John woke up, feeling happy and refreshed. He saw his wife still asleep next to him, naked and wearing the restraint system, but mostly unstrapped. He remembered telling her that he would strap her down and spear her in the morning, and that made his morning erection even harder. He grabbed straps and bent her legs up to the headboard, then fastened them into position. She was spread wide, on her back, with her feet wide of her ears. She slowly woke up during this operation, and had almost figured out what was happening as he climbed aboard and penetrated her. That she understood immediately, and started pushing back energetically. She was surprised when she realized that her legs were bound, but her arms were free. She hugged him to her and tried to get him in deeper, squeezing him with her internal muscles, and enjoying the situation. He lasted surprisingly long for such an energetic encounter, but he climaxed, then lay still atop her until he softened and came out.

“Maybe I’ll leave you like this all day so you’ll be ready for me when I get home.”

Mona just grinned. “You’d be deafened by the yelling I’d be doing about the cramps in my legs, and the bed would be all wet from me fingering myself and being unable to get the the toilet.”

“Hmmmmmmm. Handcuffs, a catheter, and a ballgag would solve that. Oh well, I try to be a humane slavemaster. Maybe just a belt and a vibrator. No, that would exhaust your responses and make you less interesting to fuck. I guess I’ll just have to let you loose. He smiled and kissed her, then kissed her breasts. He rolled off, played with her pussy, and walked off to the bathroom.

“Hey, let me loose.”

“No, not when I can use the bathroom first for once.”