Craig awaited Sasha’s arrival standing outside her office building. While he waited he thought, It’s actually a good thing she didn’t call me this morning.  That gives me a valid reason to exercise my owner’s rights on her.  With any luck she’ll take more than two minutes and I can push that even further.  The first meeting between a master and his slave is critical; it sets the tone of the relationship.  A misstep of a few seconds on my part here could take months to correct.  Maybe that’s what happened with Rita.  Maybe that’s why she’s so difficult now.  Sasha has to learn from the get-go that she has to obey.  She has to realize and fully accept the concept that there is a direct and immediate correlation between her actions…her failures…and punishment.  The punishment needs to be appropriate for the offense.  It can be harsh, but it shouldn’t be arbitrary or overly sadistic.  Well, it can, but not at first, she needs to be fully trained, then it can get worse.  But this is working out great.  Since she made a few transgressions right off the bat, and even she will have to admit that they are real, she has given me good reason to punish her.  So I get to set the tone without being arbitrary.

In a surprisingly short time, Craig saw a man and a woman enter the lobby from the bank of elevators.  When he realized it was Sasha he glanced at his watch.  Good, ten strokes.  He watched as the man removed his suit jacket from over her shoulders.  She gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, then turned away to walk outside.  The look of lust on her companion’s face as he watched her walk away was almost palpable.

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