Explicit, Nasty Torture Ahead

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Explanation and Commentary

(and a little future history thrown in)

The number of possible contestants assembled is larger than the number that will actually play. For a game consisting of 20 players, a starting field of 30 or more will be selected.

The entire field selected will be offered the opportunity to volunteer to be targets in Round 4. Any who volunteer face a very high probability of being maimed, but at the conclusion of the game, they will be returned to regular slavery, or given a merciful death if they choose it.

Those who do not volunteer might not be chosen to play at all, and escape unscathed, however if they are chosen to play, they face the almost absolute certainty of greater maiming than if they volunteered.  But players also have the possibly of freedom if they play well. If a sufficient number of volunteers to be targets for Round 4 are obtained, the game begins. If necessary, additional targets are chosen involuntarily, they however receive none of the benefits of having volunteered.

The game contestants are then chosen. This may be done by fiat of the game organizer, by popular vote of viewers, or by lottery among the possible contestants. In rare instances, there are volunteers to be a contestant. They are usually accepted.

Those selected to play are then prepared for the game. The first phase of preparation consists of grinding down all but twelve teeth. The teeth not ground down are the eight front incisors, four each upper and lower jaw, and the four rearmost molars, two on each side, again one upper and a matching lower. The molars not ground down prevent the other teeth from being able to meet when the jaw is clenched. The teeth that have been ground down now have a gap between the upper and lower teeth. The gap is around one quarter of an inch. All grinding is done without benefit of novocaine, naturally.

Specially designed metal hoods are used to hold the slave’s head for both phases of preparation. The hoods are also used later in the game and their sole purpose is to hold the slave’s head absolutely motionless. The hoods cover the rear of the head, have movable pads at various points within it that are tightened against the slave’s head by threaded shafts. When completed, the slave’s face, from the ears forward is totally accessible, yet held rigidly in place. A standard dental gag holds the mouth open for the work to be done.

When the grinding is completed, the second phase of preparation is begun. This consists of selected incisors being drilled front to back, creating a hole through which a thin but strong wire is inserted. The wire is formed into a loop approximately two feet long. Each tooth so drilled is fitted with the wire loop. Prior to being placed in a hood, each slave is given the opportunity to select which of the four upper incisors are to be drilled. The slave may choose any number from one to four. The slave may also indicate whether the teeth are to be drilled close to the bottom edge, thereby missing the nerve, or close to the top, through the nerve. If the slave refuses to make a choice, all four are drilled through the nerve.

Round 1: “Like Pulling Teeth”

For the first round, the slave is given her next choice to make. She may elect to play unassisted, using “The Jerk”, or she may choose mechanical assistance in the form of a block to rest her chin on, and a motor driven drum. The purpose at this stage is to extract the teeth that have wires connected to them. In the jerk method, the wires are secured to a heavy table and the slave must pull sufficiently hard to extract the teeth from her mouth. This usually requires her to place her head close to the table top, then jerk upwards quickly and with great force, often several times. Using the jerk method is thought to be less painful if it accomplished in one jerk, but the slave must be careful not to jerk too hard for fear of shattering the tooth instead of extracting it. At least one tooth must be fully extracted to avoid the penalty round known as “Eating The Wood.” The slave must be able to walk away from the table before the 2 minute playing time is expired. If she is still connected to the table when the clock runs out, she eats the wood. The mechanical assist allows her to attach the wires to the drum and turn the motor on. Once turned on, the motor cannot be turned off by the slave, and it turns quite slowly. It almost always takes the entire playing time to remove the teeth. The slow, inexorable pulling on the teeth is considered quite painful, although effective.

Having more teeth remaining is advantageous for Round 2, so selecting one tooth to be drilled and pulled would seem best. However, if that one tooth shatters and is not fully extracted, the penalty round is played. Therefore selecting two or three is safer, but at the price of greater disadvantage in round 2. Here also is the reason for the decision about whether to drill through the nerve, or lower. Drilling through the nerve provides much greater certainty that the tooth will be extracted instead of shattering.

Round 1 Penalty Round: “Eat The Wood”

The penalty round is played by any slave who either does not fully extract at least one tooth, or who remains connected to the playing table (via wire to her tooth), when the round buzzer signals the end of the round. To play the penalty round, the slave is again seated and secured into the hood used for grinding her teeth. When her head is immobilized, the dental gag is again inserted, holding her mouth well open. Her upper lip is cut off with a pair of scissors to ensure no protection at all is afforded to her teeth. Then a leather boy, (or other selected individual) swings a baseball bat into her mouth. While the rules do not preclude more than one swing, custom and professional pride do. When the game is played for charity fund-raising events, the right to wield the bat is usually auctioned off. In this situation, more than one swing is not uncommon.

Round 2: “Go Finger”

This is considered the heart of the game. This round consists of a five minute playing period. Contestants are paired off to compete against each other. A separate game clock is maintained for each competing pair. The contestants are seated at a metal top table. The table top is one eighth of an inch thick sheet steel, with various straps or clamps mounted on the underside, and two holes drilled through the surface. Each contestant is seated in front of one of the holes, so that they face each other across the table. To begin, one arm of each contestant is strapped or clamped to the underside of the table, palm against the metal. One finger of the contestant’s hand is placed through the hole so that it emerges above the table. Her hand is secured tightly to the underside of the table so her finger cannot be withdrawn from the hole. The holes are positioned so that a contestant can lower her head to the table surface and easily place her mouth over the hole in front of her. The hole contains her opponent’s finger.

The object of this round is to chew off as many of the opponent’s fingers as possible within the allotted time. The advantage of having retained teeth from the previous round should be readily apparent. So too, the disadvantage of having eaten the wood should be obvious. When a contestant succeeds in removing an opponent’s finger and so demonstrates by spitting it onto the table top, the game clock, and play, is stopped for that pair while the losing contestant has a new finger inserted into the hole for play. If a contestant loses all eight fingers (thumbs are not included for play), the game is stopped for that pair regardless of any time that may remain on their game clock. This is not an altogether uncommon happening, as a vigorously competing player can remove a finger in fifteen or twenty seconds.

Judges monitor the game play while it is in progress. If a judge decides a contestant is not competing with sufficient enthusiasm, he will require she play the round 2 penalty round. To inspire enthusiasm, it has become customary to award the winning one or two players of this round a prize. A return to normal slavery or quick death are the prizes most frequently offered.

Round 2 Penalty Round: “Finger Snappin’ Time”

A contestant in this penalty round has her hands and fingers secured to the top of a table with her fingers splayed as widely as possible. A leather boy (or other selected individual) smashes each finger with a hammer. Once again, one blow per finger is customary for professionals, but charity games, where the hammer is auctioned and swung by the high bidder, more than one is quite acceptable.

A debate has ensued over what type of table should be used for this purpose. When a metal table is used, the finger bones are almost always shattered, particularly when struck by a professional. Using a wood top table, however, frequently results in bones only being broken, but not shattered. Occasionally, the bones are not even broken. This outcome is particularly likely in charity games when children are allowed to swing the hammer.

Round 3: “Bobbing For Apples”

This round is played for three minutes. Each contestant faces ten fish hooks dangling from overhead. The object of this round is that the contestant must remove the bait from all ten hooks. The hooks are “baited” with pieces of apple. Other baits can be used, but apples provide the best combination of firm texture to stay on the hook, with reasonable ease of removing them from the hooks. The hooks are controlled by a timer that randomly jerks the hook upward. The jerks typically occur between three and twenty seconds. The contestant is free to do the hooks in any order she wishes. She must remove the bait using only her mouth. If the hook jerks while she is attempting to remove the bait, she may use her hands, or whatever remains of her fingers to remove the hook from her mouth.

The hooks are fitted with sensors that detect the addition of weight to the line. When a hook jerks up, if no weight is detected, the hook descends to the starting position, which is about three feet above the floor. If weight is detected, the hook does not descend, but will only move higher with each subsequent jerk. Each jerk raises the hook about six inches. If the contestant is unable to remove the hook from her mouth, she becomes a target for round 4 and replaces a volunteer.

If a contestant fails to clean all ten hooks, but remains unhooked, she is eliminated from the game, and is placed on the eliminated table. If a contestant is considered to be unenthusiastic, she goes to the eliminated table. All players not eliminated proceed to round 4.

Elimination Table:

Actually, ‘table’ is a misnomer these days. Initially, it really was a table. Now it is usually a 4×4 or 6×6 on posts about chest height. Either way, the slave (no longer a contestant) is brought to the table and her breasts are nailed to it. The accepted standard is three 8p or three 10p common nails per breast. If her breasts are not large enough, her tongue may be used. Once secured, she is free to use her hands to try to free herself. If she is able to pull her breasts over the heads of the nails, she is freed.

While nailed to the table, however, a solution of boiling oil and acid is applied to her skin. The solution may be sprayed, brushed or splashed, in any quantity the organizers wish. (Pouring it on generally results in death too soon.) Light doses are considered to be the most fun. Death usually occurs in twelve to twenty hours. If she uses her hands to protect her face from application of the solution, her hands are nailed to the table too.

Round 4: “Shootin’ Her Mouth Off”
Contestants have seven minutes to hit twenty one targets. They are given gas (CO2) powered multi-shot pellet pistols. Each pistol holds six pellets but is readily reloadable provided the contestant has functioning fingers with which to do so. Three target slaves are set in front of each contestant. The targets are seated, with their legs widely spread and their heads secured in the hoods previously used, holding them immobilized. Their mouths are held open with dental gags. The twenty one bullseyes break down to seven per slave: specifically, five into her open mouth and one in each eye. If a contestant has time remaining, she may shoot for bonus points. Each hit on the target’s clit is worth five points, each nipple is worth two. Bonus points are used to break ties if more than one contestant succeeds in scoring all twenty one bulleyes within the round time. When a contestant begins shooting for bonus points, she loudly calls “bonus”, getting the attention of a referee. The referee will remove darts that are direct hits, to allow for additional hits on the nipples or clit.

The slaves who volunteered to be a target have round, soft lead pellets with flat heads fired at them. When these hit skin, they sting, may draw blood, but rarely penetrate to any appreciable depth. As such, hits near the eye may not do too much damage. But a bullseye in the eye will still blind. Still, being hit by these pellets in the back of the mouth is not enjoyable. Regardless, they are considerably better than the sharp pointed darts fired at the non-volunteer target slaves. Fired by the same gun, the darts penetrate and lodge deeply in the skin.

At the conclusion of this round, disposition of all players is as follows:

Top one or two scoring shooters: emancipation

Shooters that hit all 21 targets: return to slavery

Shooters that do not hit all 21: become targets at a whip training school

Volunteer targets: return to slavery

Involuntary targets: become targets at a future game, or at a

whip training school


Future History

As slave ownership spread into middle America, more and more middle class citizens found themselves in the position of owning a slave without having the knowledge or training to properly control the slave. While any whipping is painful to the recipient, a properly applied whipping is much more effective. This led to the creation of schools not only in general slave training and control, but in sub-specialties such as whipping, particularly the bullwhip. These schools relied on wood posts or dummies as targets for beginning students, but advanced students required live targets. This created a market for low-quality slaves to use as targets.

Hot slaves generally have sexier bodies than do low-quality slaves, so the better schools preferred to use hotties exclusively. This created a standing market for used game slaves by these schools.