Delia’s Story, Chapter 19: Rebecca Plays

After Delia had worked at it for a while, Rebecca started playing back. “You haven’t played with girls much, have you?”

“No, not much. Most girls seem to.”

“That’s because there isn’t much supply of what most of us want. You seem to respond to it OK, though.”


After a long teasing, Rebecca broke off and got some small boxes with clips. “Breast buzzers. I just clip them on and …”

The boxes started a slow buzzing, transmitting the stimulation directly to the nipples they were attached to. Delia moaned, and Rebecca started kissing her slowly and sensually, and playing with Delia’s body. After a long, delightful time, Rebecca stopped and said, “Julia will be back soon. I’d better get ready.”

She walked over to the pillory, opened it, and brought a padlock from a shelf over to it and hung it on the staple of the hasp. She put the key to the open padlock on a hook on the wall. She then got a box resembling a TV remote and placed it on the pillory, and then retrieved a leather collar with a pair of handcuffs attached. She hung the handcuff keys on the same hook, as well as the key to another padlock. She put on the collar and used the padlock to secure it around her neck, leaving the handcuffs dangling in front.

She picked up the remote and came over to Delia.

“Do you remember the punishment dildo in the video?”

Delia replied cautiously, “Yes”.

“The device you now have in you isn’t just a vibrator. It can twist, expand, warm up, gyrate a little, and also supply electrical stimulation.”

“No, please, no, not like that blonde …”

“No, not like that. It can supply that, but it can also do this.” Rebecca pressed some buttons on the box, and the device warmed up a bit, started sliding up and down just a little, and some interesting tinglings started at its base, then its tip, then back to the base, then wandered around.

“Do you like it?” asked Rebecca.

Delia moaned, “Yes. It tingles.”

“Some like it, some don’t. I like it turned up a bit. Julia likes it there. We both like the motion, but not any more than the wiggling it’s doing now. One of the other features is that it can apply voltage determined by sound. The 1812 Overture can really drive you nuts, and Strauss waltzes warm you up. Most rock music irritates. Heavy metal can be painful. We’ll not use that feature tonight.”

“Why do you have all of this? Did my father get it to use on you?”

“No, we asked for it and got a budget for entertainment and exercise equipment. We use it when we can’t get enough of what we really want.”

“But why the bondage equipment? Why would slaves want to be tied up?”

“A fair question. It’s been known to entice a certain gentleman, which is its biggest value to us. Both Julia and I liked light bondage games, and we find that it helps when we have to satisfy each other.”

“What are you going to do tonight? Why the collar?”

“You sure ask a lot of questions. Watch and learn, and possibly enjoy. I’ll try some variations for you.” Rebecca pressed a button, and the tingling got just a little more intense. Delia gasped and pressed herself forward. “Ah, she likes that. Now I’ll put it on a slow variation, and have it twist just a little.” The moaning increased. “I won’t go much further now. We’ll try the whole range on you sometime and see what works on you — good and bad.”

Rebecca opened a box and got out something that Delia couldn’t see, and placed it on the shelf. “Julia will be back soon, and I like to be ready for her. We usually like her in the dominant role.” At that, Rebecca lubricated herself a little from the bottle Julia had used, then snapped the handcuffs on her wrists. She walked over to Delia and said, “Now, continue what you were doing before. And remember, I can still run the remote even with my hands like this.”