Delia’s Story, Chapter 32: Delia Serves Lunch

Delia heard some of the activity from the playroom and had a general idea of what was going on. It took longer than she expected, so she turned down the soup and kept things ready. Finally her father appeared, leading his two other slaves on leashes. They were nude, looked sweaty, and there was something running down their legs from their crotches. They were also chained hand and foot. Before her enslavement, she thought that her father had sex with his slaves, but now she knew he did, and how, and where, and had been only a few feet away when it had happened. Both of them in one session? She was more impressed with her old man than she had been in a while. Then she had a thought that chilled her — he fucked his slaves. She looked at her bondage and nudity and flinched inside. She hoped there were exceptions.

“Lunch looks good, Delia. Sit down, ladies, and Delia will serve lunch.” He sat and waited as Delia brought the saucepan of soup and ladled it into bowls, then fetched the sandwiches. She also brought cans of soda and glasses. As she sat, they all began to eat and have light conversation. Delia noticed that the other two appeared not to be fazed by their nudity, bondage, or obvious signs of sexual activity. She supposed that she would get that way too.

As lunch wound down, John said, “Julia, do you have the items I asked for?”

She replied, “Yes. I put it in your office.”

“Good. Get my toy bag and the stuff that came from it back together and put the bag in my office too.”

Delia was thinking that the bag was full of stuff he had used on her, and was going to use on her mother, and was amazed that the thought didn’t bother her.

“Julia, Rebecca, we have something to take care of. The receptionist and the bookkeeper are both leaving over the next two months. We need to replace them. They are free women, and we could advertise for others, or we could go get slaves. The receptionist could be replaced with a slave, but bookkeeping skills are probably not widespread in slaves. I know you can handle some of it, Rebecca, but you have important things to do. I could go ask various dealers, or I could have you think about women that you’ve worked with or met that you think would be better off here, assuming we could get them.”

They sat, discussing various slaves that worked around the area, but came to no conclusions. Julia wondered about the sales slave from the slave store, and what skills she had. She’d go ask before proposing that candidate. It appeared that John was much more open to having slaves than before his haphazard acquisition of two, but was cautious about it and was looking to continue with his so-far lucky method of rescuing them, in a way.

Soon John went downstairs to continue business, and Delia set to cleaning up after lunch, still chained in the kitchen. Julia made a mental note to unlock the chain before leaving the apartment, to avoid getting a mess on the kitchen floor, or better yet, attaching her to a chain long enough to let her reach anywhere in the apartment. It was silly, but she thought it might get Delia into the slave mindset. The two senior slaves went to the bedroom to clean up and get dressed, after unchaining themselves in the playroom. “I hope it’s OK to take these off,” said Rebecca; “He didn’t tell us to.”

Julia replied, “It’s OK. We’re going back to business, and business is to be conducted in proper business clothing, by his instructions. We can’t wear the proper attire and stay in the chains.” Unless, of course, we get stuck in the display, she thought.

“Good. When he strung me up in there, I was worried that he was unhappy with me and he was going to whip me. I get worried about doing things without instructions.”

“He has given us general instructions and expects us to reason from them. What I’d like to know is why you thought he would whip you. He hasn’t yet. He’s never whipped me. We don’t even have a whip in the play room.”

“He had a belt.”

“Which he used to hold up his pants. You’ve expressed this fear of whipping over and over again, including the day he discussed your future with you after you got here. You bring it up in strange contexts, like today, which was a good experience. What is going on?”

Rebecca stopped and thought. She had been suppressing it for a long time, but she finally had to admit it to herself, and to Julia. “I think that I’m sexually attracted by whipping, as long as it’s not like that last one at the laundry. Shorter whippings usually left me wet. That bad whipping scared me off from it, and yet made the attraction stronger. Sick, huh?”

“No, not sick. Some people get off on pain. For some, it has to be intense, prolonged pain. You seem to want shorter, less intense pain. It must be some endorphins thing. It must bother you to want pain, and you are deathly afraid of asking John for any.”

“That’s it in a nutshell.”

“That’s OK. You think about it. Now that you admitted it to yourself, it may be easier to think about it, and you can decide how to deal with it. We can always use the pole device on strong shock.”

“We can try that, but it doesn’t seem to be the same.”

“Maybe not, but it would be a good experiment. Plus, it would be fun to press the button.” Julia smiled a wicked smile.

“I’m sure it would for you,” Rebecca grinned back. They laughed, finished dressing, and went off to work.