Rita woke.  She lay unmoving for a minute before she slowly and carefully began to stretch her sleep-tightened muscles.  She was being careful in her movements because she didn’t want to wake Shadow, who was asleep beside her.  As she stretched her muscles, tiny stabs of pain or aches stirred memories of the activities that had left their fingerprints on her in the form of residual pain.

By far, the most intense pain came from her pussy.  The leading candidate for the ‘Pain-Giver of The Year’ award was that horrible rotating dildo with the sandpaper-like surface that had been used on her again yesterday with such devastating effect.  Yesterday’s session with that monstrosity had been her second episode with the rough textured shell.  She had cried so hard and begged for release so fervently, she actually began to wonder if he might win the war between them.  But as far as she was concerned, it was a battle for her soul, and she was not about to surrender lightly because of a little pain.  Then, to make matters worse, when Shadow had ordered her into his bed for the night, unlike most nights, last night he used her pussy exclusively.  Well, almost exclusively.  He had her suck him between pussy uses, just to get him hard again more quickly.  Then he went back into her pussy.  Her pussy was a sore, stinging, tunnel of pain this morning.  The usual morning-after feeling of pleasant pain from having been stuffed by a cock was dwarfed by the flat-out pain of abused nerve endings rubbed beyond raw by that horrendous dildo.