After getting to the office, John saw Julia and asked her into his office. “I hope that you weren’t upset yesterday about me watching Rebecca while I was inside you.”

“That was a joke. Why would I be upset? You looked at her, but you were in me. I live to be fucked. Please do more of it. Every day, if possible. It’s like exercise — you do more repetitions, you can do even more repetitions.”

John smiled. “I figured that, but I like to keep my people happy.”

“I’m not people. I’m your slave.”

John took on a serious expression. “Don’t say that, even as a joke. It may be the common idea. It is great to have two hot women available to my every whim, but you are still people. I don’t fuck animals.”

Julia smiled, and was again aware of how lucky she was to have him as her owner. “Yes, boss.”

“That’s better. I have some instructions for you. Have Delia ready to walk at 4:30 this afternoon. See if she has some high heels in those boxes from her apartment. If she doesn’t, take her out this morning and get some 3-inch heels, with straps. Put a ball gag in her and put on the headbag. You can get her ready early and put her in the display case in the lobby.”

“And I take her place when you leave?”

“Nahhhh. Too close to closing time. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Will you be visiting us at noon again today?”

He paused, smiled, and said, “I don’t know yet. It depends on some meetings this morning.”

“Tell you what. I’ll have Rebecca nude in the pillory, all warmed up for you, at 12:15, with lunch being prepared in the kitchen, and me stark naked in any position you care to demand, with anything locked onto me that you want. If you show up, you get great pleasure.”

“It’s hard to pass up offers like that. I hope the meetings don’t result in an invitation out, but we’ll have to see.”

“How about a blow job now?”

“No, not now. I liked getting the offer, though.”

“Oh, well, on with business. I put out a feeler on the slave grapevine about a bookkeeper. I got a response. If you’re available, they can come here at 2PM. The owner is offering a lease deal. It appears to be a complicated situation, but she does know bookkeeping.”

“Two is OK. Have them come in. Anything on a receptionist?”

“I have someone in mind, but I don’t know if she’s for sale.”

“It probably wouldn’t hurt to ask.”

“Another item: if we get two more slaves, we will run out of room in the apartment. Even if the bookkeeper goes somewhere else at night, it will be crowded.”

“Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that. Do we have anything in that big room next to the apartment?”

“No. The freight elevator doesn’t work too good going to the top floor, so we don’t use that room much.”

“Then we can look at expanding the apartment into that space.”

“I’ll have your engineering services firm on retainer look into it.”

“Another thing: Her mother will get here about 1:30. She wants to check on Delia. She may take her out for coffee. Do not unchain Delia — she can go out nude. Lock a strap on as a leash. Don’t gag her or do anything strange. Get her a pair of tennis shoes from the stuff from her apartment for her trip out with her mother. I’ll tell my wife to get her back here by 4PM.”