Preface notes:

The document mentioned in this chapter, the  Intent To Enslave is what the title says.   When a free woman signed the Intent, she was signing a legal document designed to result in her enslavement.   The Intent would morph into a legally valid Voluntary Enslavement based on whatever terms and conditions were specified in the Intent.   Upon fulfillment of the conditions, no further actions were required; she was enslaved.   Linking the Intent to a contract had the same effect, the only difference being, as was done here, the contract required the potential owner to fulfill whatever requirements were necessary before the Intent would cause enslavement.  Once fulfilled however, the woman was enslaved as a voluntary enslavement.

Chapter 5: Sasha’s Choice

Leo Clifton sat back in his chair, spread his hands in a questioning manner, and asked, “So what’s the problem?”

Sasha smiled weakly and responded, “Please don’t try to cheer me up, just help me solve it”.

Leo was the Managing Partner of the law firm Sasha worked for.  He was the unquestioned, absolute ruler of the firm.  He was also her mentor and almost friend and confidant.  It was he to whom she immediately turned to for help, the morning following her meeting with Shadow.  Aside from being a brilliant legal mind, he commanded the resources that she would need for help in implementing the plan she had devised the night before.  She had gotten no sleep after Shadow had left; instead, she spent the night trying to find a way out of the predicament he had left her in.  Immediately upon arriving for work the next morning, she made a beeline for Leo’s office and made her plea for help.  There was no question in either his or her mind that the help would be forthcoming.