Delia’s Story, Chapter 23: Eye Candy

When she was led in a door, she assumed she was back at the store. She felt the tether being fasted to something, then heard a conversation between John and Rebecca.

“They delivered that thing after you left. We left it here in the lobby.”

“Good. Let’s move it over in front of the product display case.”

After several minutes of the sounds of moving, Delia felt her tether being unfastened. Her unseen minder led her a short distance, then stopped her and pushed her into something smooth and cool that seemed to fit her body approximately. One at a time her hands were disconnected from the belt, then fastened out to her side; her ankles fastened far apart thereafter. After she was stretched slightly, she hear something being moved behind her, then felt another cool, smooth object cover her back. Several clicks that sounded suspiciously like locks closing later, and she was encased in something.

“She looks beautiful like that, John. With her there, no one will look at the product display case.”

“Very few people do anyway. They know what they need when they get here or they look it up with office staff. That’s for public relations. Leave her in it. We’ll get her out about 1PM for lunch and other needs, then put her back in until closing.”

“We should keep her for this. It would be good for business.”

“No, even this would get old for people. Female nudity doesn’t have the impact it used to. Anyway, even if she isn’t in the building for this, you are.”

“I need to keep my mouth shut.”

“You do very well with it open, sometimes. Anyway, you would love it, especially with some stimulating device properly inserted. You wouldn’t even want the headbag.”

“You are right, I would like it. Well, it’s a look-but-don’t-touch setup, so it would be a little frustrating, but that is good too.”

As the voices retreated, she wondered what was going on. She was obviously on display somehow. Then it struck her. At big events, such as business openings, there were sometimes “background displays” — women spread-eagled in clear plexiglass enclosures that fit their bodies and held them stiffly in place. Some displays used dozens of the devices. Here, she was the centerpiece, a solo performance. They had rented one of the display cases, probably sized by her height, and put her in it to decorate the lobby. She knew that one of her friends family had one, used for discipline of the female members of the family. She just had never thought she would be in one. Less than a day as a slave, and she was already being subjected to things she never considered possible for her. Perhaps her father was right — she should have thought of them, and maybe she wouldn’t be in this mess.