Delia’s Story, Chapter 22: Field Trip

The next day, Delia was a bit tired after sleeping on a cot next to the bed the two senior slaves slept in. Part of her tiredness was from waking several times to Rebecca’s orgasms and Julia’s demand for satisfaction.

“Do you two ever sleep?” she inquired at breakfast.

“Last night was a bit much. We were excited by having a new play partner. We usually don’t keep going like that.”

Later, the phone rang. “Julia, it’s John. I’ll be taking Delia somewhere for the morning. Have her ready in the lobby around 9. Blindfold her.”

“Will do. Will a headbag be OK?”

“Sure. Have her on a leash and tie the leash to the slave hitching rack by the coat rack. Put the headbag on after she sees where she is. Don’t tell her that she’s going out.”

Later, as John entered the office from the street, he saw a beautiful naked slave strapped up in leather with a headbag, fastened to the hitching rack. He spoke with Rebecca, who was covering the customer service desk. “I see you got a different set of bonds for her. That’s good; the other stuff wasn’t good for long use.”

“Yes, and she’s been good for customer relations already this morning. You mentioned using her for eye candy; I can see how that might be a good use for her.”

Delia stood quietly, blushing so much that it was apparent in her neck and shoulders. She felt her leash being untied and being tugged to have her follow. She found herself on the sidewalk, then in the back seat of a car, buckled in. “Is that you, …”, she trailed off, not wanting to say “Dad” at that point. “Yes, Delia, it’s me. We’re taking a field trip.” After a short drive, she was unbuckled and removed from the car, and led to what seemed to be a large room. John pulled her headbag off, and she saw the contents of the room: concrete bleachers, gallows, guillotine, and some strange machines that made her uneasy.

“What is this place? Why are we here?”

“Be silent and watch. This is the county slave sale disposal area. Judicially enslaved women who don’t sell are consigned to the meat dealers, and some are dispatched here. Also, some who are sold are sent here by their new owners, some because they bought them to have them executed, and some just get off on it. Other women who arrive here are brought by their owners, who pay a fee to use the equipment. Here come the guests of honor now.”

“I don’t want to watch! Get me out of here!”

“You will watch. If you are not silent, I’ll use this ballgag on you, which would not be good if you throw up.”

The group of bound slaves arrived. There were ten, most of them unattractive, probably why they didn’t sell, plus one tall blonde that looked drop-dead gorgeous. Delia suffered through watching the gruesome procedure. At last, only the tall blonde was left. As they led her to the front, John asked the man sitting next to him what the story was on this one.

“Drunk driver. The family was outbid by an ex-boyfriend, and this is where he wants her.”

At that point, there was a loud interchange behind them, and then a man went to the front, presented a document, and retrieved the blonde. “Ah, the current boyfriend has reached an agreement with the old boyfriend,” said the man. “I heard all of them talking at the auction. I don’t think it was money that the guy wanted. The new boyfriend must have agreed to something else.”

The blonde, looking pale and sick, standing next to her new owner, wearing only handcuffs, started wailing. “No freedom? I stay a slave?”

“Yes, you do; it’s part of the purchase agreement, for at least five years. There are other parts that you won’t like, but it was that or *chop*.”

She moaned and sagged, then followed him out of the room as he led her by her nipple. They were followed at a distance by another man, who was half grinning.

“That’s the old boyfriend. I doubt he was going to let it go through, but he wanted to scare her half to death and humiliate her family. I suspect that the other parts of the agreement have to do with sexual availability to him, public nudity, and regular punishment.”

John thanked him for the commentary, then led Delia out. He led her by the nipple, as the slave with the commuted sentence had been. She finally asked, “Why did you bring me here? Just to impress on me what could have happened?”

“Yes. This wouldn’t have happened to you, probably, at least not for a few years. It actually happens to very few, but it makes a dramatic impact and gets the attention of young women who don’t think about their behavior and do things that put them in danger. I’m beginning to agree with those who want all nearly-of-age girls to be made to watch one of these.”

Delia shuddered. She felt only a little less sick that the spared woman. With her headbag fitted back on, she rode in silence back to the store.