Episode 4: Buying Rita (blurb)

Rita performs well for a few days then reverts to her old self. Once again her piss-poor attitude brings in customer complaints about her performance. So many that Mike decides it’s time to get rid if her. He offers her to The Torture Channel and Craig. Unfortunately, Craig is away on a long business trip when Ingrid makes the call offering Rita for sale.

While awaiting resolution on the sale of Rita, Mike conjures up some interesting ideas to keep her busy and produce some income at the same time. She isn’t very happy about the jobs she’s given, but she’s a slave so she does them.

Craig’s personal slave, Nancy, is a computer genius. Even though she’s a slave, Craig has given her control of a project developing chips for implanting in slaves. The chips can produce both pain and pleasure, so depending on what the master wishes to administer, the slave feels the chosen effect. Nancy has been promised her freedom and a piece of the business if the project is brought to a successful conclusion. She’s determined to succeed, despite the pain she has to live through to get there.

Craig puts his plan into motion to buy Rita and enslave Sasha.

The Chronicles of Rita

 Episode 4: Buying Rita

 Author: Shadow

 Characters In This Episode

  • Craig Zyander: Millionaire business owner; trains slaves as a hobby
  • Rita: Gorgeous redheaded slave with a piss-poor attitude
  • Ingrid: Office Manager/slave at Spellbook Slaves
  • Mike West; Owner of Spellbook Slaves and Games; slaver by profession; casual friend of Craig
  • Nancy: Craig’s slave; a computer whiz; recent recipient of cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty, but that as a disguise for having punishment chips implanted in her
  • Sasha: Rita’s sister, very beautiful; lawyer with Daniels, Harper and Beam


Ingrid walked into Mike’s office while attempting to flatten the curled up pieces of paper she had removed from the tube hung around Rita’s neck.

“Whaddya have?” Mike asked.

“We just picked Rita up from Master Craig. This is his report.”

“I know you’ve read it already, so just give me the bottom line. Do I snuff her?”

“Nope,” she responded, sounding a little disappointed, “It seems she has seen the light. Good reports from the testers for the past few days, and the same from Craig. I guess he did it.”

“Ok”, Mike enthused, “lets get her on her back earning some money.”

Ingrid shot Mike a quick look. He knew what she was asking. “Nah, you just gave me one. I’ll use her later.”

Three Weeks Later

Mike heard the phone at the other end hang up, then slammed down his own. “That’s it. The fucking Bitch is toast.” He bellowed for Ingrid.


“Did you call Craig to offer Rita to him?”

“Yeah, last week, when you told me to.”


“And nothing.”

“Whaddya mean, nothing?”

“Exactly that. Nothing. I haven’t heard back from him.”

“Well then, fuck him. Offer her to The Torture Channel see what they will pay. If it’s more than Hills Fine Meats, they can have her. I hear that TTC is starting up some new shows and they’re burning through slaves, so they may be able to use her.” He paused and stared at nothing for a few seconds, lost in a reverie. Then he added, “I’d love to see her on the Horrible For Hotties show. They do some really nasty shit to those slaves.”

Ingrid thought to divert his thinking away doing horrible things to slaves. “Was that last call another bad report on her?”

“Yeah, and I am totally fucking fed up with her. Once agai8n she’s ruining the reputation of the rental stable, she’s gotta go. Oh, and put her on the Ultimate Ride for a few hours. No snuff, of course.”

“Uhhhh…is that a good idea? Definitely fun…. for us anyway… but TTC usually likes them fresher than the machine leaves them. Especially a looker like her. Besides, the premise of the Horrible show is supposedly that the slaves are all lookers who have never been tortured or even punished too much. The Ultimate Ride is about the worst torture we have in the shop and it leaves them looking like shit. Maybe we should wait on doing that to her until we find out if they want to buy her or not.”

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