Delia’s Story, Chapter 20: Playing

Julia entered the play room naked. She enjoyed the sight of Delia pleasuring Rebecca. When Rebecca noticed her, several minutes later, Julia said “Shall we begin? I put a pizza in so we can eat in 40 minutes.”

“Good. We can have the second half after pizza at halftime”

“You’re insatiable”

“Yup. Did you get the stuff? Shall we put it on her before dinner?”

“We’ll see if there’s enough time. I’m not going to wait any longer.”

“Good.” Rebecca moved over to the pillory and bent over, placing her neck in the center hole. Julia used a padlock to attach the front ring of the collar to a ring on the pillory on the side away from Rebecca’s head, and hung the key on the hook, retrieving the handcuff key. She unlocked one wrist after stooping to get below Rebecca, then placed the freed wrist in its slot, and attached a handcuff that seemed to be attached to the far side of the pillory, then repeated that with the other wrist, and returned the handcuff key to the hook. Julia then closed the pillory, fastened the hasp, and locked it with the padlock. “Legs,” she said. Rebecca moved her legs apart to hollows in the wooden base of the pillory, and Julia closed small doors to fasten her feet spread apart. Julia then took the item that Rebecca had put on the shelf — a long double-ended dildo with a belt attached to the middle — and lubed it, then inserted one end into herself. She then buckled belt around her waist. “Now, should I get a licking first, or should I get to the main event?”

Rebecca said, “Get to it already!”

“Very well, if you insist.” Julia lined up the free end of the dildo with Rebecca’s slit, then raised it a bit to touch her anus.

“No, don’t you do that again!” yelled Rebecca.

Julia laughed, “As if you’re in any position to stop it this time either.” She played with poking the dildo at the rear entrance a few moments more, then pushed it into Rebecca’s vagina in one long stroke. She stopped at the end of the stroke and kept the pressure up for a while, then started a slow stroking with long strokes. She kept at it with no variation, much longer than a man would have lasted in that position. Suddenly she rammed in all the way and quivered against Rebecca’s backside. Both women breathed heavily. After a few minutes, Julia withdrew and removed the dildo belt. “Now to decide whether to let you out, or keep you there.”

“Let me out. I’ll help you, and you know I want to get put back in anyway.”

“Yes, but it’s fun to ask the question. If you lick me nice, I’ll let you out.” Julia moved to Rebecca’s head and pressed her crotch to Rebecca. After several minutes of obvious pleasure, she said, “Good job.”

Julia got the keys and released the pillory’s top board. After that, however, she got a set of leg irons and snapped the collar handcuffs closed around the connecting chain of the irons. Rebecca said “So we’re playing that game.” Julia went on to release one hand at a time and fasten it into the leg irons, then unlocked the padlock attaching the collar to the pillory. Rebecca stood up, and Julia unfastened her feet. This left Rebecca with hands fastened together with a three-foot chain that went through the cuffs at her throat.

Rebecca asked, “Where is the new equipment?”

Julia said, “I’ll go get it.” She returned shortly with the bag, and unpacked the straps and cuffs. “Let’s just put on the belt and cuffs now, and get to the legs later — the leg irons will do for dinner.