Delia’s Story, Chapter 24: Rebecca’s Adjustment

(The evening after Rebecca’s arrival at the store.)

After John left, Julia got Rebecca a light dinner and sat with her. “What did you do to get that whipping?”

“It wasn’t just what happened today. It’s been building up for weeks. After I was sold to them I was still in shock. I worked and submitted to sex in a daze, and they liked it. I guess I was depressed. After a few months, though, I started to wake up, and I didn’t like where I was or what had happened to me. I was less cooperative, and even more depressed than before, and angry. I still worked, but it seems that attitude is everything, and I didn’t cooperate about sex at all. That made them really mad. Today, when the slavemaster screwed me, I was completely still, and he didn’t like it. You saw the result.”

“Were you trying to get sent to Hill’s, like I tried?”

“I thought about it. It apparently almost happened. I would have welcomed it. You tried it? I thought you were treated reasonably well here.”

“Here, yes. Before, not so well. I got myself injured, which got me a ticket out, but Mr. Thompson took me in and got me medical treatment. Since then, I’ve been here, which is heaven compared to what most of us get. Regular office hours, clothes, money, nice place to live. I almost feel human.”

“What will he do with me?”

“Just what he said. You can handle computers?”

“I was a graduate student in computer science when my fiance got cold feet, and instead of the standard dumping speech he sold me to a slaver. He sent my stuff back to my parents, but I’ve only talked to them once since the enslavement. They couldn’t afford to get me, and the laundry was very strict about contact with family.”

“Go ahead and call them now. The phone is right next to you on the end table.”

“Hey, I just got out of a nearly-fatal whipping. I don’t need to make him mad too.”

“He won’t be. Go ahead.”

“What about sex? How many people will I be forced to service?”

“Like he said, none. If you ask him nicely, he might spare you an hour, but he won’t require it. I usually get him to bed me about twice a week. If you don’t want to, don’t ask. If you would like to later, ask then.”

Ask? Rebecca was flabbergasted. A slave owner that didn’t just grab and fuck? “What about you? Do you like girls?”

Julia smiled warmly. “Not as much as I do men, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do to get what ya gotta get. However, that will have to wait until you improve, and you have a phone call to make.”

“I can’t believe he won’t make us do what he wants.”

“He will. What he wants is a good worker. He’s a rather reluctant slave owner, but he’s taking to it. There are responsibilities with ownership, like control, support, encouragement. Many owners don’t do that, relying on brute force or punishment. Those owners don’t get good performance, as the laundry didn’t from you. Some women work well under such treatment; many others, like us, do not. John needed more workers and got me, then you. I do good work for him because he treats me well, and because I’ve been in a much worse situation. He was reluctant to require sex from me, but I told him that sex was what I wanted. I have no doubts that eventually he would have made me service him, but I was so horny that I didn’t want to wait.”

“And how bad is the sex? Whipping? Slam-bam?”

“Slow, pleasant, enjoyable. I like him to tie me up; he takes more time then.”

“Great — bondage.”

“Yes. I like it, he likes it, and it isn’t painful.”

“I liked it too, but given my recent experiences…”

“So don’t bring it up. He may or may not use it if you are ready for sex, but he probably won’t if you request he doesn’t. I know he ties up his wife, with her enthusiastic cooperation. Now make your call.”