Delia’s Story, Chapter 27: Mona’s Desires

The evening of Delia’s second evening of slavery, Mona lay back, secure in her rope corset with her ankles tied wide apart to the headboard. It was a strenuous position, but she handled it well, especially as relaxed as she was after the vigorous lovemaking just concluded. John lay under one upstretched leg, idly rubbing her clitoris.

“Are you OK, dear?” he asked.

“Yes. Please leave me like this for a while, and please don’t stop rubbing.”

John was surprised. He thought she would want out, or at least want her legs let down. He was happy to leave her that way, staying relaxed, rubbing her, and enjoying the sight and his control over her. He realized that he was getting ready to repeat the act, which also surprised him.

She said, “John, it’s taken me a while to understand this, but I think I understand now. Last night, after you tugged me upstairs by the crotch rope, after you said, ‘Come, slave’, the sensations, the feeling in my crotch, the sex, were all overwhelming. You had this commanding air about you, and afterwards you were so relaxed and happy it made me even happier. It was like that the evening you first used Julia, when you came home and fastened me down and used me too. Sex in bondage is good, but sex in bondage after you’ve had a ‘slave owner’ moment is fantastic. Last night, I think it was the discussion about other husbands enslaving their wives that started you up. I’m not asking to be a slave, but I do like the sex. I think it’s unconditional control that does it for both of us. So, to see if we can keep it going, I’ll agree to let you be in charge of sex, like you were my owner. I can’t refuse or put conditions on it. Please let me keep feeling this rush…”

John lay there, still rubbing, pondering. He hadn’t told Mona that he might have to enslave her, if that nutty law passed. Here she was, just short of volunteering for slavery, panting with desire (literally; the rubbing was getting to her). He decided: he’d tell her about it in the morning, and he’d go ahead and repeat the performance without asking her, given her offer. He’d be on her and off her, he thought, grinning to himself. He stopped rubbing, eliciting a groan from Mona. The groan stopped when she realized he was back on top of her, penetrating. “How’s this for an acceptance?” he asked, thrusting hard.