The Chronicles of Rita

Episode 5 Sasha’s Plan

Author: Shadow

Characters In This Episode

  • Craig Zyander: Millionaire business owner
  • Rita: Gorgeous redheaded slave with a piss-poor attitude
  • Sasha: Rita’s sister, very beautiful; lawyer with Daniels, Harper and Beam
  • Leo Clifton: Managing partner of Daniels, Harper and Beam; Sasha’s boss and mentor, almost her friend; he lusts after her
  • Lilly: Former business associate of Rita; she hates Rita, blaming Rita for her own enslavement
  • Phil, Roberta, Carol: mentions only; lawyers in DH&B


Leo Clifton sat back in his chair, spread his hands in a questioning manner, and asked, “So what’s the problem?”

Sasha smiled weakly and responded, “Please don’t try to cheer me up, just help me solve it.”

Leo was the Managing Partner of the law firm Sasha worked for. He was the unquestioned, absolute ruler of the firm. He was also her mentor and almost friend and confidant. It was he to whom she immediately turned to for help, the morning following her meeting with Craig. Aside from being a brilliant legal mind, he commanded the resources that she would need for help in implementing the plan she had devised the night before. She had gotten no sleep after Craig had left; instead, she spent the night trying to find a way out of the predicament he had left her in. Immediately upon arriving for work the next morning, she made a beeline for Leo’s office and made her plea for help. There was no question in either his or her mind that the help would be forthcoming.

“Your plan is creative, I’ll give you that. But then, that’s one of the things I’ve always loved about you; your ingenious solutions to problems.” I also love your tits, but it’s sorta bad form for me to say that. “It does have some risk attached,” he conceded as he continued, “but given the stakes you’re playing for, how could it not? It sounds like a manageable risk though. Is there anything else we need to discuss before we bring some others into this?”

“No, lets get to it.”

Leo called his secretary in and rattled off a series of names. “Tell each of them, my office, now.”

Three of the people he chose to include surprised Sasha, but she said nothing.

When they were all assembled, Leo got right into it. “I want you all to listen before you start asking questions or making comments. Sasha is becoming a slave.” Seeing an interruption coming, he fired a very angry look at the offender, and with heat in his voice loudly exclaimed, “I said listen.” He summarized the meeting between Craig and Sasha, omitting only the graphic details of Rita’s handling the previous night. Everyone in the room knew how deeply Sasha had been affected when her sister had been enslaved; so everyone empathized with her desperate need to take steps to free Rita, if it was even remotely possible to succeed.

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