Delia’s Story, Chapter 28: John’s Rules for Mona

The next day, after untying her rope corset, John sat at the dining table with Mona. He had her stay naked. “I accepted your proposal last night. I have some general rules for how it will work. First, standard sex slave stuff: when you are home, and no one but us is in the house, you are to be nude. You can wear slippers. Keep a robe handy. When you come in the house, you can go to the bedroom to disrobe, and you can dress in the bedroom before going outside. Do not linger on the way in or out if you are clothed. Keep yourself smoothly shaved. I’ll get you a collar to wear while you are home, including outside, unless I say otherwise. It would be a good idea to keep yourself lubricated at least a little if I’m home or if you expect me. I’ll modify the rules for cold weather and for your period, but that can come later. I’ll be getting some toys for the bedroom and basement, including a pillory and something that the girls have downtown that they call ‘the pole’. I’ll also get the toy bag back and add some more toys. Any comments so far? Wishing you hadn’t asked?”

“No, glad I asked. I’ve seen the pole. I had Julia put me on it for a while, and I liked it. I expected the nude-at-home rule. Can I wear an apron while I am cooking?”

“I’ll add permission to use standard safety equipment, like aprons.”

“It’s funny how complicated the situation gets around fantasy situations, like keeping your woman nude at home.”

“Yes, it’s complicated, but it’s no longer a fantasy.”

“Any other rules?”

“Not yet. I might get fancier, like having you wear inserted devices at times, or getting a fancier collar with radio controls. There’s a new system coming out that implants chips in women for direct stimulation of the nerves, but that would be expensive. Does me mentioning that make you nervous?”

“Yes, it makes me nervous, but it also makes me cream more, for some reason.”

“The chips could keep you creaming all the time.”


“Another thought: maybe I’ll start bringing Julia and Rebecca home every once in a while for group exercises.”

“That might be fun.”

“Yes, it would. Now, stay naked, get me some breakfast, and blow me while I eat. I have to get downtown. It’s too bad I don’t have any handcuffs here to leave you in.”