Delia’s Story, Chapter 31: Lunch

Fifteen minutes before noon, Julia told Rebecca to meet her in the apartment and went on up. She checked on Delia, told her to make soup and sandwiches for lunch, and attached her to the kitchen with a long chain. That way, Julia thought, Delia wouldn’t show up in the middle of the festivities, festivities that Julia was hoping would be soon and prolonged.

Julia went into the play room, opened the pillory, put the keys and locks in the proper places, then disrobed and put on a collar to be locked to the pillory. She lubricated herself, then decided to play it safe and lubricated her rear entrance too. She stood waiting by the pillory as Rebecca entered.

“So you get a lunch romp? When do I get one?” grumped Rebecca.

“Ask him. Get me in; he’ll be here soon.”

Rebecca locked her into the pillory with great care, then disrobed herself. After putting on the strap-on, she went to Julia and started playing with the end of the dildo at Julia’s rear entrance.

Julia didn’t flinch. “Turnabout, huh? That’s fine, just go slow, like I did.”

Rebecca, surprised by the acceptance, did just that. When John came in and locked the door behind him, he was delighted by the scene. They hadn’t noticed his entrance as they groaned and swayed. He took off his suit and hung it carefully, then walked over as the action saw a slow period. “Looks like fun, ladies; mind if I cut in?”

Rebecca slowly withdrew, looking flushed and a little sweaty. “She’s all yours, boss” she reported.

“So are you.” He took her by the hand and led her over to the wall, grabbed a pair of handcuffs, locked them on her wrists, used a padlock to attach the cuff chain to a dangling chain, then drew her wrists up above her head and secured the chain to keep her in place. “That’s good. Play with one, look at the other.”

Julia thought that this was a little odd, making a masterful comment and binding Rebecca when Julia was already bound, but Rebecca was nude and involved in a sex act when he arrived, which may have excited him. She didn’t blame him; Rebecca should excite anyone. She was wondering if the always-shifting master-slave relationship was shifting more to the mastering side. That wouldn’t be bad with John, but it was best to keep aware and anticipate what he wanted and what he might do. A happy owner didn’t necessarily make a happy slave, but it made a happy slave a lot more likely. Julia decided to take a chance and said “It isn’t polite to ogle another woman while fucking the one you are with.”

John laughed and said, “True, but I’m not fucking you yet, and who said that I was polite?” He reached down and played with her breasts, then her sex. Julia sucked in breath and held it in pleasure. John looked at her, decided against entering her anally, and plunged inside her vagina. “Smooth as glass” he remarked, bottoming out, then started a slow pumping. Julia abandoned herself to enjoying the moment, and deliberately gave up thought to enjoy the feelings. Why should she care if he was ogling Rebecca, if he was fucking her? She lived for being fucked.

Rebecca, still wearing the strap-on, started posing her body in provocative ways, wishing she had been able to remove the strap-on to make herself more alluring. John was watching her, seeming to enjoy the show, while slowly fucking Julia and squeezing her breasts. He took longer than usual to reach climax, Rebecca noted, and stood there, still embedded in Julia, breathing deeply, relaxing, and enjoying the feel of Julia around him. When he withdrew from Julia, Rebecca thought that playtime was over, but John was still hard. He came over to Rebecca and removed the strap-on. Rebecca started posturing in ways that made it an obvious sexual overture. It was odd, she thought, that after the intercourse started, no one had said a word.

John watched her, getting more rigid, and started playing with her breasts. After she thrust her pelvis forward and wiggled it once more, he grabbed her by the hips, put her against the wall, lifted her a little, and thrust into her. Instead of the slow performance he had done with Julia, he was thrusting hard and fast, with her bottom hard against the wall. He lifted her a little, and she instinctively wrapped her legs around him to hold him in. The sexual frenzy got them both gasping for breath. It couldn’t last long, and it didn’t, but both stood there, still connected, for several minutes after the energetic part ended, eyes closed, breathing deeply.

John withdrew and said, “I have to do this at lunchtime more often.”

Julia and Rebecca both said, “Please!”

John took a set of leg irons, lowered Rebecca’s arms, put the leg irons on her wrists, and removed the handcuffs. “Get Julia out of the pillory, but put a set of leg irons on her wrists before you unlock her collar from the pillory. That’s a good idea; after you’re done with her, put on a collar yourself. Do we have four sets of leg irons?

Julia said, “Yes.”

“Great. Both of you get a set of leg irons on your legs, too. A leash for you both, too. I smelled lunch being made?”

Julia replied, “Yes, enough for four. How long are we going to play before we eat?”

“As soon as the unlocking and chaining is complete, we’ll eat. I thought that you two could wear formal lunch attire.”

Hmmmmm, thought Julia. Making them go to lunch, even in the apartment, nude, chained, sweaty, and with semen dripping from them, in front of his newly-enslaved daughter, was odd behavior from John. She hoped it would continue; it seemed to imply more frequent and more energetic sex. He was certainly issuing more orders and directives than usual.

As the two slaves did his bidding, he dressed. He felt energized and on top of the world. He wondered if that was due to the expanded dominance he had been practicing; he figured it was, and decided to continue with it. After the women were done with their tasks, he took the ends of the leashes, led them to the door, unlocked it and opened it, and led them to the table to eat.