“No, no collars, belts, bracelets, implants, or anything else.”

“It must be nice. I can go out in the evening, but there is a curfew and I have to sleep naked and available.”

“I’d sleep chained if it meant frequent sex,” said Julia. “But I don’t.”

“Yes, I can understand that. I have to sleep that way, but I don’t get a lot of attention. Anyway, let’s get you your restraints. This belt-and-strap system has a waist belt, wrist cuffs, elbow cuffs, ankle cuffs, thigh cuffs, and collar, all with built-in locks and no buckles showing, with hidden size adjustments. There are two attachment points on each cuff, four on the collar, and the attachment points can handle rope, chain, and the attachment straps that come with the set. The straps also have built-in locks at each end, and they snap on quickly. All of the locks are quick-release with a cylinder key to avoid bent keys and to keep the locks small. The cuff securing keys are different from the strap keys to avoid unintentional release of cuff. Some users get two or more sets of straps with different keys so that they can tell by the color coding which restraints will come off with one key. That way they can have the slave or another slave have the key for partial release, but know what restraints will not come off. It’s a well-thought-out system, and many buyers have come back for more accessories or sets and praised it. This system is leather, cloth, and Kevlar for security and comfort. Some restrainees have worn it for years without removal of any cuff, and not all the restrainees are slaves. It has an accessory chastity system that attaches to the waist belt, but the chastity system is not meant for long-term wear. Long-term chastity systems are complicated and expensive. We also have the traditional leather cuffs and collars, and several metal systems, but most of the metal systems are not good for long-term wear.”

Julia said, “I like this system. I’ll take the big set with the included straps, an extra set of straps, the chastity attachment, and a head bag. Maybe after he’s done with impressing his new slave with her condition, he’ll use them on me.”

“They wouldn’t be bad for recreational use, if you’re into that. Why is your owner going to all this trouble to instruct a slave?”

“She’s his daughter.”

“Oh. That explains a bit of it. There are so many parents out there, though, that wouldn’t do that. There was a father recently that sold his 18-year-old for meat, and all those college girls that got killed for cheating because their families wouldn’t get them out.”

“Yes, but many were retrieved. This one is going to get scared straight, like most of the college girls got scared.”

As they went to the front to finish the transaction, Julia said, “If you can come out in the evenings, drop by sometime for coffee. Us assets should stick together.”

The salesslave smiled. “I wouldn’t mind sticking to you, or to your sidekick.”

“Good,” said Julia, and smiled back.