John lowered the pole and steadied Mona. He led her, by the vagina again, to the basement, where he saw the pillory set up. He opened it and had her bend over and put her neck in the center hole. A little adjustment got it so that her back was level. He locked her collar to the pillory’s lower board, then freed her arms from behind her back and locked her wrist restraints to the pillory too. He closed and locked the pillory’s upper board, then spread her legs and locked her ankles to hold-downs on the base. She asked, “Why all the locks? I can’t reach the latch.”

“Realism. Symbol of inescapability. Because I like it locked securely.” He added some padding between her shoulders and the pillory. She figured that was to keep from bruising her when he was pounding in from behind, and she was right. He left her alone in the pillory for a while, making her nervous. When he came back, he was naked, and walked up to her face. “Suck,” he said. She found it difficult. She had little mobility for her head and mouth. He had to bring over an ottoman and kneel for her to be able to reach him. She satisfied his demand, however; he pulled out and walked behind her. Without ceremony he pushed in, causing a mild orgasm in Mona. He started long, slow strokes, and took a very long time to climax. Mona had several. She was grateful for the cushions, for otherwise her shoulders and neck would have taken a pounding. The slow part suddenly ended as he started a furious pounding, which ended shortly in a long ejaculation. He stood and enjoyed, motionless, for a while, as he softened and withdrew. He finally walked around in front and knelt again, and she understood that she was to clean him off. After that was complete, he asked, “What do you think of pillory sex?”

“It’s exciting, especially when you can last that long. If I wasn’t bound, I would have interrupted that several times, and I’m glad I couldn’t.”

“The lasting long was due to exertions earlier in the day. I’m glad you enjoyed it. By the way, if I last that long with you not bound, you are not to interrupt it. However, I think you’ll be bound for sex for the foreseeable future.”

“Good. It seems to make me more exciting to you.”

“It does. I’m not sure why, but it does. I’ll probably tie you down in the morning and spear you then, but I’m done for now. What would you say to a hot-tub soak and a few glasses of wine?”

“I’d say that you were trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me, but you already have the advantage. I’d love the soak and the wine. Won’t you have to take these restraints off?”

“No. They are waterproof. In any case, I like you in them. Maybe I should just leave them on you and remove the straps during the day.”

“You could, but it would be really obvious.”

“Yes, you’re right. Maybe I’ll get a more decorative collar for day wear. A lot of wives wear them now, even the non-slaves. There’s a model I’ve heard of that has a cell phone built in.”

“Yeah, and it probably offers hundreds of levels of shocks.”

“No, just 16 or so. It also unlocks and locks by remote control, and can report through a phone whether the wearer is in it, and where the wearer is. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Like most things, it’s mainly symbolic, but I like the idea.”

“You like the feeling of control it gives you. I like it too — that’s what made me tell you that yesterday.”

“You are right — it is the feeling of control, even though the control is slight. Like I said, it’s symbolic. Let’s get you out of that pillory and your arms refastened. The only problem with the hot tub is that the semen won’t be there any more. I like seeing it and knowing that it is there.” He said that as he unlocked the pillory, unlocked her wrists, and fastened wrists to elbows again. As he moved to unlock her collar from the pillory, she said “Wait. Get that jar over there and hold it under me as I stand up, and catch it. You can put some back later.”

As he moved off to do that, he said, “Very good — figuring out how to make your master’s wishes come true. You do make a good slave.” He didn’t notice her blush or that her vaginal secretions increased greatly.