Delia’s Story, Chapter 33: Suck Bar

John called a business acquaintance from the downtown business group. He ran a suck bar in the next block. John wanted to know about bringing Delia there to see what she could have ended up doing.

“Yes, John, you’re right. We usually don’t let other slaves into the bar area. That’s for drinkers and suckees. Letting clients bring their slaves results in them using their own slaves and not paying for the use of ours. Dressed slaves we let in, partly because its hard to tell if they’re slaves, and partly because dressed slaves usually don’t suck. They’re usually there as assistants in business discussions.”

“There are a lot of business discussions there?”

“More than you would think. It helps focus some people, and, more importantly, unfocusses many more.”

“Ah. Anyway, the slave in question is my daughter. I had to accept her as a volunteer to avoid her boyfriend selling her out. I want her to see the downside of being a slave. She ignored it before, and didn’t even know places like yours existed.”

“Oh, she knew. They all know. They just deny it, or tell themselves that it won’t happen to them.”

“Perhaps. I hope it isn’t an insult to your business, but I think it would be educational for her to see what she could have gotten into by seeing the goings-on at your bar.”

“No, I understand. What’s fun from our point of view isn’t going to look the same from a slave’s point of view, and even less so from a suck slave’s point of view. I’d rather not have her with you as a slave in the bar. It would get others asking to bring theirs in, and I’d waste lots of time explaining the special circumstances.”

“I understand. Thanks anyway.”

“Hold on. There’s more than one way to deal with this. First, you could bring her over and take her backstage. We could chain her there where she could watch the main floor and the bar, and the back stage activities. The asset slaves that tend bar and waitress would be going past all the time, and she could watch them and talk to them. The suck slaves are in pens backstage, handcuffed. She’d be able to watch them being fetched, used, processed, and returned. On other visits, she could wait chained in the slave check room.”

“Slave check room? I didn’t see that when I visited.”

“It’s off behind the front desk. It’s a long, narrow room with chairs and cuffs. Each checked slave gets a number tag, and the key for that number cuff is attached to a number tag that goes to the patron. Of course, all the keys are identical, so it’s just the number that’s important. Some slaves have things to do, others talk, others sit gagged and blindfolded. We have a TV going to distract them, and every half hour we offer to re-chain them for a bathroom run.”

“That would be a valuable experience, to sit there all evening several days. You mentioned processing suck slaves?”

“Yup. When they come back from the floor, if they come back, they often have mussed and messed hair, spunk on their faces and chests, and their mouths are less than attractive. We refurbish them, wash them off, clean their hair as needed, brush it, they brush their teeth and get mouthwash, and we run them through the toilet process. Then we re-gag them, make sure their hands are cuffed securely behind, and pen them back up at the back of the line. That way they rest up before their next floor show.”

“Gag them? Doesn’t that interfere with the primary function?”

“We take out ball gags before they go out on the floor. Gagging them back stage just keeps the place quieter and avoids discussions of the patrons and who got it. If a fresh suck slave knows who strangles harder, or snuffs, they can cause trouble. Some we put ring gags on, and they keep those on out on the floor. Hey, it occurs to me that another good job for your daughter would be suck slave processor. She’d see the back end of the process. Having her on haul-out detail would be good too.”

“Haul-out detail? Oh, removing suck slaves that get noosed.”

“Yes. The girls on that detail are rather quiet for a while. It might even be good to have her be a waitress for a while. That’s another job that some women find repulsive. They don’t get throat-fucked or snuffed, but they do get grabbed, groped, and fingered constantly. And there’s the job of suck-slave leader. That’s the girl that holds a suck-slave’s leash and leads her out to the customer, then takes her back after one or more uses. Sometimes they’re waitresses that need a bit of a break, because the leaders aren’t supposed to be grabbed. Sometimes they are new slaves that we got to be suck slaves, but think might have more potential. If they handle the leader job with poise, they sometimes get picked as waitresses. If they don’t handle it well, it’s into the pens.”

“As long as she doesn’t end up in the pens by mistake, she should do all of those things.”

“Perhaps she should experience that, too. I made my daughters do it, even though they weren’t slaves. There are different color collars for different classes of slaves in the bar. Red is bartender, the top of the heap. Any supervisory role is bartender. Yellow is waitress. Green is haul-out detail, leaders, and backstage prep. White is suck slave that must not be snuffed. Black is snuffable suck slave. Tan is general utility worker. We could lock a white collar on her and put her in the line. That would be a very good education for her, especially after taking on all the other roles. Bartenders have to do them all but black collar. My daughters got the red collar through the regular process, and you never saw girls so careful about not getting enslaved. They have prenups with their husbands about not enslaving them, with stuff about how they will be treated if they end up that way anyway. Their husbands are happy men partly because of the experience the girls got in the bar.”

“I wasn’t aware that there were unsnuffable suck slaves.”

“Yes, we get a few, other than the trainees that we don’t want snuffed. There’s a champion sucker I got that I don’t want to risk losing. She has a white collar permanently locked on her.”

“I like your plan. What do you want to do that?”

“Nothing. I’ll pay you the contract rate for when she actually works a role. I understand about teaching daughters. You just should have started earlier.”

“Thank you. A few weeks of working there in the evenings would work wonders, I’m sure.”

“After her training, you’re going to free her?”

“No, she’ll be an asset slave for a trust that I’ll establish to own and preserve her.”

“Wise move.”