Delia’s Story, Chapter 34: Ask The Professor

(Shortly after Rebecca’s arrival)

After John’s talk with her about her future, Rebecca went up to the apartment to think. She called her old advisor from the university, because she knew the college office wouldn’t give out information about her without proof that she was who she said she was.

“Dr. Jimson, this is Rebecca Jones.”

“Rebecca! It’s great to hear from you! After that shit Jason did that … I thought we’d never hear from you again!”

“Well, I recovered a little. I would like to know my status with the university, and whether I’d be able to re-enroll and finish my Masters.”

“Let me look you up. ” A long pause ensued, then “This shows that you were withdrawn, and are eligible for enrollment. Are you planning on coming back?”

“Yes, this fall if possible. Can I get back in on time?”

“Yes, you just show up and sign up for courses. It will be great to have you back. How did you ever get free?”

“Well, I didn’t. Please don’t tell anyone. I’ll tell you all about it when the semester starts.”

“OK, at least you’ll be back here.”

“I’ll be part time. I need you to check whether I’ll be able to get into my last two classes and whether my thesis draft still exists on the computer.”

“I’ll check with the instructors. I know your thesis draft still exists because I went and copied all your files after your …”

“Just say it: enslavement. I like your characterization of Jason. Is he still there, or did he finish?”



“What he did pissed all kinds of people off. No woman would partner with him on projects, and most of the men wouldn’t either. All of the professors started finding a lot of problems with his work. He needed a new thesis advisor, and no one would take him on. He finally got a job in California and planned on finishing up out there. We made sure that they heard about him at the appropriate schools.”

“That’s great! Serves him right. I didn’t even know why he did it.”

“He never told anyone. Some people speculate that he had another honey, but the girl they suspected being the honey was one of his worst opponents afterwards. He got surly and unpleasant, but that might be because of the trouble we all threw at him.”

“Oh, well, he’s gone from here. It would have been unpleasant if he was still around. If you have the same email address, I’ll send you a note with my contact information.”

“Yes, same address. I’ll get you the information. Great to hear from you!”

After the phone call, Rebecca sought out Julia and told her about the situation and the decision she had to make. “He told me right out that he didn’t want to require sex from me, but that he would have a hard time not requiring it. I don’t know what to make of that.”

“He’s a nice guy with an ethical dilemma. Owning slaves is a little difficult for him. However, he does want you. Do you like sex with men?”

Rebecca blushed. “I was dripping with just the short discussion I had with him. I’m way beyond horny. He’s attractive, but he’s my owner, and I thought I needed to keep some distance.”

“Why? He at least treats you like a human, with courtesy, unlike your last place. He had some of the same uncertainties with me, except I asked directly for sex, any way he wanted it. Since then it has been less sex that I want, but it has been good sex. We’ve had a good relationship. It isn’t man and ‘other woman’, because his wife knows all about it. It isn’t man and girlfriend. It doesn’t feel like master and slave, because he asks. Actually, I ask him more often than he asks me. In a way, it’s like those old novels about a man and his secretary, where bed is one of the unstated requirements and perks of the job. If I were you, I’d accept the offer, and tell him that you explicitly agree to sex. If you’re horny, and he says that he wants you, it’s a good match.”

“You won’t mind sharing him?”

“Sharing isn’t the right term. We have no claim on him. I know I’ll get less sex if you get some, but I can live with it. You asked earlier if I liked girls. I do. I suggest that we learn how to please each other, because we’ll probably have to do that quite a bit.”

“When do you want to start?”

“No time like the present.” Julia stood, took Rebecca by the hand, and led her to the apartment and the bedroom.