At 1:30, Mona came into the building and went to Julia’s desk. “Hello, Mona, it’s good to see you. Delia’s up in the apartment washing up from lunch. I’ll go with you to unlock her from the chain.” Julia rose, but Mona sat down and motioned Julia to do the same.

“How is she doing? I know she’s chained up and tethered to the apartment, but how is she coping?”

“Quite well, given the circumstances. She’s been up there cooking lunch during two nooners, and she served lunch to her father and two naked, chained, well-fucked slaves after it was over. It didn’t seem to bother her. We had a little fun with her, which seemed to put her at ease a little. She doesn’t appear to be depressed, just bored and concerned for her future.”

“She should be concerned. She could have ended up anywhere if she hadn’t acted quickly. I was worried about John’s plans to treat her as a slave, but I have decided that it is necessary. Has she been fucked yet?”

“Not by a man.”

“I suppose she’s ridden the pole.”

“Yes, and we both fucked her with a strap-on in the pillory.”

“Sounds like fun, for you. I enjoy receiving those things too.”

“She seemed to be satisfied. I like giving and taking pillory and pole.”

“Maybe I should shoo John off some evening and come down here for some play.”

“You’re always welcome, but I can’t see skipping a chance at his cock. I suppose I should be more discreet about that; you’re his wife and you probably don’t appreciate me fucking him.”

“Not at all. The more he fucks you, the more he fucks me. I told him it was OK to fuck you.”

“Thank you. Shall we go get Delia now?”

“I understand that she won’t be unlocked for my visit.”

“That’s right. If you want to go out for coffee or a treat, I suggest Joey’s in the next block. Lots of masters take chained naked slaves there.”

“Thanks. I’d like to get her out of here for a while and talk.”

“I’m sure that will help her.”

A few minutes later, Delia walked out the front door of the business with her mother. Mona was clothed and looked like an attractive middle-aged wife, which is what she was. Delia looked like an attractive young slave, which is what she was. They walked down the sidewalk towards Joey’s, and, surprisingly, attracted little attention. Nude slaves were no longer a novelty. When they reached Joey’s, they found it to be a coffee bar with a slave hitching rack outside, and another one inside. Both were in use. They found a small table to sit at and ordered coffee. “Can you drink all right like that, dear?” asked Mona.

“Yes. I’ve had some practice.”

“I understand that the others have been including you in their games.”

“Yes, they put me on the pole and in the pillory. It took the edge off. They didn’t let me in the play room for the noon festivities though.”

“Did you really want to be in there?”


“Good. I, on the other hand, would have been fascinated to watch it.”

“Mother! You want to watch him fuck other women?”

“His slaves, dear. I gave him permission to do it.”

“Shouldn’t he be spending his sex time with you?”

“Oh, he has been. I can give you a full report.”

“Please, NO! ”

“OK, dear. I shouldn’t tease you. Tell me about the last few days, and how you found out that Ed was a shit.”