(About the same time as Rebecca came to Thompson Connectors)

Joan Peterson walked into Suckers, a downtown suck bar, about ten in the morning. She was cute, pleasing to the eye without overwhelming beauty. When the green-collared slave at the front desk told her they weren’t open yet, she asked to see the owner, Mr. Johnson. After a few minutes, she was shown in to an office.

“Mr. Johnson, I’m Joan Peterson. I went to school with your daughters.”

“I thought I recognized you. What can I do for you?”

“I’m trying to chart my future. I just graduated from high school, and I’m looking at what I’d like to do and what I have to do it with. I have some ideas, some questions, and some proposals, and I’d like some advice from you, and perhaps a deal with you.”

“A suck bar owner’s office is a funny place to ask for advice in those areas. However, I remember that my daughters thought that you were smart and resourceful, so I’d be happy to listen to your questions and see what I can offer you as answers.”

“Thank you. As background, I have a good school record, including business classes. I’d like to go to college, but I have no resources to do that. My father can’t supply me a post-secondary education. There are few scholarships available for women anymore. Jobs for inexperienced girls are in short supply. It seems like there is a general plan to force a lot of young women into slavery; even the school counselors are advising girls to find a slave position. They didn’t with me, for some reason, but most girls, even smart ones, are getting that advice. I think it’s a good IQ test because the only ones that took that advice quickly were the dumb ones. I decided to look at the whole environment and see if there was any way to use the situation to get what I want. I think I found a way. I’d like to tell you about it and get your opinion.”

“Go ahead.”

“I’ll skip the hypothetical viewpoint and use your business directly. You have two types of slaves — the suck slaves, which are general slaves, and the staff, which are asset slaves. All of your staff are slaves; there are very few employees. Most of your staff seems to be suck slaves that showed potential and were promoted. Am I correct so far?”

“Yes, you are. I have some assets that were bought to be assets, mostly with special skills, but you are right in general.”

“OK. The promotion of suck slaves to asset slaves is rather perilous for you, even if you appear to promote them and leave them general slaves for a while. Once you make them asset slaves, you lose the threat of snuffing as motivation. If you don’t make them asset slaves, however, you run the risk of despair. If you make a slave an asset and she doesn’t work out, it becomes a problem to punish her too much.”

“Again, true, but it hasn’t been too huge of a problem. I make them assets because once they’re around for a while it is difficult to see them snuffed. I haven’t had a lot of trouble with non-performing assets.”

“It is a potential problem, though. Furthermore, you may find slaves that have potential, but not with the skills you need. You end up teaching them or paying extra for the skills.”

“That is definitely true.”

“If, however, you were to acquire an asset slave with skills that you needed, at low cost, with an asset contract that said that if the skills were not sufficient, you could manumit the slave, it would be worth something. The asset slaves that you have now get paid at least something and are allowed much more freedom than the suck slaves. An asset slave with skills and a simple way to get away from would be worth paying more, and giving certain privileges, such as attending a junior college part time. True?”

“Perhaps, if the skills were what I needed. Manumission costs me for fees and taxes, but it is simple and quick. If the college didn’t conflict with the hours the business needs the slave, it could be worth it. Go ahead.”

“The time you need assets is in the evenings, perhaps at lunch time and about the time offices end business hours. College can be done in the morning and afternoon, and many things such as bookkeeping, records entry and maintenance, inventory, supply ordering, and most other business that isn’t directly customer-related can be done almost any time. Let me cut to the chase. I would like to go to junior college part time. I can’t pay for it. I would like to protect myself from enslavement as a general slave, which I can do by becoming an asset slave with an appropriate asset contract. If I find a business that can use the skills I have and afford to pay me enough to make it worth it, and pay junior college fees, I can go to college, work for the business as an asset slave while gaining valuable experience, and end the contract in a few years with money in the bank, experience, and an associate degree. If I do well enough, I would probably be able to get some assistance to go on for a bachelor’s degree. I would have to get an appropriate contract that would make business sense for the company, that would give me the freedom to go to school, that would allow for me to get freed after a few years, using my funds for the costs of freeing, and would protect me sufficiently for it to be worth the risk to me. My skills are simple at this point: basic bookkeeping and secretarial. As I take courses, they would improve and be worth more. My question: would it be worth it to your company to enter into such a contract with me?”

The owner leaned back and considered the young woman and her proposal. He knew she was smart. Was she good enough to make it worth the deal she proposed? It depended a lot on how much she wanted to be paid and how much the college fees were. “What kind of contract terms? That would be a big part of it. You should know I require all asset slaves to work nude, and that all slaves at the supervisory level have to train through all the lower level jobs, which can be quite unpleasant.”

“I know. I talked to your daughter about how it was to work here, and she filled me in.”

“You knew they worked here? They told me it was a big secret.”

“It may have been well-hidden, but there were men who recognized them, and I heard a rumor. I didn’t tell anyone, except that after graduation I met your younger daughter, June, and asked her about it. She was happy with me for not spreading it around, and was willing to tell me about the experience if I continued to keep it to myself. I know about the collar colors, about the suck slave dormitory, about the asset slave rooms above the dormitory, about the conditions that most of the assets have, and about the general tasks of most of the classes of assets.”

“I’m impressed. You did your homework.”

“I did a lot more homework than that. I researched corporate asset slavery, the general forms of asset contracts, the costs involved for enslaving and freeing, the costs of college, the time I would need for school, and a lot of other stuff. I wrote a set of requirements from my side, in the form of a contract modelled after a common asset contract, with language that I hope would be acceptable to you. Here is the draft.” She placed a small set of pages on his desk, and kept a set for herself.

The bar owner skimmed through the pages, recognizing a standard asset contract, and paying attention to the sections she had included on pay, paying for college, requirements to let her go to class and to have sufficient time for study, to let her be clothed outside of duty hours, and general provisions that she kept her property, would not be subjected to sex without a condom, except for oral sex as part of the general training program, and various provisions limiting punishments and damage to her body. She had also given him a few pages describing what she could do for the business, her grades in business and computer classes, and a few short statements from teachers and previous employers. She seemed like a good worker, and he did need the kind of skills that she described.

“All right, Miss Peterson, it looks good. You aren’t asking for all that much at the start, with pay to increase as you gain experience and take courses. The college fees aren’t too much. The skills you describe are skills that I need in my business. At face value, this would be a reasonable deal for the business. However, there are other considerations. Are you prepared to work under the conditions of this business? I’m not going to let you work clothed, even at office tasks. It could create friction inside the asset slave ranks. It’s not a problem to wear clothing at other times, and the college stuff is fine. Some of the girls take a class sometimes, but not with this kind of program set up. Some of them get paid more than you are requesting, except at the end of your college courses. Some of them have similar time-off provisions. None of them have provisions for freedom after a period of time, so we would have to keep that confidential. Working nude isn’t the biggest problem, though. Are you prepared to go through the training process? It includes being a suck slave. It would be as a non-snuffable suck slave, with a white rather than black collar, but it still requires you to be nude, handcuffed, and led around by a leash to men who will have you suck them off. Some of the men can be unpleasant to suck, even though we require certain standards of cleanliness and lack of disease for our white-collar suckers. After you get done with that, there’s suck slave processing, haul-off detail, waitress, and bartender. Haul-off is hauling out dead suck slaves that got noosed. Waitresses get grabbed a lot. Are you prepared to do that?”

“Yes. I think I can do all of that. June described all of that to me. If it makes it easier for you to agree to the contract terms in the contract I gave you, I am willing to have a preliminary contract that covers this summer. During the summer, I get the standard asset slave treatment with the protection and part of the time-off provisions, and I go through the training and perform office tasks. At the end of the summer, before classes start, you decide whether I have sufficient skills to be worth the contract including college, and whether I am likely to complete the training if I haven’t already. If I am worth it, we sign the college contract. If not, you free me and you are done with me. I would point out that your daughters had special considerations and didn’t cause trouble with the other asset slaves.”

“They weren’t slaves.”

“I doubt that. If they weren’t slaves, it would have been illegal for them to be nude, handcuffed, and sucking, or nude and working in the bar.”

The bar owner smiled, and mentally raised his estimate of how smart she was. “My daughter didn’t admit being a slave to you?”

“No, but she alluded to it.”

“I won’t admit to it either, but you are right about their status not causing much trouble with the asset staff. They worked nude, got handcuffed at the same times that asset slaves would have been handcuffed, got punished when asset slaves would have been punished, and did the scut work that asset slaves would have had to do. They didn’t stay in the asset slave housing very much, though. Would you stay in the asset slave housing, or eat with them?”

“I don’t know. If it was convenient to you, or to me, yes. I would like the option of staying at home when I could. I doubt that the expense of feeding me or housing me is much in addition to your current staff.”

“No, it wouldn’t. Speaking of home, what does your family think of your plan?”

“It’s only my father and me, and he doesn’t know about it. I’m old enough to agree to this. My assets are protected now. You should know that my father is an alcoholic, and that though he hasn’t ever been down far enough to consider enslaving and selling me, I can see it happening in the future. Getting this contract would protect me from that. It would also finally allow me to have a little sex without worrying about getting PPCed.”

The bar owner smiled and said, “Give me the contract for the summer. I’ll check it out with my lawyer. If he thinks it is OK, I’ll agree to your terms. He’ll probably draw it up as a more formal contract.”

“Good. Here’s a summer version of the contract. One thing: if I complete the training and have done good office work for you, I want a raise at the end of the summer. It’s in there.”

He again raised his estimate of her intelligence. He had to ask June about her.

“OK. I’ll call you when I hear back from my lawyer. We can sign this when he approves.”

“We’ll have to wait a while after that. I saved up enough to get a lawyer to look it over after he’s done. I suppose it is possible that you’ll need to have yours look it over again, and there could be a few cycles of that.”

The bar owner smiled again, and again raised his estimate of how smart she was. This might actually be a good deal for him. “That’s fine. If you tell me who your lawyer is, my lawyer can call yours and get some of that out of the way before we meet again.”

“Here. His name and contact information is on this sheet. I already met with him. We decided that it was best for your lawyer to change my draft into a contract. He is willing to discuss it with your lawyer.”

He took the sheet. “This is good. It shows that you thought this out and taken steps to make sure that you don’t get cheated. I have one other thing before we are done here.”

“You want me to strip, get handcuffed, and suck you, so you can tell if I’m going to work out.”

He smiled even more brightly. This girl was really smart. He was surprised as she took off her clothing and placed it neatly on the chair she had been sitting in. She was better looking than he had thought, without excess fat and with pleasant curves and a neatly-trimmed pussy.

“You’ll have to supply the cuffs and put them on.”

He reached into a drawer and pulled out handcuffs. “Come over here and turn around. You’re being quite brave to let me do this.”

“Not really. If I sign the contract, even with all of the stuff I put in there, my life will be in your hands, and my happiness. You’ll expect me to suck you and many other men, and I’ll be nude for all of it. Signing the contract will take the courage. Anyway, until I sign, if you do anything I don’t permit, it’s a crime.” She was standing beside his desk chair, stark naked, facing away from him, with her hands folded behind her. He cuffed her, not too tightly, and stood to drop his pants. She turned to watch, and seemed excited by the sight of the large, erect cock. She lowered herself to her knees, took him in her mouth, and started to tongue and suck. She really was pretty good. He was surprised when she deep-throated him, and the rest was magical until he finally came. She swallowed.

“I’m sorry that I have to uncuff you. It would be nice to explore other parts of you with this part of me.”

She smiled. “You know what you have to do to get that.”