Delia’s Story, Chapter 35: Interlude With Julia

(Later in the day, shortly after Rebecca’s arrival)

Early evening came and found two sweaty, tired, nude women entwined on the bed. Rebecca was amazed by the older woman’s knowledge and technique, given that she had been married. “You forget that I went to college, too, young lady,” was her amused reply.

Julia was pleased with Rebecca’s skills too, and with her agreeing to everything Julia wanted to try. Julia hadn’t introduced bondage yet, but was planning on doing so. Julia thought that Rebecca showed definite submissive traits.

Rebecca asked, “Julia, what do you think I should do? Accept the agreement and go to school? Ask for freedom and try to get a job, then try to go to school?”

“I assume you don’t think you would get a graduate assistanceship.”

“No, those have to be set up in advance. If I accept the agreement, I won’t be able to change my status if I can arrange one. Jobs are scarce around campus, too.”

“Then I’d suggest accepting the agreement.”

“But that requires me to be a slave for at least five years — a year in school and four years afterwards.”

“And if he hadn’t taken you in and offered it to you, you’d be doing laundry for over five years, if you were still alive.”

“Yes, I know that. You say that he’s a good guy and a good lover.”

“I wouldn’t use the word lover. He’s considerate and pleasing, but sex between master and slave, outside of a slave-marriage, isn’t two lovers. I can tell there’s a difference. It is still enjoyable, but there is a difference.”

“OK, he’s good at fucking.”

“That is cruder, but closer to the mark. And yes, he is good at fucking. He’s also a good master. He really does try to be a boss rather than an owner, but the owner part is always there, at least for me. Most bosses don’t have sex with their employees because there are some mild taboos and big risks of lawsuits. However, a slave is not going to sue, and there is no taboo anymore. So I’m a good almost-employee and a good, perhaps great, sex — I’m not sure what to say there. Sex toy isn’t right, and sex slave and sex object aren’t either, in my case, but sex partner definitely isn’t right. Let’s just say sex participant.”

“So I should agree to being his slave and let him fuck me?”

“You are his slave, and he’ll fuck you if he wants to. He got my permission and my request, but he didn’t need it. He wanted my cooperation. It’s been good for me that I gave it, and not just because I didn’t upset him by resisting. I’d think that given how horny you are, you’d want a sex outlet that won’t get you enslaved again, which is likely if you get free and take up with another man. The agreement that he and I worked out, that has my freedom option in it, has other clauses. Aside from some general provisions that almost all such contracts have, like snuffing being an option in the case of escape, physical attack on owner or associates, crimes against the business, and any act that might expose the owner or firm to a criminal charge, and various ranges of corporal punishment for lesser infractions, his is really easy on the slave. It states that there is no intent to modify my body, kill me, or injure me. As I understand, his lawyer wouldn’t let him make it a guarantee. It states that I will submit to sex under his conditions at such times that he may require, and other statements of servitude. I liked that one, but he wouldn’t put in anything that let me demand sex. I have health care and dental care. I have a guarantee that I’ll have sufficient food, shelter, and clothing to the general standard of acceptance in the community. It doesn’t say that I’ll always be allowed to wear the clothing, but it says that I’ll have the clothing.”

Rebecca considered this. It sounded like she was agreeing to a lot, but if he hadn’t offered a contract, he had almost no restrictions on what he did with her, including keeping her nude, in chains, and fucking her anytime he wanted. Given what Julia had just told her, he could still do that, as long as he let her out for school. He was offering something of value to her, in exchange for several years of work, and an implied sexual relationship. She realized that if her agreement was like Julia’s, the sexual relationship wasn’t going to be implied. Julia was also right that if she was still at the laundry, she wouldn’t be going to school, wearing clothes, or working with one of her passions, computers. She wouldn’t be free to go out in the evening. She might not even be breathing. Julia had implied that the agreement was the best possible outcome for Rebecca, and Rebecca realized it was the best possible outcome, given the circumstances.

“OK, I’ll accept the contract. Should I ask for a guarantee of sex?”

“Go ahead. It will be funny, anyway. Now grab that vibrator and get to work.”

“I want it this time.”

“OK, but I get to tie you down for it.”


Julia was surprised by the immediate acceptance, but didn’t let the opportunity get away. She grabbed the rope she kept under the bed and spread-eagled Rebecca. “This is a dream come true,” she purred. Once the junior slave was secure, she began a slow exploration, running her hand over Rebecca’s torso lightly, barely touching, caressing a breast, brushing a nipple, grazing the public hair, but not touching her sex. Rebecca’s breathing got faster. She reacted the most to slow, circular, extremely light touches on the lower torso above the pubis. After a while of this, and many requests to touch the clitoris, Julia’s hand wandered down, then took a detour to the lower thigh, where it lingered and then slowly brushed upwards. There was a sudden intake of breath as the touch approached the crotch, and a moan as it quickly moved to the other thigh and a similar adventure. Rebecca was getting lightheaded from gasping, and managed to whisper, “How did you know that would get me?”

Julia said, “Simple, it works on me, and on at least a few men, so it was worth a try.” Without warning, she moved from brushing the top of the pubic hair to stroking the inner labia. Rebecca almost convulsed, giving out a cry of pure pleasure. It was short-lived, as Julia resumed her previous pattern, and Rebecca moaned. Julia repeated this several times, ending with a long slow stroke of the labia and a circular rubbing of the clitoris. She then rose from the bed and took something from a bedside table.

“Why did you stop?” whined Rebecca.

“To do this,” said Julia, inserting a double dildo into herself, climbing between Rebecca’s thighs, and inserting the other end into Rebecca, then pushing it in quickly, and starting to fuck vigorously. Soon, both women came to shuddering climaxes and Julia stopped her thrusting. After a minute or two of heavy breathing, she moved to get off Rebecca, who gasped out, “Don’t! Please stay on me!”

“Aren’t you uncomfortable?” asked Julia.

“No. This is the first affectionate, loving touch I’ve had in a long time. The jerks at the laundry … ugh. My ex-fiance — the thought of him makes me crawl — wasn’t this caring. I need to feel you against me, to make me feel like it’s worth living, even if I’m a slave. I’m a slave, and I wanted to die to get out of it. Maybe I still do. This is what might keep me going. Please hold me and kiss me.”

Julia said, “I understand. I’ve been there.” She held the younger woman, touched her face, kissed her. Then she tried a hip thrust, experimentally, and received a strong thrust back. Julia continued, much slower than the first time, kissing lips and breasts, rubbing her body slowly across Rebecca’s. Later, after many small orgasms, Julia stopped moving. “Should I get off now?” she asked.

“No, stay there.”

“But it must be uncomfortable. You’re tied, have a big dildo shoved in you, and a heavy body laying on top of you. We can’t keep you like that.”

“I’m comfortable. You’re not heavy. I liked being tied up, when I was a real human. I like the dildo. I like that you move a little and move it inside me. Please stay. If we both fall asleep like this, it would be fine by me.”

Julia lay still, thinking there was no way she could sleep like this. She thought the same thing again, then realized that she had just wakened because she needed the bathroom. It was three hours after the conversation. She climbed off carefully, leaving the dildo in Rebecca, then carefully pulled it out. She used the toilet, then came back to Rebecca, who was sleeping soundly. It was a difficult task, untying the ropes without disturbing the sleeper; the quick-release knots came undone easily, but unwrapping the coils got tricky. When she was done, she lay down, covered them both, and dropped off almost immediately.