John went downstairs at 4:30 and found Delia in the display. He removed her and restrained her, and took her outside, leading her by her leash. They walked down the sidewalk to the next block, and he rang the bell by a side entrance to a building. When the door opened, he saw an attractive, nude young woman wearing a red collar, a red belt, and red high-heel shoes. “Are you Mr. Thompson?” she asked, holding the door open wide.

“Yes, and this is Delia, who requires education.”

“Please come in. I’m Joan, one of Mr. Johnson’s supervisors. I’ll be in charge of Delia while she’s on our premises. Today she’ll just be watching operations from an observation area we have. I’d like to leave her ungagged while she watches, if she will behave.”

“Certainly. If she acts up, zap her and put the gag back in. Here, you lead her.” He handed over the leash, and Joan tugged on it and made Delia follow her.

“She’s attractive. The customers would like her. Would you like to sell her?”

Delia seemed to stumble, but recovered. John replied, “Not right now. If she doesn’t learn what I want her to learn, it may be the only thing to do.”

Joan stopped at an alcove with a view of the backstage area, including the pens holding slaves with black collars and several stations that appeared to be set up for washing. There was also a window that looked out over the bar floor, where men were sitting and drinking, watching the nude servers move around and the few suck slaves currently working practice their purpose. She said, “Let’s get the bag off and let her watch. We’ll leave the gag in for a while until she seems stable.” She pulled the bag off at John’s nod, and Delia looked around her and looked questioningly at John.

“Delia, this is Sucker’s suck bar, owned by an acquaintance of mine. He has kindly let us have you watch operations here. This is the kind of thing that a lot of careless women end up doing. Joan here will explain what is going on. She’s in charge. I’ll be back for you later. Much later. If you act up, she is authorized to use various means to correct your behavior, including whipping and electric shocks.”

John moved off, motioning Joan to follow him. Joan snapped the leash onto a snap hook, tethering Delia to the alcove, and followed.

“I hope I didn’t insult you by the ‘careless women’ remark. I’m trying to get her head around what she got herself into.”

“Not at all. I wasn’t enslaved. I volunteered with a carefully-crafted contract to work here and get experience and funds for college. I’m halfway through the contract, and I’m a supervisor. I have to be nude while I’m working, but other than that I live rather well.”

“That’s creative. Become a slave to go to college.”

“More than a few women are doing it, but it isn’t widely known. I may ask Mr. Johnson to let me stay on after I’m done at the community college so that I can earn more money to go to the university.”

“You don’t mind giving blowjobs in the bar?”

“I did that as part of the training. I don’t do much of it any more. We all have to keep up our skills, so there is a suck shift for me now and then, but mostly sex is reserved for Mr. Johnson, and boys at the college that I can attract. I can’t be PPCed, so I have considerable freedom to fuck.”

“I guess there’s an upside to almost everything.”

“Not much to that situation,” Joan said, gesturing at the black-collar pens. “They don’t get free time, they don’t get much of anything but getting penned up, handcuffed, gagged, and sucking. Unless and until they lose at noose sucking. It’s a shame, really; many of the losers are actually pretty and pleasant young women, if not too bright. Most of them would make excellent sex slaves.”

“That’s a big part of what I want Delia to learn. Let her talk to some of them.”

“Sure. Some of them have earned a break, like some time out of the line to talk to someone. I’ll also let her talk to some that haven’t earned anything but a chance to service one of the strangle-happy customers.”

“Good. I’ll come back at closing time.”

“Why wait? Go get a drink, relax. I’ll send out the champion sucker, one of our white-collar slaves, for a complimentary and mind-blowing suck. Let Delia watch that. Then just go home. We can keep her in the white-collar dorm tonight. That reminds me — I’ll lock a white collar on her, with an X to tell everyone that she’s out of service. I’ll also use a supervisor-only lock to fasten her in place so no one can remove her but me.”

“Thank you, Joan. That would be great.”

“Thank you. You’ve been nice. Most people treat naked slaves like dirt, and you’ve been polite and even cared about not insulting me. I appreciate it.”