Mona had been on the pole for an hour now, she knew; he hadn’t hidden the clock. She thought that she would be tired of it by now, but the stimulation didn’t get tiresome. It varied enough that it kept its excitement. She’d been brought to the point of orgasm many times, and been brought back. John had watched and listened, even though he said he was reading the paper, and he made her tell him when she was nearing the edge. After a while, the device started recognizing her approaching orgasms. After a few experimental close calls, John let the orgasm come. The device remembered that too. After that, he set it to cause an orgasm as soon as possible. It took all the data it had stored and found the fastest way from all the things it had applied to her. The orgasm came in less than two minutes.

After that, he set it to bring her to the edge and keep her close, but not let her go over the edge. It was maddeningly effective at that. He made it back off, and told her, “I’m setting it on a program to push you barely over. If it detects an orgasm, you get a shock. You are to try to avoid the orgasm.” She kept it at bay for a few minutes, but she had been so hot and bothered that it was inevitable. The shock was strong, but not one of the hot poker variety. He let the same program keep running, but she was better able to keep it from happening. Then he posed a greater challenge. He set the punishment shock to be somewhat stronger and added a mild warning shock at the edge of orgasm to help her stay away. He turned the stimulation up a notch and watched the fun. She was using the small shocks to kill the mood and help her retreat, but the stronger stimulation was getting to her. When she finally gave in, there was a shock, but it was followed by a full scale pleasure attack with no shock after the orgasm. She stood gasping on the pole, sweating, looking ecstatic. John turned off all the stimulation. When she came down a bit, she said “You’d better watch out. This thing is so good it could be a big competitor for you.”

“Not really. There’s a password to use it. In any case, you are forbidden to touch it except when I tell you to.”


“That’s me. I’m getting you off the pole now.”

“And putting me in bed, I hope.”

“No, not yet. There’s a new toy in the basement for you to try out.”