Delia’s Story, Chapter 29: Rebecca’s Deal

(The day after Rebecca got clothes)

Rebecca was working the front desk, which was easy to pick up. She spent the time between dealing with customers and such tasks as mail routing by looking over the company computer systems. Typical, she thought; almost no security, inadequate firewall, no internal security, no individual authorizations, no logging — your typical mess. She couldn’t find a backup system, but she figured it was a tape drive somewhere that someone fired up every once in a while. She could show her value to the company in fixing things up.

She was wondering about the other employees — the employees, she corrected herself — and how they would deal with her. There were few women working here, and they hadn’t talked to her much. There were more men working here, as salesmen, managers, and stock workers, and many of them had come by to introduce themselves and check her out. There were a lot of slaves around in society, but there was no uniformity in how they were dealt with and how they related to non-slaves. Rebecca thought that how a slave became a slave had something to do with some social interactions, with judicially enslaved women at the bottom and volunteers at the top, but that was based on limited observation.

After lunch, Julia took the front desk and told Rebecca to go to Mr. Thompson’s office. Julia was quite formal during office hours, and Rebecca though it was a good idea to do the same until she got a better idea of the conditions.

She knocked on the open door, and came in at his bidding. “Have a seat. I have some papers for you to look at. This sheet is what I refer to as your title. Note the classification — corporate asset. That requires a corporate discipline code, which I have in this booklet.” He proffered a stapled collection of sheets in a plastic binding. “You should read it. Don’t get too excited about the more severe disciplines; it’s a standard package that my lawyer discourages me from modifying. In a few days I’ll have you sign a statement that you received it and have read it. Discuss it with Julia if you have questions, or bring them to me.”

Rebecca was relieved. An asset was in much better position than a non-asset, with protections and certain expected privileges. Rebecca knew that Julia was an asset, and she was doing OK.

“Now, down to your duties here. You mentioned that you could handle computers. How much can you do with them?”

Rebecca suspected that Julia had already told her owner about Rebecca’s background, and that he just wanted to hear it from Rebecca directly. “I was a graduate student in computer science when I got sold out. I had about a semester’s worth of work before getting a master’s degree. I ran some small corporate networks during internships and summer jobs, and I have training in many of the networks and systems that businesses use. I also had some training in basic accounting so that I could deal with accounting-related programming.”

“That’s great. I expect you’ve looked at our systems here and found them to be an even bigger mess than I think they are. Nothing works all that well, it breaks, we patch it or spend too much money on a service guy, we have no plan or procedures, and my accountant tells me that we are going to have big trouble if we don’t improve our backup, security, and all kinds of other things that I don’t have any idea how to do. I propose that your task is to analyze the system, see what needs to be done to make it more reliable, repairable, secure, and with adequate data backup. I’ll get you the auditor report. When you have an idea what needs to be done, we’ll review it, figure out how to fix it within the budget we have, and how to schedule the work. How does that sound? Think you can do it?”

Rebecca knew she could do it, but was wondering why he phrased it as a question of interest. Perhaps it was his way of interacting politely. “Yes, I can do that. It will take a while, and some of the problems will come out only after the worst problems are out of the way and I understand more about how the systems are used. I need to know when you want to see a first pass.”

“No big hurry; it’s been a disaster for a while, it will take a while to untangle. How about a couple of weeks for a rough pass at it?”

“I should be able to do that.”

“Good. There’s an empty office back that way with a computer in it. I’ll have all the documentation that wandered off returned to you, and you should move the backup tape drive into the office with you once you’ve gotten that far. I want you to take that over. Also, you’ll be filling in at other positions from time to time, partly to learn the way things are done around here and partly as sick leave, vacation, and other coverage. I’ll get a position summary written up and give it to you for your reference.”

“Thank you. I’ll get on all of that as soon as we are done.”

“Now, let’s get on to some other matters. We should consider professional development. How far are you from getting your masters, part-time?”

Rebecca thought for a minute and said “maybe two semesters. I have two classes left, a required seminar, and I have to finish my thesis. If it is still on the system at the university, I’d be able to retrieve it and finish it over a few months. It may also be on my old PC, if my parents have it. I’d have to be readmitted to the university; I didn’t formally withdraw when I was sold out and I’m not sure what my status is.”

John said, “Call them and ask. You should be able to get in to the fall semester.”

“If I may, why are you sending me to school? I can’t pay for it.”

“Like I said, professional development. Also, Julia thought it would make you happier. It doesn’t cost all that much, it’s tax-deductible, and it salves my soul a bit about owning a slave. It also makes you more valuable, but that isn’t the reason I want you to continue.”

Oh, she thought, he’s throwing me a bone to fix his problems with his conscience. How sweet. Why doesn’t he just free me?

“On to other matters. I have a deal set up with Julia, and I’ll offer it to you. I’ll provide a living allowance so that you can buy the things you need. I’ll base it on what Julia gets now, and we’ll see how it covers things. I want it to cover all your basic living needs. There’s a budget for the apartment, and it covers the food. I’ll also provide a stipend. Half goes into an escrow account, and half to an account available to you.”

“Escrow?” Rebecca was puzzled.

“I should explain. Julia calls hers her ‘freedom fund’. If she decides that she wants to exercise her freedom option, she pays the fees from the fund, then gets the remaining funds in the account as a nest egg, along with the funds in her open account. Until she does exercise the option, half her stipend goes into the account, along with any savings she wants to put in it, and she cannot touch the funds in it until she exercises her option. I offer you the same deal. If I pay to send you to school, I won’t allow you to exercise the option until four years after you get the degree.”

Rebecca’s hopes surged. A chance at freedom? Then she started thinking. It would take a while to accumulate enough money to make it as a free woman. He was offering free school. She’d have to remain a slave, albeit an asset slave, for four years after getting her degree, but that might be worth it.

“I’ll let you think about it for a day. If you don’t want the deal, your other option is to take immediate freedom, but then you owe me the fees and taxes.”

Rebecca was startled. Freedom? Julia’s questions came back to her, though, and she realized that she didn’t have much of a chance at making it financially without his offer.

“I’ll take the day to think about it. It sounds like a good deal, but what other conditions apply? How am I to be treated as a slave? What are my work hours? If I don’t have study time, I can’t go to school. How much of the time must I be nude? How often will I be whipped? What hours will I be chained or caged? How many people will I have to service?”

“Good questions. You get the same requirements as Julia. Normal work hours, which includes occasional overtime. The twelve-hours-a-day for slaves work schedule sounds like it would be productive, but it burns them out and is even worse for skilled work, as you are to do. After hours, you come and go freely. It would be nice to see you nude all of the time, but it would be far too distracting, so wear clothing during work. If you want to be nude after work, go for it. As for whipping, I don’t do that. I’ve never whipped Julia. It is one of the options in the discipline code, but I doubt it will come up. If you want to be whipped, we can arrange for it, but I don’t think that was the thrust of your question. I have no plans to chain or cage you, unless you want to be. As for how many people you have to service, none. None of my employees are authorized to order you to have sex. If you want to have sex with one of them after work, that’s fine, but I’d be careful about that. One requirement: if you have sex with anyone, use a condom. That’s an order. That is, if it’s with a male and it involves vaginal or anal penetration. If, as I suspect, your question refers to how often you have to have sex with me, the answer is — I don’t know. I said I don’t make sex a requirement. I’ll admit that you are a beautiful woman and that I desire you. I hope that you will want to have sex. However, I don’t like to coerce sex, even with a slave; it would probably reduce productivity. But I do want you and I would have a hard time restricting myself from you. Consider that while you make your decision.”

Rebecca’s slit was wet, as it almost always was when she talked about or thought about sex. She was always a horny girl, and lack of sex wasn’t what made her ex sell her out. She had expected him to enslave her as part of marriage, which she didn’t mind, but not to sell her off. She was reluctant to want to have sex with her owner, but she was horny, he was a nice guy and nice-looking, Julia liked having sex with him, and she was horny, and she was horny, and …

“I will. I have another question. Julia had me call my parents. I hope that doesn’t get me in trouble.”

“No problem. We have a calling plan that provides no-extra-cost calls in the US.”

“I meant contact with family, or friends.”

“Again, not a problem. If you want to go see them, arrange a few days off with me and go. You pay your own travel expenses.”

That made her smile, and warmed up her crotch, too, for some reason. Gratitude?

“If that’s all the questions you have now, go ahead and make your inquiries to the university and do your thinking. Get back to me tomorrow afternoon.”

“Thank you.” She rose and left. She needed a long talk with Julia, and at least four orgasms.