Characters In The Chapter

  • Shadow:  Millionaire business owner
  • Nancy:  Shadow’s slave; a computer whiz; recent recipient of cosmetic surgery to enhance her beauty, but that as a disguise for having punishment chips implanted in her.
  • Rita:  Gorgeous redheaded slave with a piss-poor attitude.
  • Sasha: Rita’s sister, very beautiful; former lawyer with Daniels, Harper and Beam
  • Frank Shapiro: (reference only); a lawyer at Daniels, Harper & Beam;


Nancy’s cell phone chirped with the ring that indicated it was a text message from Shadow.  Normally she would have not have given it too much thought, considering it was only a text message, but not this time.  He normally used text messages for low priority items.  Had it been important, he would have used voice; even knowing she might be driving at the moment her phone rang.  In such a case, he expected her to know enough to pull over quickly and take the call.  But after last week’s incident she was less willing to dismiss the importance of even a text message, at least until she knew what the message was.

She checked her rearview mirrors, then quickly pulled over to the curb, and stopped the car.  This was ‘her’ car, a utilitarian Subaru that she was allowed to use without having to ask permission whenever she needed a car.  She pulled the message onto the tiny screen of the phone and read it.  It told her “Remain dressed upon return.  Business casual demeanor.”  What the hell is this about?  Remaining dressed was not all that unusual, he liked to keep her clothed sometimes, and ‘business casual’ meant she was to address him as “boss” or “sir”, but not “master”.  Again, not all that unusual, but taken together, that strongly hinted a meeting was in progress…or would be when she returned, and that was unusual.  Nothing had been planned or scheduled, so there shouldn’t be a meeting.  But if a crisis had arisen that required an emergency meeting, she would have been commanded to return immediately.  Adding the fact that he had used text, it all added up as not very important, just strange.

She would have to wait until she got home to find out what it was all about, and that wouldn’t happen for a while since he had not commanded any speed, or any change in her itinerary.  Satisfied that it was safe for her to resume her chores, she pulled back into traffic and mentally filed the message in the trash basket.  Not like last week, thank god.

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