Delia’s Story, Chapter 21: Rechaining

Julia adjusted the waist belt length for Delia and put it on her, then put on the wrist and elbow cuffs. She used some short straps to connect wrists to belt, then unlocked the old waist chain, handcuffs, and collar. She put on the new collar and attached a short strap with a ring on the end to the collar. A strap through the ring, attached to both wrist cuffs, completed the ensemble.

“Let’s get you off the pole,” said Julia, as she lowered the skewer and turned it off. “We’ll leave the buzzers on.”

They all went out to the kitchen. Delia sat as directed and was attached to the chair by a strap connected to the belt, then the short strap between her right wrist and the belt was removed. “That should give you enough slack to eat,” said Rebecca as she placed a plate with pizza on it in front of her.

“You don’t mind eating with your chains on?” asked Delia, as she maneuvered the pizza to her mouth.

“It doesn’t matter if I mind, because they are on. Anyway, this setup is easy to work with, and it is an implied promise of more attention later. I always liked being restrained a little anyway.”

After a dinner of frequent drips because of the awkward situation of two of the diners, complete with wiping from the one unencumbered person present, mealtime was over and they went back to the playroom, Delia now firmly trussed. Julia added the thigh and ankle cuffs and attached the ankles with a long strap, then removed the leg irons. “Come over here, dear” she said as she pulled Delia to the pillory.

“Hey, no fair,” said Rebecca, somewhat peevishly.

“Calm down. You’ll get another turn. You also get a choice now: the pole or the strapon.”

Rebecca lit up. “Strapon.”

Julia put Delia in the pillory much as she had Rebecca. After fitting Rebecca with the strapon, lubricating everything well, and changing Rebecca’s bondage back to the handcuffs at the collar, she guided the strapon into Delia and got herself in front of Delia. “OK. Begin. And lick.”

After a long series of moans, gasps, and howls, Rebecca backed away from Delia, and Julia reluctantly stepped back. She removed the strapon from Rebecca, then settled her on the pole, with only a little complaining from Rebecca (“Why shouldn’t I get a licking?”), turned up the intensity of the program, and get going on the strapon herself. A while later, a tired Julia extracted Delia from the pillory and got her on the pole, while Rebecca went over to the pillory and tried to lock her collar to the ring on the pillory. She managed it as Julia finished with Delia. Julia said, “My, you’re eager.” Julia then put down the strapon she had been using and got a different one out — the same length, but made of metal, with dimples and bumps. She finished putting Rebecca in restraints, connected an electrostimulation device to Rebecca’s leg and to her own, then got the new strapon into her and mounted Rebecca. The electrical flow between the two women, through the metal link, got to them both immediately. Julia took the remote and turned up the electrical stimulation on Delia to a good continual buzz, then seemed to get lost in the sensations filling her. This last encounter took much longer than the previous three; Delia was wild with stimulation and exhausted with climaxes. When Julia finally withdrew and started cleaning equipment and putting it away, Rebecca said “Hey, let me out.”

“Dear girl, I’ll let you out when it’s time for bed. You’re already wearing your pajamas.”

“Oh, no. I don’t mind sleeping bound, if that’s your game, but not with the handcuff-collar.”

“Oh, very well. I’ll let you out to watch TV in your collar, and we’ll come up with something else for bed. But you have to have the pole device in you overnight.”

“OK. Shall we leave her on it until then?”

“No, she’s almost exhausted now. She deserves a little break. We’ll put the small vibrator in overnight.”

Delia stood there, shaking and quivering, listening to them discuss her arrangements without a lot of concern, except for her next orgasm.