Later, at 12:15 sharp, John entered the apartment and smelled lunch being prepared. He walked into the play room and saw Rebecca in the pillory, with Julia playing with her. He disrobed, took Julia by the hand, and handcuffed her to a dangling chain just like he had done to Rebecca the day before, but with no strap-on. She rubbed against him until he walked over behind Rebecca and drove himself into her. He took her with speed and power, and stood still after climaxing. He then pulled out, still hard, and approached Julia, lifting her by the buttocks and entering her, then thrusting slowly for a while, then finishing in a burst of energy. Julia thought, he likes me slow and her fast. That’s good, more time for me. He dressed, uncuffed Julia, and told her to get them both into the same costume for lunch as yesterday. A few minutes later, John led two chained women into the kitchen by leashes. Delia noted the sweat and the semen running down legs, and declined to comment on it. She served lunch quietly while the others exchanged good-natured banter.