Delia’s Story, Chapter 26: Clothing Rebecca

(A few days after Rebecca’s arrival)

Julia said, “It looks like you’ve recovered enough to go out and about.”

“Yes, I’m a little sore yet, and have a few marks, but I can manage.”

“Good. I don’t think any of the clothes I have will fit you — you’re taller and more muscular. Maybe my robe would.”

“That would be worse than being naked. All I need is a pair of shoes.”

“Maybe some shower clogs would work. I’ll get them in a minute.”

“Where are we going?” Rebecca expected some kind of slave-oriented service, such as a tattoo or other marking service, but she hoped for better treatment than that.

“Clothes shopping.”

Rebecca started. She hadn’t thought of that, and she knew it meant how far she had descended into slave-think. She realized that Julia wore clothes all the time, but Rebecca never assumed that she would be able to. She finally replied, “So I’ll walk into a store naked and come out clothed. A few years ago that would have been unthinkable.”

“We’ll also get you a basic set of personal care supplies. We have to get you a driver’s license; I have the authorization form signed by Mr. Thompson. Later on, you have a doctor’s appointment; you’ll get a checkup and whatever prescriptions you need for birth control.”

“So he’s arranging for me to be his sex slave.”

“No, I made all the plans. It’s just common sense.”

Later on, while in the truck stark naked, Rebecca asked, “You mentioned a few days ago, something about ownership responsibilities. That isn’t part of the deal. They own, we slave.”

“Strictly speaking, you’re right. However, it all boils down to goals and management. The laundry, and the warehouse where I worked, sees slaves as interchangeable units that can be replaced at will, and treat them that way. The units that don’t work under those conditions get weeded out, and the rest act like the interchangeable units that they are treated like. They invest no management effort to speak of, and they get indifferent performance. Mr. Thompson treats me, and now us, well, and he gets good performance. Carrot rather than stick. Better management, better return on investment. It takes a little more planning and supervision, but it usually pays off.”

“So we are resources to manage.”

“Yes, but so are employees. And management goes two ways. We can be easy to manage, and steer things the way we would like them to go. I’ve found that if I just say what I think would work best, I’ll often get it. I also make sure not to ask for too much. We need to manage the relationship. The B&D crowd would call it ‘topping from the bottom’, but it isn’t — we need to subtly influence.”

“So, what is the working relationship? Autocratic? Slave driver? Do you know what the rules are or do you just have to figure out what he wants?”

“He’s a business owner. He is autocratic about staying in business, making a profit, and serving his customers. How that gets done is subject to a few rules and is always open for discussion. He lets you know what you are responsible for, then gets out of the way and lets you do it. The rules I think you are asking about, however, are the corporate discipline code for assets. I’ll let him go over that with you.”

“He’ll make me an asset?”

“I won’t speak for him. I think he will. He actually has an agreement with me. I know he wants to set one up with you, so I won’t elaborate on that. Think about what you want.”

“Other than to be free?”

“Think about that. What resources do you have? Who can you live with? How will you eat? What would you like to do? Continue with your studies? How?”

Rebecca sat and considered. Those were good questions. She had no money; her ex had gotten all of that, and her small set of possessions wasn’t enough to live on. She could live with her parents, but they didn’t have much and she would stretch them thin. She would have to get a job, but that had gotten difficult. “Yes, you are right, but as a slave I have no way to do what I want.”

“Let Mr. Thompson talk to you and see what comes out of it. Now let’s go in and get you some clothes.”

They walked into the department store, a midrange outfit that would provide good value. Rebecca thought they looked like a matron and her slave, and it somehow made her feel better because it was a social situation she understood. Julia took her around various departments and collected lingerie, ensembles, and shoes, with Rebecca slowly getting covered and looking good.

As they left, Rebecca said, “When you mentioned going out, I thought I was going to get a tattoo or a brand or some other mark.”

Julia laughed, then said, “We can do that, if you want it.”

“No, thank you. This was better.”