Delia’s Story, Chapter 30: Julia’s Errand

The morning of Delia’s third day of slavery, John called to Julia as she passed his office door. “Julia, a word with you please.”

She went into the office and sat. “How is Delia doing?”

“She’s OK, still down about being enslaved. We left her upstairs to clean the apartment.”

“Good. Keep her busy. If there’s nothing for her to do, put her in the display unit in the lobby.”

“With or without a stimulation device?”

“With, I think.”

“Rebecca told me that you mentioned putting her in it.”

“Yes, when she suggested keeping Delia here all of the time for the display, I mentioned that even if Delia wasn’t here, she was. She’d look good in that display. I’ll have to do it some day.”

“She’s waiting for it.”

“On another note, I think that Delia will be a slave for the long term. I’m having a trust set up to own her as an asset slave, with me as the first trustee. Future trustees will not be able to go outside the rules that I set. If she marries, her husband will not get total control. I was thinking that I could do something similar for you, if you like.”

Julia looked thoughtful. “I’d have to see the terms, but it sounds like a good way to keep living if something happens to you.”

“Also, I have an errand for you. I’d do it personally, but I have a sales meeting this morning. Go get a set of restraints like the set you got for Delia, with two expansion sets of straps. Also, get another pillory and a pole, like the one upstairs, and have them delivered to my house.”

Julie replied, “I’ll get right on it. Are you opening a second home for wayward slaves at your place?” The girls called their apartment upstairs the “home for wayward slaves” .

“No. Mona likes the effect that total control has on our love life, so she granted me complete control of sex. I’m taking it. She asked a few days ago why I hadn’t enslaved her — I wonder about that.”

“Many women fantasize about it, especially with men being in short supply. They think it would give them what they want, but it often doesn’t.”

John shifted uncomfortably in his chair, trying to arrange a comfortable position with a rock-hard erection. Julia noticed his discomfort and said, “You want me to take care of that?”

John smiled. “It would be great, but I have a sales meeting in ten minutes. If you could be upstairs in the pillory at noon, however, …”

Julia rose, said, “I’ll be there, if I can get Rebecca to get me in instead of locking herself to it,” and went to the door. Instead of leaving, though, she closed the door and returned to John’s desk. “We can’t have you distracted and uncomfortable in an important meeting.” She took him by the hands, induced him to rise to his feet, then knelt and took down his pants. “This will take just a minute…”